StyleCop 4.4

StyleCop 4.4 Beta 1 is now available for download from This release provides full support for C# 4.0 syntax, and also provides integration into VS2010 and VS2008. We plan to leave this release in Beta for the next couple of months to flush out any remaining high severity bugs, finalize documentation, etc. The source code for this release is also available today at

StyleCop 4.4 comes with a number of improvements over 4.3.3, but also introduces a few breaking changes to the C# code object model. All existing custom rules will need to be rebuilt and redeployed for use with StyleCop 4.4!

In addition to a large number of bugfixes and other stability improvements, StyleCop 4.4 provides better support for rule suppressions. With StyleCop 4.3, only certain types of rules could be suppressed, while StyleCop 4.4 allows suppression of any rule type. In addition, 4.4 allows quick suppression of an entire class of rules. For example:

[SuppressMessage("Microsoft.StyleCop.CSharp.DocumentationRules", "*")]
public class MyClass
    public void MyMethod()

Rather than specifying the name and ID of a  specific rule to suppress, this suppression attribute indicates that all rules in the DocumentationRules namespace should be suppressed. StyleCop will not report any documentation violations for this class or its members.

Please provide feedback on this release by filing issues at the StyleCop CodePlex site. Thanks!

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