Microsoft acquires HockeyApp, leading mobile crash analytics and beta distribution service for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

As mobile, cloud, and DevOps continue to transform the application development landscape, we are bringing together the most complete set of tools and services for highly productive mobile-first, cloud-first development – from cross-platform mobile development tools in Visual Studio to Application Insights in Visual Studio Online. Today I’m pleased to announce that we have acquired…


Opening up Visual Studio and .NET to Every Developer, Any Application: .NET Server Core open source and cross platform, Visual Studio Community 2013 and preview of Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015

Visual Studio and .NET have been two bedrocks of the Microsoft developer ecosystem for over a decade.  With over 1.8 billion installations of .NET and over 7 million downloads of Visual Studio 2013 in just the last year, Visual Studio and .NET are enabling millions of developers to build some of today’s most important software…


Chance to Connect(); on What’s Coming Next, November 12th and 13th

On November 12th, we’ll be hosting an online developer event called Connect();.  Connect(); will be a chance to have a conversation with developers about what’s coming next for developer tools, developer services and application platforms across Microsoft.   Check out the Connect(); event page for the agenda and other details. Connect(); builds upon where we’ve been, and the work we’ve been doing over the last year.  As we prepare for next month’s event, I thought…


Visual Studio Online – Stakeholder License

As more and more developer scenarios extend from the desktop to the cloud, we announced last year a new collection of hosted developer services as part of Visual Studio Online.  These services represent an exciting opportunity to bring the power of the cloud to every development project.  With over 1.5 million users, Visual Studio Online…


Visual Studio 2013 Update 3, Azure SDK 2.4, Windows Phone 8.1 Update and Apache Cordova Tools CTP 2

Today I am excited to announce the release of three important updates for Visual Studio developers.  Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 a feature-filled update for all Visual Studio 2013 users. Azure SDK 2.4 an updated SDK of Azure tools for Visual Studio developers to take advantage of the cloud for infrastructure, platform, and dev/test services….


Project Siena Beta 3: Enabling business users to create custom apps to transform business processes

I am excited to announce the availability of the Beta3 release of Project Siena. This new release makes it even easier for business experts, business analysts and other app imagineers to create powerful custom mobile apps that are connected to enterprise services, major SaaS, and popular web and social services. Since we released Project Siena to…


Mobile device testing with Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server and Perfecto Mobile MobileCloud platform

Today’s mobile-first development requires testing on the wide variety of devices that are in common use by consumers and business users.  To deliver high-quality mobile apps, development teams need robust mobile testing solutions that address the complexities of multi-platform development in a highly fragmented mobile market. Over the last year, we have partnered with Perfecto…


Microsoft acquires SyntaxTree, creator of UnityVS plugin for Visual Studio

Game developers build the apps that hundreds of millions of users play every day across a wide variety of devices, from Xbox and Windows to iOS, Android and the Web. Games are the most popular application type on every major mobile platform, and Windows has long been a great home for desktop gaming. For developers,…


Enabling Contributions to the Visual F# IDE Tools

Visual Studio offers a variety of choice for developers to use the most effective languages for building their applications and services.  One of the languages that Visual Studio supports is F#, an open-source, cross-platform and functional-first programming language that excels at data-rich programming tasks and integrates seamlessly with .NET and C#.  Today, F# is being…


Visual Studio "14" CTP

Today, we are making available a first community technology preview of the next version of Visual Studio, codenamed Visual Studio “14”.  This early build is focused on enabling feedback and testing from the Visual Studio community.  Visual Studio “14” will most likely be available sometime in 2015, with a more complete preview release and final…