StyleCop 4.3 SDK

The SDK documentation for StyleCop 4.3 is now available for download, here: This documentation explains how to create and install custom StyleCop rules, how to integrate custom settings into the StyleCop settings dialog, and how to create a wrapper for hosting StyleCop in a custom build environment.


StyleCop 4.2 MSBuild Integration

This article explains how to integrate the StyleCop tool into an MSBuild based build environment. This type of integration will cause the tool to run automatically whenever the code is built, and StyleCop violations will show up alongside compiler errors in the build output. It is possible to set up the build integration so that StyleCop violations will…


StyleCop 4.3 Is Released

The awaited StyleCop 4.3 update is now available. This update includes: Various bugfixes, including fixes for VS integration issues Rules documentation is included and integrated into VS “Show Error Help” New rules (more detail below) Branding change from Source Analysis to StyleCop As promised, we will also be releasing SDK documentation for StyleCop explaining how to author…