WCF LOB Adapter SDK ‘RC’ is now available for public download

I haven't had many posts in last few days as we have been working on releasing first public beta 'Release Candidate' of WCF LOB Adapter SDK.  Now some of you who did express interest in trying this SDK will be able to download it without having to sign Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program (TAP) agreement.  WCF LOB Adapter SDK is going to be $Free$ download when we release the V1 version.

Download WCF LOB Adapter SDK 'RC' here. You need a registered Microsoft Connect account to get access to it.

The primary audience for this SDK is adapter developers who are interested in generating WCF contracts at design-time from their existing assets and providing service-oriented access to existing systems using WCF bindings at run-time.  The adapter consumers access these adapters in the same manner as they would access a WCF Service.  As such, there is no need for them to learn a new API.

Some of the features provided by WCF LOB Adapter SDK are:

  • Channel implementation

  • Connection pooling for connections to the target system

  • Operation/Type metadata API

  • Dynamic contract (WSDL) generator

  • In-memory metadata cache

  • Adapter code generation wizard to generate plumbing code to surface adapter as a WCF Binding

  • Tools for adapter consumers to browse, search and generate metadata from the adapter

Contact me and/or post questions on this forum for more information and for providing feedback to the product team.


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