Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 Available for Download

Today, I am excited to announce that Visual Studio 2015 and .Net 4.6 are available for download

These releases are the next big step in the journey we outlined last November to bring the productivity of Visual Studio and .NET to any developer working on any kind of application while also delivering a new level of innovation in developer productivity for all Visual Studio developers.

To celebrate today’s releases, you can join us online for the Visual Studio 2015 Release Event, check out 60+ on-demand feature videos or just dive right in and download Visual Studio 2015 now.

The Visual Studio Family

Over the last few years, the Visual Studio family has expanded to be broader than ever before.  And the reception from developers has been great to see.

At the core is the Visual Studio IDE that millions of developers around the world love and use day-in and day-out to build great applications.  Last year, we introduced Visual Studio Community - a fully-featured Visual Studio IDE which is free for non-enterprise development.  Since November, we have seen over 5 million downloads of Visual Studio Community, the fastest ever adoption of a Visual Studio product.

Two years ago, we introduced Visual Studio Online, bringing a rich collection of cloud-hosted developer services to the Visual Studio Family – from source control to agile backlog management to hosted build and application insights. Today, we have more than 3.2 million developers registered for Visual Studio Online.

And earlier this year, in April, we released a preview of the new Visual Studio Code, a refined code editor for Mac, Linux and Windows supporting cross-platform web and cloud development.  In the last 3 months, we’ve see more than 500k downloads of Visual Studio Code, with nearly half of those downloads on Mac and Linux.

It’s been great to see the excitement and passion around the whole Visual Studio family of products.

Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6

Today’s release of Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 brings hundreds of new features for developers building for desktop, web, mobile, cloud and more. 

Here I’ll highlight just a few of the big new things in Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6.  For more, check out Visual Studio release notes as well as the Visual Studio blog, the .NET blog, and Scott Guthrie’s blog.

Innovation in Productivity

As developers, we spend a lot of our time day-in and day-out in Visual Studio. So with every new release, it is our mission to deliver new innovation that provides the most productive developer experience possible inside Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2015 continues this trend, with improvements in productivity across debugging and diagnostics, code editing and refactoring, and programming languages.

Debugging and Diagnostics

Visual Studio 2015 unifies debugging and profiling into a single Diagnostics Tools window, bringing insights about the correctness and performance of your running application into context during development.  And with PerfTips, you even get performance information right in your code as you set breakpoints and step with the debugger.

Code Editing and Refactoring

In the editor, C# and VB developers can use the new Roslyn-based tooling, including Light Bulbs that proactively suggest potential fixes or code refactorings tooling.  With Roslyn’s code analyzers, developers can even customize the warnings and suggestions delivered inside the editor to meet their team’s needs.

We’ve also added a brand new XAML editor with tons of new features to easily navigate through code including Peek.

Programming Languages

Along with Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 come the final versions of C# 6 and Visual Basic 14.  With dozens of new language features that simplify common coding patterns, the new versions of C# and VB.NET offer a big step forward for .NET developer productivity.

Visual Studio 2015 also includes significantly improved support for C++ 11/14/17 along with TypeScript 1.5, F# 4.0 and tools for Python and dozens of other languages.

Openness for Web, Cloud and Mobile Development

Whether it’s developing for the web, the cloud or for mobile, developers are looking for flexibility and choice.  Visual Studio and .NET are providing this choice, offering the ability to target new platforms, to use new programming languages, and to take existing skills and applications to new environments. 

As one part of this, over the last 2 years we have been open sourcing many of the components of our programming stacks in Visual Studio and .NET – from Roslyn and TypeScript to CoreCLR and the Python Tools for Visual Studio.  On top of this, it’s easier than ever to work with open source technologies within Visual Studio.   

Web and Cloud Development

Along with .NET 4.6, we are also making available ASP.NET 4.6, the newest version of our Web development framework.  ASP.NET 4.6 adds support for HTTP/2 as well as support for the newest C# features and the new Entity Framework 6.1.3.  Visual Studio tooling for web development continues to expand to offer HTML and CSS tooling with up-to-date standards support and a much richer JSON editor.

