StyleCop 4.4

StyleCop 4.4 Beta 1 is now available for download from This release provides full support for C# 4.0 syntax, and also provides integration into VS2010 and VS2008. We plan to leave this release in Beta for the next couple of months to flush out any remaining high severity bugs, finalize documentation, etc. The source…


StyleCop is going Open Source!

I am very excited to announce that Microsoft has decided to take StyleCop Open Source under the MS-PL license. Specifically, this means that we will create a new project on containing the full code base for StyleCop, and all future development on StyleCop will be done from that CodePlex site. Microsoft will continue to…


StyleCop for Visual Studio 2010

We have just released a new StyleCop BETA which is identical to the previous release except that it adds the ability to integrate into the Visual Studio 2010 shell. After installing this release, you should see the familiar StyleCop menus showing up in both VS 2010 and VS 2008. We plan to leave this release…


Property Headers

By default StyleCop comes with two rules which govern the summary documentation for properties, depending upon the types of accessors contained with the property. For example: /// <summary> /// Gets or sets the name of the customer. /// </summary> public string Name {     get;     set; } In this example, StyleCop will require that…


Rule Suppressions

Starting with StyleCop 4.3.2, it is possible to suppress the reporting of rule violations by adding suppression attributes within the source code. The syntax for these suppressions is similar to that for Visual Studio Code Analysis, or FxCop. For more information about Code Analysis suppressions, see the following article: In Source Suppressions Overview. StyleCop rule…


StyleCop update is released

I am pleased to announce that we’re released another build of StyleCop which includes multiple bugfixes as well as one significant new feature, the ability to insert in-code rule suppressions using the same attribute syntax as FxCop Code Analysis. For more information about rule suppressions, see this blog post: This release also fixes an…


StyleCop update is released

We have just released an update to StyleCop 4.3 which contains a number of bugfixes as well as a small number of new features. In particular: Ability to use <include> tags within Xml header documentation to pull docs from external files. Get accessor in property required to appear before set accessor .generated.cs files ignored by…


Introducing StyleCop on Legacy Projects

A number of people have asked for tips on rolling out StyleCop on a large, pre-existing codebase. This can prove challenging, since the tool will typically generate thousands of violations the first time it is run on existing code. For a large solution, this can make adoption of the tool a bit daunting. On the…


StyleCop 4.3 SDK

The SDK documentation for StyleCop 4.3 is now available for download, here: This documentation explains how to create and install custom StyleCop rules, how to integrate custom settings into the StyleCop settings dialog, and how to create a wrapper for hosting StyleCop in a custom build environment.