Windows Phone 7 Series – the eagle has landed

So whilst we were all settling in for supper, ScottGu was unveiling a host of hot hot dev & design goodies at MIX10 in Vegas! I am amazed and proud of what the new phone OS has done in a year – kudos to all the dev and design teams that contributed. But, in a nutshell, the new phone is one huge Silverlight fiesta! (with a bit of XNA for 3D game development) No mention of Silverlight lite/diet or in any way less than the full capabilities of – your code is completely reusable across web and device.

The great thing is that we use   Expression Blend 4 gives you the amazing design tools to create those experiences – separate install though. Visit for tools, guidance, code samples and more.

Check out Tim Heuer’s blog on Silverlight IS the platform for Windows Phone 7 Series development and telling you how to get started.

Also look at Channel 9 for more material on how-to’s etc

AND – SILVERLIGHT 4 is out of beta and now into RC (Release Candidate)

Watch the keynote for day 2 (starting tonight at 6pm SA time) here

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  1. I would like to raise the following concern:

    According to all sources, applications can only be installed on the Windows Phone 7 Series phone via the MarketPlace. Developers will have to register their phones with Microsoft so that they can receive special "unlocks" which will enable your workstation to publish new/update applications (via Visual Studio) to your device.

    This is great! or maybe not… the MarketPlace legal jargon has a very nice clause excluding any countries NOT included on the special countries list, from being able to access the MarketPlace to download applications.

    This same clause also excludes any countries NOT included on the special countries list from being renumerated by Microsoft for sales made on the MarketPlace. No… they won’t stop you from publishing your app for international purchases, Microsoft simply withold the right to pay you your hard earned income. South Africa is NOT included in the special countries list.

    This raised numerous warning flags for myself when venturing into Windows Phone 7 Series development and I in turn decided to contact MS (both local and international) to ask for information regarding these statements. And to ask when/if the MarketPlace will be made available in South Africa.

    I am still waiting for a response from both the local and international Microsoft offices. I’m not assuming good things from the silence.

    I was hoping that today (at DevDays10) more information would be divulged, however the presenter made no mention of this during his session.

    Does anybody know if Microsoft have any intention to open up the MarketPlace for the South African market, at which point we have to remember why we don’t have PayPal… our Banking Act DOES NOT ALLOW for such services to operate, and for us to earn income through such systems.

    I am assuming because of the above, that we wont be getting the MarketPlace. Why should we even be focussing on developing for the Windows Phone 7 Series platform?

  2. southafrica says:

    Hi Stephan – Ahmed here. The question was asked in my session at Devdays JHB. We (MS South Africa) did contact the marketplace team before Devdays to check what the story was. The response given, which I repeated at the Devdays session, is that the marketplace will be making announcements on support in the next few months (by around July there should hopefully be clarity). We will continue to push them to get support in South Africa. In fact, it would help us if more devs would indicate that they want the support – as we can use this as additional collateral to use.

    I hope this helps

  3. Hi Ahmed,

    That is good news indeed, I must have not paid attention when you mentioned it during your session 🙂

    I am extremely keen and interested in pursuing development for Windows Phone 7 Series, especially since the MarketPlace offers us lowly South African companies an entry into the bigger US/UK market.

    I personally don’t care when the MarketPlace becomes available for us regular South African folk, as long as it is before the world-wide launch of Windows Phone 7 in October… My current plans are to be ready with 2 or 3 small applications, and a free light-weight version of our company’s flagship application.

    Naturally I’d be a bit peeved if I invested all of my time into doing the above-mentioned, and the MarketPlace does not come to South Africa, or is delayed.

    I am sure everybody will appreciate more transparent disclosures regarding the MarketPlace in South Africa. You would have noticed that there were alot of early-adopters at DevDays, and that means that we don’t want to wait until the MarketPlace is here before we adopt it.

    Anyway, you guys did a great job, I’m looking forward to the session video’s being posted online!

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