Visual Studio 2015 also includes the latest Azure SDK providing one-click provisioning and deployment to Azure for web sites and cloud services, along with easy management of all or your cloud resources. Whether your application is using IaaS or Paas in Azure, built with .NET or Python or Node.js, or deploying to Windows or Linux or Docker containers, the cloud tools in Visual Studio 2015 let you easily integrate with Azure.

On top of this, developers can also use the preview of ASP.NET 5 in Visual Studio 2015.  ASP.NET 5 is one of the most significant updates to the ASP.NET platform we’ve done.  Because ASP.NET 5 runs on the CoreCLR, it can be deployed to your choice of platform, whether it’s Linux, Mac or Windows.  On top of this, ASP.NET 5 offers foundational improvements in rapid development, cloud configuration, dependency management and composability.

Mobile Development

Mobile development is increasingly about building mobile experiences that run across many mobile platforms.  Visual Studio 2015 includes cross-platform mobile development tools for building applications targeting iOS, Android and Windows, and offers developers choice in what languages and technologies to use to developer their mobile applications.

Many developers start by building mobile-ready browser based applications using responsive HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Visual Studio 2015’s rich web tooling, integrated debugging and support for the latest web UI frameworks provide the tools needed to build great mobile-ready web sites.

If you prefer to build a mobile app experience that installs natively on the device, Visual Studio 2015 offers integrated tools for Apache Cordova, enabling you to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript (or TypeScript) to build cross-platform mobile applications that deploy to the consumer on enterprise store.  Visual Studio 2015 even includes a high-performance Visual Studio Emulator for Android for debugging and testing Android applications.

For developers who prefer the richness of .NET, Visual Studio 2015 enables building Universal Windows Apps to target the breadth of Windows devices, from desktop to phone to IoT or even HoloLens.  And by combining Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin, developers can extend their .NET applications to also target iOS and Android.  With Xamarin, everything you can do in Java or Objective-C is available from .NET and Visual Studio.

On top of these, Visual Studio 2015 also provides cross-platform C++ development for shared components targeting iOS, Android and Windows as well as integration with game engines like Unity to easily build cross platform games. 

Visual Studio 2015 even includes a high-performance Visual Studio Emulator for Android for debugging and testing Android applications.

DevOps and Agility

Development teams today are focused first-and-foremost on being agile.  But increasingly, the trend towards embracing DevOps practices is becoming central to how teams think about creating an agile team and agile processes.  Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server 2015 and Visual Studio Online provide integrated DevOps services that enable teams to continuously deliver, continuously monitor and continuously learn so they can optimize their agility.

These core capabilities across the DevOps spectrum are available in Team Foundation Server 2015 (RC2 available now with the final release available soon) and in the cloud-hosted Visual Studio Online service.

Team Foundation Server has been a great tool for .NET teams for many years, but over the last few years we’ve been increasing our focus on making sure Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online provide 1st class support no matter what language or platform you are targeting. 

Whether it’s Node.js or Java, iOS or Android, both Team Foundation Server 2015 and Visual Studio Online will provide comprehensive support for all of your teams’ developer service needs.


The agile boards in Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online are a critical tool for teams to track their work and progress on a day-to-day basis.  Team Foundation Server 2015 includes updates to the agile boards experience including customization, tagging, swimlanes and more.

Develop and Test

Team Foundation Server 2015 and Visual Studio Online have introduced introduce a new Pull Requests code review experience for Git projects, enabling faster developer collaboration earlier in the development process.

Build and Release

Team Foundation Server 2015 and Visual Studio Online include a brand new build system which provides a simple web-based interface for configuring pluggable, cross platform build workflows for your continuous integration pipeline.

Monitor and Learn

Just as important as getting code into production is understand and learning from you code in production.  Visual Studio 2015 provides one-click integration of Application Insights for both server and client projects, making it seamless to get rich and immediate insights on the performance, availability and usage of your applications – both during development and in production.

Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem

Just as important as the products themselves is the ecosystem of extensions available for Visual Studio that add support for new platforms, new workflows and new application types into the Visual Studio experience.  In just the last year, we saw over 13M downloads of extensions from the Visual Studio gallery.

Today we have 84 of our Visual Studio partners sim-shipping extensions supporting Visual Studio 2015.  And it’s easier than ever to integrate with Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online to deliver new experiences on top of the Visual Studio family of products.


Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 are an exciting next step for developer tools from Microsoft - combining new productivity for existing Visual Studio users with new platform support for developers targeting a wider range of platforms and programming models. 

I encourage you to join us online for the Visual Studio 2015 Release Eventcheck out 60+ on-demand feature videos or just dive right in and download Visual Studio 2015 now.  Thank you to all the Visual Studio users who have participated in the development of these products by giving us feedback and getting engaged in the developer community.  Welcome to Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6.


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  1. Matt Ring says:

    Congrats Visual Studio team!!

    Does anyone know how long it usually takes for the bits to become available on the Volume License Center site (for enterprise customers)? I see it on MSDN but still looking for it on MVLS.



  2. Anonymous says:


    New Experience, New feature its really awesome.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Will the RTM version be able to upgrade to the full version once it is released? Will it be able to install updates later on?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Visual Studio team!!

  5. Anonymous says:


    Any idea when isolated and integrated shell downloads will be available?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation VS team!!!  

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic!  Most excellent work MSFT!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very cool 🙂 Congratulation 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:


    it's awesome


  10. Anonymous says:


    I've downloaded VS 2015 Enterprise from my "MSDN Subscription" page, but when I click on Product Keys it says

    "Your subscription does not have access to product keys for this product.". Same thing happens when I click VS 2015 Professional.

    And my Subscription says "Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN (MPN)", Status: Active Expires on 1/31/2016.

    So can say what is wrong?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation to Visual Studio team !!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Excellent Works !

    Visual Studio Team has done a great job. Congratulations!!



  13. Anonymous says:

    Too bad it comes too late for us.  We started many years ago as did many small development shops with an MSDN universal subscription and Microsoft kept taking more and more away from us and charging more and more and with the Silverlight debacle we decided it was time to part ways.  Our software has probably kept thousands of companies running Windows way beyond when they thought they would but unfortunately Microsoft is just making it too hard and expensive for small coding shops to compete any more.

  14. @Sadjad. MPN program members unlock VS by signing in to the IDE with the same Microsoft account that's associated with your MSDN subscription. The quickest way to sign in is from the 'Sign in' link in the upper right corner of VS. Once you've signed in, VS will unlock the IDE automatically and also connect you to any developer services you associated with that account like Azure and Visual Studio online.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Team…

  16. Anonymous says:

    wow looks awesome!

  17. Mostafa Asaduzzaman says:


    Exciting features

    Thank you all

  18. AndrewFoo says:

    Looks like there is a problem with the community edition iso download – have tried this twice and only downloaded just over 2gb each time.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I see no mention of a decent client-side web UI framework, something dramatic that could compete with the dozen or so 100% AJAX UI offerings made in JavaScript. I chose one of them (not mentioning names) over 3 years ago because the components in Visual Studio's toolbox are just old and ugly. All these things about docker, PaaS, DevOps, automated testing (yeah, like that's going to be any good, LOL!) don't interest me one iota. I want a decent UI framework and I'll go where that is, and that means not Microsoft. I'm still happy to use WCF for my web services, though.

  20. AndrewFoo says:

    follow on –  iso download success 3rd time lucky.

    Thanks for this release – congratulations to you and the team.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Nice! Can't wait to try it out myself.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Any thoughts on when the documentation ISOs might be available for those of us that need to make this available on a disconnected network?


  23. Anonymous says:

    The product key for VS 2013 was a single static key.  For VS 2015, I can request up to 5 keys.  Does this mean I can no longer install VS 2015 on any number of my computers?  I will be the only user, but my software assurance starts 8/1/15 and I don't know that 5 installations over the life of my software assurance will be enough.  I typically would install it on my work computer, home computer and laptop.  Who knows how many computers I will go through over the life of my subscription?

