WebSphere Web Services and WCF Protocol Level Interoperability

The following articles from IBM demonstrate achieving interoperability at the protocol level (SOAP, WS-A, WS-RM, WS-SC) between the IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.1 Feature Pack for Web Services and WCF.  The multi-part article is named “Achieving Web Services interoperability between the WebSphere Web Services Feature Pack and Windows Communication Foundation”. Part 1 – SOAP &…


SOA, SAAS, ESB, ISB, REST, WCF, BizTalk Services Channel 9 Video

Check out Steve Swartz, Clemens Vasters and David Chappell talk about above buzzwords in this Channel 9 video. It’s a great video that covers a wide variety of topics related to services.  See the video also to see what answers were provided when Charles asked the question – Is WCF complex?”.


Power of instructional mini-videos

Besides technology, I have interest in “reading” and “watching” home improvement articles.  And this interest usually gets stronger during major life events like buying/selling/moving. I go to a book store and my eye naturally gravitates towards the Home and Garden magazines or when I turn TV on, I naturally have to switch to HGTV to see what’s going…


BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Posters

At BizTalk booth in TechEd Developers 2007 in Barcelona, we had some large posters displaying the capabilities and architecture of BizTalk.  We distributed many paper copies of these posters at the conference. Those posters are available for download.  BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Capabilities Poster BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Runtime Architecture Poster BizTalk Server 2006 R2…


TechEd Developers Barcelona – Nov 6

Maha and I did an interactive session on “Developing adapters with WCF LOB Adapter SDK”.  Here is an abstract on the session: “The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Line-of-Business (LOB) Adapter SDK provides a uniform way to expose your existing LOB applications to a wide variety of integration applications, including products like Microsoft’s BizTalk Server and…


TechEd Developers Barcelona – Nov 5

Today was the first day of the conference and along with my conference backpack and speaker shirt, people were also being handed a safety guideline sheet.  The keynote was delivered by S. Somasegar, the VP of Developer Division at Microsoft.  Then I attended Matt Winkler’s session on .NET 3.5, which covered a lot of technology pieces. …


Barcelona – Nov 4

I was forced up by my alarm at 8:00 am in the morning to a nice oceanside view.  OK it may not be the ocean view that one expects in places like Hawaii or Maldives, still I find having an ocean view appealing than a concrete view.  I was still jet lagged and after not being able to…


TechEd Developers Barcelona – Nov 3

I took a shuttle at 4:30 PM from Redmond to Sea-Tac Airport to catch a 7:30 PM PST British Airways flight to Barcelona via London Heathrow airport.  It was really nice to share the heavy traffic shuttle ride with Matt Winkler (WF technical evangelist) and Kristen (who is speaking on Visual Studio tooling for Office Applications) .  After…


What is BizTalk Adapter Pack?

BizTalk Adapter Pack contains a collection of key Line-of-Business (LOB) application adapters for enabling Windows applications to integrate with the LOB applications using WCF programming model.  These adapters are written using WCF LOB Adapter SDK.  The first set of WCF-based adapters in BizTalk Adapter Pack are: Microsoft BizTalk Adapter 3.0 for mySAP Business Suite Microsoft BizTalk…


Announcing Oslo

Yesterday, at Microsoft SOA and BPM Conference 2007, the Connected Systems Division announced “Oslo”, a code name for a set of releases targeted towards simplifying designing, building, managing and deploying service-oriented and composite applications, Don Ferguson talks about Oslo in this InfoWorld article.