From Toronto to Seattle

I spent my last extended weekend in Toronto with my family and friends. It was my sister's birthday and we went to La Fenice restaurant for good Italian food and wine.  The celebration continued on Saturday at Sam and Pete's with more food, drinks, live music and dancing.  It was difficult to come back to Seattle after such a fabulous weekend.  Being there, I realized how much I miss the sunny Toronto. Yes, it can get cold in Toronto in the Winter, but the Sun is great even on a snowy day. There have been only a handful sunny days since I have relocated to Seattle.  I have lots of memories associated with Toronto and now it is time to create some new memories in a new city.  I think I still have a long way to go before I can be comfortable and feel "at home" with Seattle.  At times, I am still looking for a Tim Horton’s for those trips up-north towards Muskoka, a Canadian Tire for occasional tools or a Shoppers Drug Mart , even though I have been introduced to their counterparts.  Every time I see the Space Needle (605 FT Tall), I compare it to the CN Tower (1,815 FT Tall) in Toronto.  The quest continues towards finding my equivalent favorite (and getting used to not writing ‘u’s in my words such as favourite, colour, neighbour, etc.) radio station as well.  A change (such as moving to a new country) opens doors for exploration of something new and different.  But, I guess it is natural to hold on to the things in past as they provide us with familiarity to become comfortable in a new place. There is still lots to do and see in and around Seattle and what better time than spring and summer! As my dad is visiting me next weekend, I will start the discovery by visiting Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Here are some fast facts about Seattle and Toronto.




Province / State



License Plate Title

Ontario – Yours to Discover

Washington – Evergreen State



The Emerald City

Population – Metro

5,113,149 (2006 census)

3,166,828 (2006 census)

Population – City

2,503,281 (2006 census)

580,000 (2006 census)

Hockey Team

Maple Leafs


Baseball Team

Blue Jays


Basketball Team



Football Team




Rogers Centre

Safeco Field, Qwest Field

Major Highways

400, 401, 404, 403, 427, QEW, Hwy 7

5, 90, 405

Some Suburbs

Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke

Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Sammamish, Bothell

Time Zone



Airport Code




Mar 6, 1834

Dec 2, 1869

Popular Neighborhoods

Rosedale, Forest Hill, Cabbagetown, Annex, High Park

Magnolia, Capitol Hill, Belltown, Queen Anne


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