  24. Anonymous says:

    All the pictures in this post seem to be broken.

  25. S.Somasegar says:

    @Sean Mcdirmid – thanks.  The images should be showing up now.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation! Another milestone in the great history.

    Need to know whether my current installation of Visual Studio 2015 RC should be removed prior to installing this?

  27. James Rice (Microsoft) says:

    @Gary P — you should only be able to get one product key for Visual Studio 2015, but you can re-use that key as many times as you need for all of your installations.  The key is just for you.

  28. John Montgomery [Microsoft] says:

    @Faraz Azhar

    You can upgrade from RC to RTM. Note that, if you're doing Win10 development, the upgrade will uninstall the Win10 RC tools and, since Win10 isn't available yet, it will not install the Win10 tools. So if you're doing Win10 development, stay on RC.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Many many Congratulations to VS team..

    Really its Awesome with a very Good Feture…

  30. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Visual Studio team!!  Excellent work 🙂

  31. Anonymous says:

    Great, congrats!

    Is there a portable version?

    Or a version just for mobile (android, windows ..) app develpment?


  32. Anonymous says:

    Is VSCode gearing up to be fully rich IDE for all platforms?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hallo guys,

    it's possible (in VS2015) to manage the visual c++ projects with platform toolset of v90 (VS2008)?



  34. Anonymous says:

    It seems like Office Developer Tools are missing from the Community 2015 ISO or their metadata is bugged. They should be there (even the IDE things they should as the IDE points there through Install Missing Features).

    [30D0:1758][2015-07-21T09:20:26]i000: MUX:  Creating lineup viewmodel for lineup id=OfficeDeveloperToolsV1

    [30D0:1758][2015-07-21T09:20:26]i000: MUX:  Did not create lineup view model because static selectable item does not exist: OfficeDeveloperTools

    [30D0:1758][2015-07-21T09:20:26]e000: MUX:  Invalid lineup Id encountered for /Filterfeatureselectiontree switch: OfficeDeveloperToolsV1.

    [30D0:1758][2015-07-21T09:20:26]i000: MUX:  Removing invalid items from the set of items to check

    [30D0:1758][2015-07-21T09:20:26]e000: MUX:  Specified tree item: OfficeDeveloperToolsV1 is not a valid item. Removing it from the list.

    [30D0:1758][2015-07-21T09:20:26]i000: MUX:  Removing invalid items from the set of items to uncheck

  35. Anonymous says:

    The downloads page needs some CSS tweaking, “Community” jumps down onto the text below in a browser window that's 1200 pixels wide.

  36. Anonymous says:

    @James Rice  The key situation I describe is accurate.  There is apparently a change.  Do any other subscribers see the same thing I see as to product keys?

  37. Osorio.PT says:

    Great tool. Using it for ages and always happy with its innovation. Keep up the good work!

  38. Anonymous says:

    What is the location for ISO download for this ?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation Visual Studio team and .NET MVP!

  40. John Montgomery [Microsoft] says:


    You can find all the downloads (including ISOs) at —…/download-visual-studio-vs


  41. @Xiatian – thanks for your feedback on the downloads page (…/download-visual-studio-vs).  I can't reproduce the behavior you're reporting regarding the Community section moving around.  Can you contact me at jeffbe at microsoft dot com so we can figure this out together?


  42. Anonymous says:

    How can we buy Visual Studio Professional 2015 standalone keys – without MSDN and without a subscription model. All I can find on the store is 2013.

  43. Anonymous says:


    If you have VS2008 installed, that should work. Nevertheless, we have not tested that combination as VS2008 is no longer supported :-). Please do email me directly though if you run into issues (aymans at Microsoft dot com).


  44. Anonymous says:

    Any idea when Visual Studio 2015 Shell dedistributables will be available? Thanks.

