Tagxedo: a ridiculously cool cloud word generator – built in Silverlight*

Somewhere in the ether, a developer called Hardy Leung got inspired and then got creative. He's come up with the next generation "Wordle" app, built in Silverlight and it's getting rave reviews all across the interweb. It's called Tagxedo and has some really beautiful visual representations of words - some examples from the Tagxedo site:


Leung also talks about why he chose to develop this in Silverlight

“I'm technology-agnostic and hold the general opinion that the best technologies for the job should be used. For an application like Tagxedo where I deployed fancy algorithms to achieve better quality and faster respins, I believe Silverlight offers the best technology, over other technologies I've considered, including Html5, Flash, Javafx, Java Applet, and Server-side technology.””

You can find out more at the Tagxedo site.

*Thanks to Techcrunch for a fabulous title

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