Application lifecycle artifact metadata priorities

The SQL Server Modeling CTP – Nov 2009 Release 2 has the model schema for following domains: ·         .NET assemblies ·         Unified Modeling Language 2 (UML2) ·         Next generation identity As we finalize the plan for our V1, we are trying to figure out what other schemas (and corresponding import/export tools) do we need to…


Technical women in product engineering groups at Microsoft

There are about ~20 Technical Fellows (all men) and ~48 Distinguished Engineers (all men) at Microsoft.  There are a handful of women who are in the executive ranks, including two Senior Vice Presidents.  Mary Jo Foley (author of “All About Microsoft”) has started blogging a new series titled, Microsoft women worth watching, to profile ‘techy’ women who provide significant contribution…


MIX10 videos

The videos from MIX 2010 conference are available online. There are so many good sessions that I want to watch. I am especially interested in the following to begin with, purely because of personal interest.  (Unfortunately there is buffering issue which hopefully they will fix soon.) The Art, Technology and Science of Reading Total…


SQL Server Modeling Services Usability Study – System.Runtime Model/Loader

One of the favorite part of my job as a Program Manager in product engineering groups at Microsoft is seeking customer feedback for products we build.  It is really energizing for me to let people take our under-development products for a test run and observe them to see what was hard/easy for them to use. …


System.Runtime Usability Study Context

SQL Server Modeling Services (SSMoS) is a component of SQL Server Modeling (nee Oslo) technologies and was referred to as “Repository” in previous CTPs. It is a new role in Microsoft SQL Server vNext and provides a shared application lifecycle metadata platform over which people, tools and runtimes can rendezvous in an application lifecycle. It…


System.Runtime Model/Loader Usability Study Task List

System.Runtime Model and Loader Overview The System.Runtime model in SQL Server Modeling Services contains extents, types and constraints that represent .NET Assembly metadata in a relational format.  The SQL Server Modeling CTP also contains a tool, LoadAssembly.exe, that can extract metadata from .NET assemblies and insert that metadata into the System.Runtime domain models in the…


System.Runtime Schema: Resolving references using ‘binding context’

In my previous post “Assembly, Type and Method References”, I talked about how AssemblyReferences, TypeReferences and MethodReferences entities can be used to find references across assemblies, types and methods. Context Binding Context is a unique concept in SSMoS System.Runtime model and provides a resolution for the types and methods that are referenced between the assemblies…


System.Runtime Schema: Method Details

Continuing on my series of “Exploring relational schema for .NET assemblies in SQL Server Modeling Services”, in this post I will drill-into entities related to ‘methods’. Type definitions are made up of methods.  A method is a subroutine defined within a type that contains a sequence of statements to perform an action.  It is analogous…


Sample Eclipse plug-in for SQL Server Modeling Services

I have developed a sample Eclipse plug-in that uses one of the utilities in SQL Server Modeling Services (SSMoS).  Yes, it is just an experiment and NOT a shipping sample or code as part of SSMoS (not yet anyways – Microsoft has an ongoing initiative to make its products more open and has shipped Eclipse…


Download R2 of SQL Server Modeling Nov 2009 CTP

SQL Server Modeling Nov 2009 CTP R2 is a re-release of the CTP for it to work with Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 RC releases.   Download it here.