  45. Sean Laberee says:


    You can install the Office Developer Tools in the Community Edition by using the Web Platform Installer. The direct link to our download is here:



  46. James Rice (Microsoft) says:

    @Gary P — it's unusual that you would have 5 VS 2015 product keys, we'd like to understand what's happening here.  Can you please send me an email (use this format: with your Subscriber ID and a screen shot of the screen with the product keys?  I'll have someone investigate why this is happening.  Regardless, you can use each of those product keys as many times as you want, enabling you to install Visual Studio 2015 on as many machines as you need.

    @Patrick — Yes, we do sell Visual Studio Professional 2015 stand-alone (without MSDN).  It will be available for sale via resellers and the Microsoft Store online starting on September 1, there's just a delay due to channel logistics.  

    In the meantime you can rent Visual Studio Professional 2015 monthly for $45 (US pricing).  Details on how to buy are here:…/get-more-user-licenses-vs  You'll choose the Visual Studio Online Professional plan and then you can sign in to the Visual Studio Professional 2015 trial and it'll work.  We don't offer product keys through Visual Studio Online however.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Still in my MSDN Subscription when I click Product Keys on VS 2015 Enterprise it says "Your subscription does not have access to product keys for this product."

    Under my account tab I see "

    Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN (MPN)

    Status: Active

    Expires on 1/31/2016"

  48. Anonymous says:

    @Anthony Cangialosi [MS]

    regarding my product key issue. In RC builds it was possible to change the "License To Account" but now it is not possible. My account and the license to account is different. It is a change by design or am I missing something here

  49. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone at Microsoft knows and is willing to share this (apparently) very confidential information:

    1) How often does VS2015 community requires to "reactivate" online each year

    2) How often does VS2015 express edition requires to "reactivate" online each year

  50. LMKz says:

    Had this open for ten minutes and already found 2 bugs… The usual MS QA at work…

    * In a Visual Basic windows forms project connected to TFS, open a form in the designer, then press F7 to switch to code. Start typing. The file is not auto checked out, and you cannot edit without manually checking out.

    * Open a form that contains a label that contains crlf in the text property… Designer fails to open with an exception "Could not find type 'Microsoft.VisualBasic.Strings'."

  51. LMKz says:

    Ummmm the icon on the Taskbar is the same as VS2013 so cannot distinguish. Nice one.

    PS bug I described above (cannot edit code-behind files for Windows Forms forms) is a show stopper… I have to check-out manually, close all open editor windows, and re-open just to edit code. Do you even test these things at all???

  52. Anonymous says:

    "Many developers start by building mobile-ready browser based applications using responsive HTML, CSS and JavaScript." Yes, but these tend to be the worst mobile apps out there. Slow, unattractive and simplistic, clumsy user experiences. Most good mobile apps are native.

    Which brings us to something I don't think I've ever seen before: Microsoft 'kinda' building support for something on someone else's product – which not only do you have to buy separately (why not just NOT include it and have an ad for Xamarin saying 'if you want to use .Net on Android or iOS – go buy these guy's tools 'cause we couldn't be assed to write our own' ) but their tools cost MORE than Visual Studio does (if you want to do both Android and iOS – worse if you want to add MacOS X to that). That's like offering a car and saying "you can use it haul heavy loads* (*additional truck option available for an additional $23,000)."

    It also means now we have to track two different companies: Microsoft for most of it and then Xamarin if we're outgoing to other platforms. Bizarrely, Microsoft is actually writing their own to go the OTHER way. If you write Android or iOS code natively and want to bring that to Windows – THAT Microsoft supports.

    You guys spent $2 BILLION on Minecraft. You spent $8 BILLION on Nokia (and see where that went). You couldn't just buy Xamarin and get it over with?

    Still, I guess I should be at least a little grateful that you didn't just rip out all support for .Net (like you seemed to be trying to do with Windows 8 and Windows Runtime) and cramming 20 year old web technology down our throats.

    Oh wait – yeah, you did. Apache Cordova. Yay.

    Seriously – I think a lot of us are going to start asking whether it's time to jump to MacOSX/iOS now that they have Swift and Android (Java may be old – but at least it's more modern in design than web tech).

