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Recently, Tina Erwee, one of my colleagues in Microsoft Consulting Services ran a session for Women in Technology aimed at getting young women interested in a career in IT.

I thought this would be a great story to share because it highlights the impact technology can make.

Below is Tina’s summary of the event. Thanks go out to Sarah Mocke (also from Microsoft Consulting Services), LGIT and Fizz Marketing who made the day possible.

- Dario

On Friday, 26 March, 16 girls from various schools in and around Johannesburg attended the first DigiGirlz day in South Africa held at LGIT Smart Solutions in Woodmead.

The girls were all very excited about the day although most of them indicated that they are not considering a career in IT when we started the day.

I demonstrated Kodu to the girls and then had them each write a game from a specification I put on the whiteboard. After they created their games, they had to play each other’s games. Some of them was so riveted with getting their games “just right” that we had to call them for lunch more than once!

The very diverse group of young women who attended the day. They come from different schools and very different economic circumstances. Some have ready access to technology and some have never touched a computer before. The DigiGirlz working on their Kodu games

Even though some of the girls had no computer skills (two of them didn’t know how to type in a password for example), they all had fun and managed to create their games.

IT is exciting and we achieved something great today! Hard at work!

I enjoyed interacting with these bright young ladies very much. I was also struck by the waste of talent – 16 to 19 year old girls who are intelligent and ambitious with no real access to technology.

At the end of the day all the girls indicated that a career in IT might be more interesting than they thought and that they will consider it strongly.

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