Expression Blend for HTML

In my previous post, I highlighted how Windows Metro style apps can be developed utilizing the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills you already have. If your world is code, Visual Studio offers a great environment in which to write, edit, test, debug, and deploy these apps. Of course, great apps need great user interfaces. And…


Building Better HTML5

With IE9’s recent release, I wanted to share with you a little about some of our development tools that support HTML5, ECMAScript 5, and CSS3 development. Throughout its release cycle, IE9 has blogged about ongoing improvement around standards support, particularly around support for the HTML5, CSS3, DOM, and JavaScript standards. From a developer perspective, we…


Imagine Cup "Solve This"

I have been a part of the Imagine Cup since 2003 and every year, am delighted and surprised at how it gets better and better.  This world-wide competition brings together students from all over the world and showcases young developers, designers and IT pros who are using technology as a vehicle for creating change.  The…


BizSpark Graduation Offer for Startups

In November 2008, we launched Microsoft BizSpark, a three-year program that helps world-wide early-stage startups succeed by providing them the technical resources they need to build successful businesses. After two years, BizSpark has enrolled over 35,000 startups and 2,000 Network Partners, and the response to the program has been extremely positive.  These startups are often…


Silverlight: Lighting up the client

At PDC last week, Scott Guthrie showed some of the great apps developers have already built for Windows Phone 7 using Silverlight, as well as the rich set of development tools we have just delivered for building applications with it.  If you missed PDC, you can view the keynote and other sessions at (in Silverlight of course!)….


Announcing Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools

Today, we are announcing the availability of Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools. Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools enable you to design and test your Windows Phone 7 applications in Visual Studio. These free tools provide everything you need to build rich applications with Silverlight and XNA and deploy them to the Windows Phone Marketplace. The…


My favorite Expression 4 features

Today at Internet Week in New York, we launched Expression Studio 4. Expression 4 is a suite of professional design tools for building immersive user experiences for the desktop, mobile devices and the web.   There are a lot of new enhancements and exciting features in this release.  Here are some of my favorite features…


Introducing Windows Phone 7 Development Tools

Today at MIX10, we are introducing the Windows Phone 7 Series development story.  At the heart of Windows Phone 7 Series development is Silverlight.  This enables you to bring your existing development skills in building Windows Phone 7 applications. Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP, Microsoft’s developer toolset for Windows Phone 7 Series, is now available…


Announcing WebsiteSpark

  The web has dramatically changed the software industry over the past 15 years. Today it’s hard to imagine business without the web. Nearly all businesses have or are creating a presence on the web to promote or sell their products and services, find new customers, or support existing ones. At the same time, the…


Silverlight 3

Yesterday, I announced the availability of Silverlight 3 and the Release Candidate of Expression Blend.    Some of Silverlight 3’s new features and improvements include support for running Silverlight applications out of the browser, H.264/AAC/MP4 media playback, GPU support, pixel APIs including pixel shaders, perspective 3D, local messaging between Silverlight applications, an improved business object…