  53. Anonymous says:

    What happened to "Alternate Account for Licensing" in Visual Studio 2015? it was very useful for us in VS2013?

  54. Anonymous says:

    @LMKz, Thank you for taking the time to download VS2015 and we're sorry you ran into these issues. I have filed these bugs on our GitHub repo where you can track their progress here (…/4039) and here (…/4040).

  55. Anonymous says:

    I have downloaded VS 2015 Community Edition which is supposed to be free. Under File > Account Settings page on the right side it says: License: 30 days trial  (for evaluation purpose only). This license will expire in 30 days.

    How exactly then the Visual Studio Community Edition free? or am I missing something?

  56. @Programmer. We have details about the requirement to sign in here:…/10603486.aspx

  57. Karel Donk says:

    Where can we download the ISO for community edition?

  58. @Sadjad. The Alternate account was added in VS 2013 update 1 to let users access a VSO subscription that was assigned to an AAD Work / School account but couldn't sign in to the IDE because it only worked with Microsoft Accounts (MSAs). In VS 2015 we  made it possible to sign in to the IDE from the upper right corner with an MSA or a Work/School Account and removed the alternate account because we saw a lot of feedback that users were confused by this special one-off sign in link. VS automatically scans for a license assigned to any of the user accounts associated with VS Online account connections in Team Explorer (TE) so you can connect to a VSO account using the alternate user through TE and get the same effect.

    Regarding your product key issue I'm not sure I totally understand the scenario you are describing. While it may have seemed that you could change the account used to license VS, under the covers VS compares a few different sources to try and use the best possible license and avoid locking you out of the IDE. You can email me at vsidlic at microsoft dot com and we can dig into your scenario a bit more.

  59. Anonymous says:


    I am still not able to find iso location. It always download vs_community.exe. ( 2.9 MB). I hope that ISO available to public as I don't have MSDN subscription. Any help would be appreciable.


  60. @Jinal – Here is a direct link to the VS2015 Community ISO:  That is the same link that is available on…/download-visual-studio-vs.

  61. Anonymous says:



  62. @Nilesh. Any Microsoft account (MSA) or AAD backed Work/School account can sign in to unlock the Community edition. Community edition uses the same infrastructure as the paid editions so the labels and messages are similar but getting an MSA or AAD account is free if you don't already have one.

  63. @Patrick. Another workaround is to use your extended trial until we get VS 2015 Professional into the MS Store. Sign in to Professional or Enterprise with an MSA or an AAD Work/School account and VS will extend your trial 90 days.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Can i use visual studio community to develop apps ?

  65. Anonymous says:

    Splendid Work.

    Congrats VS Team.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Soma, for the life of me I can't find any documented list of improvements/new features/improvements in the Visual Studio 2015 release for the Visual Studio Test and Lab Management featuresapplicationstechnologies, specifically :

    1) Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) Lab Environment Management

    2) Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) Action Recording (for UI tests)

    3) Visual Studio Test Explorer (for running unit/integration tests)

    4) CodedUI Test Object Recorder Test Runner (VSTest.Console.exe)

    5) MSTest Framework

    There's a uservoice section that was created (and abandoned?) for feedback on the Microsoft testing tools:…/30927-visual-studio-test-and-lab-management

    I have several testers saying that various Microsoft blogs are listing new features and functionalities for automated cross platform testing on iOS and Android, new features on exploratory testing features and for the life of me I can't seem to find any specific 2015 documented features improvements. I downloaded Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise trail and launched MTM (Microsoft Test Manager) and haven't seen *ANY* difference in the WPF thick client, do the new features only light-up when connected to a 2015 TFS server?

    We have a TFS 2013 server setup and we already have the test hub for our manual testers. (functionality here:…/what%E2%80%99s-new-in-tfs-2013-web-based-microsoft-test-manager), but has there been any documented list of improvements/new features/improvements in the Visual Studio 2015 release for the Visual Studio Test and Lab Management featuresapplicationstechnologies that are improvements from 2013 to 2015 for the list above (keenly interested in WPF MTM Codedui improvements)?

