Understanding various WCF communication options

David Chappell has written an interesting paper outlining various messaging options available in the .NET Framework 3.5 including WCF channels, RESTful communication and BizTalk Services.  There is also a section on WCF LOB Adapter SDK in this document under the heading – “Communication with line-of-business applications using adapters”.  I recommend reading this paper, if you want to get…


SOA, SAAS, ESB, ISB, REST, WCF, BizTalk Services Channel 9 Video

Check out Steve Swartz, Clemens Vasters and David Chappell talk about above buzzwords in this Channel 9 video. It’s a great video that covers a wide variety of topics related to services.  See the video also to see what answers were provided when Charles asked the question – Is WCF complex?”.


WCF LOB Adapter SDK Performance Counters

WCF LOB Adapter SDK provides the following built-in performance counters to help gauge performance of the adapter.  You can view these performance counters in Performance Management Console (perfmon.msc).  Select the performance object named “ServiceModel Adapters”.  % Cache full The percentage of cache capacity in use. % Cache read hits The percentage of metadata read hits…


WCF Transport Channel for WebSphere MQ by IBM

Do you want your .NET application to talk to WebSphere MQ Series?  IBM has utilized the extensibility features of WCF and built a proof-of-concept Custom Channel for WebSphere MQ for Windows Communication Foundation.  This proof-of-concept product enables IBM WebSphere MQ (WMQ) to be used as a custom WCF transport channel in .NET 3.0+ applications.  According to the…


Intermediary Router

I got queries for potential of using WCF LOB Adapter SDK for developing a “forwarding service” or a “router” adapter.  WCF LOB Adapter SDK is useful for communicating with target systems that have large and dynamic metadata.  Even though the adapter is surfaced as a WCF binding, the transport channel is embellished with metadata generation and message transformation. …


SOA (WCF, WF, BizTalk) related sessions at Tech.Ed 2007, Orlando

      Microsoft Tech.ED 2007 is taking place in Orlando, Florida from June 4 to June 8, 2007.  There are many exciting sessions being offered at the Tech.Ed.  Here is a snapshot of some WCF related sessions that I personally find interesting in no particular order. Session ID Title Speaker(s) SOA06-TLC Management and Diagnostics…


Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" and .NET 3.5 Beta 1 Shipped

Microsoft released beta version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Code Named “Orcas” and .NET 3.5 on April 19, 2007.   Get started by downloading – “Orcas” Beta 1 Software (VPC image) “Orcas” Beta 1 Whitepaper “Orcas” Pre-Beta 1 CTP WCF & WF Samples You can also get relevant information about “Orcas” at Somasager’s (VP of Developer Division at Microsoft)…


Setting Client Credentials

Scenario: The adapter needs the client credentials for establishing connection with the target system.  How can a WCF client pass these credentials to the adapter? Remeber, the WCF-based adapter built using WCF LOB Adapter SDK is surfaced within a WCF Binding.  The Adapter Consumer uses the WCF client programming model to comply with the appropriate security policy supported…


How to use an Adapter built using WCF LOB Adapter SDK within a WCF Custom Binding?

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) ships with a set of pre-defined bindings out of the box in order to satisfy most common scenarios.  WCF also provides an ability to create user-defined custom bindings not provided by the system.  This can be done in one of the following ways: 1)      Create a new binding that derives from…