Getting started with Windows Phone 7 Development

I presented a session at Devdays on Windows Phone 7 Development. I promised to provide the relevant links to get you started.

Getting Started Dev Portal

Windows Phone Developer Portal

Software (Visual Studio integration)

Windows Phone Developer CTP (aka the bits)  - You will download a bootstrapper. The bootstrapper will download, and install the relevant bits for you. If you do not have VS2010 RC installed for example, it will install an  Express Edition targeted at Windows Phone Development

Silverlight Tools for VS (not 100% if you need this, it might be installed by the Developer CTP)


Software - Windows Phone Support in Expression Blend

Expression Blend 4

Blend Phone SDK

Blend for Windows Phone 7 Addin Preview



Application Platform Overview for Windows Phone

Windows Phone UI and Interaction Design

Designing Web Sites for Phone Browsers

Charles Petzold Windows Phone 7 Book (6 chapters) – can download sample code too.

Sample Chapters from Learning Windows Phone Programming



Windows Phone 7 Training Kit

Windows Phone 7 Getting Started Videos

Videos/Slides from MIX – search for “Phone” on the page for relevant sessions.



Windows Phone Forums


I hope this helps.


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