  67. John Montgomery [Microsoft] says:


    Yes, you may use Visual Studio Community to develop apps. The only restrictions on Community are that it's for learning, for open source projects, and for small teams.


  68. Anonymous says:

    Is there an upgrade option for existing VS 2013 Pro users? A couple of years ago I upgraded my VS 2012 Pro to VS 2013 Pro for $99 directly through Microsoft Store. I would like to be able to do the same upgrading VS 2013 Pro to 2015 Pro.



  69. Anonymous says:

    This really looks like a great product and focus on helping Microsoft go to the next level.  Great job!!

  70. Anonymous says:

    @john thank you

    So its for open source projects. does that mean i can't develop universal apps for windows store using VS Community?

  71. John Montgomery [Microsoft] says:


    You can absolutely use it to create Windows Store applications. Sorry my last answer was confusing.


  72. Anonymous says:


    the "VS automatically scans for a license assigned to any of the user accounts associated with VS Online account connections in Team Explorer (TE) so you can connect to a VSO account using the alternate user through TE and get the same effect" fixed my issue, so now I have to add my MPN account to TE to get my license. Ok it works but more confusing I think. Anyways thanks for the fix.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Visual Studio team!!

    when started to download , it is said that  "Community version is free" but after download it is telling it is "trail verion",don't you think it is important to make free versions for single users.if you have free version policy right now ,then provide the information to get free version


  74. Sachin Jegaonkar says:

    Congrats !! Great work !

    Very excited about new features.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation Developer Team for your Hardwork.

    its sound awesome…


  76. Anonymous says:

    VS 2015 doesn't work for me. I have a MSDN subscription for Professional and it says on startup "License: Prerelease software. The license has expired". Then it closes. WTF? Help please.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, I thought we are going to experience a tool that can migrate our existing Android apps written in Java to Windows, guess I was wrong.

  78. Anand Kamat says:

    @Adam – Test enhancements – part 1

    First of all, apologies for not having the MSDN documentation updated to reflect all the work done on the testing front. The MSDN section will be updated when TFS 2015 RTMs (see:…/team-foundation-server-2015-rc2-available.aspx).  This is one of the reasons why there is limited public documentation on this topic – a limited set of items have been covered as part of the TFS 2015 RC release notes (see:…/tfs2015-vs.aspx).

    TFS 2015: Test Enhancements

    Simplified automated testing as part of the Build.vNext is the primary scenario that is enabled in TFS 2015 – you can find details in this blog (see:…/testing-in-continuous-integration-and-continuous-deployment-workflows.aspx). Here are few scenarios that are enabled:

    • Execute unit tests as part of the CI workflow targeting .NET or any other languages

    • Deploy your application to remote machines using simple Powershell and Copy Tasks

    • Distribute test execution of UI Tests (Selenium or Coded UI) or Functional tests using a set of lab machines

    • Publish test results from non-MS build systems running JUnit tests

    Visual Studio 2015: Test Enhancements

    • Unit testing and Coded UI testing support for Windows 10 UWP applications.

    • IntellITest (see…/dn823749.aspx) to automate white box test case generation for both existing and new .NET code.

    • Unit Test Generation wizard (see…/hh694602.aspx) to quickly start writing unit tests.

    • Both IntelliTest and the Unit Test Creation wizards are fully extensible, and the NUnit and community have already published extensions.

    • Load Testing: Trigger a cloud based load test for up to 1/2 million users from any of the Azure data centers

    For Microsoft Test Manager enhancements please see my 2nd response.  You can reach out to “askamat at microsoft dot com” for any further questions/clarifications.


    Group Program Manager, Testing Tools

  79. Anand Kamat says:

    @adam – Test enhancements – Part 2

    Coming to Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), the emphasis has been on getting the Test Management capabilities on the web so that they can be run on any operating system. Hence all the recent work over TFS 2013 & TFS 2015 has been on the “TEST hub group” in web access.   I would encourage you to look at "Test" hub as "MTM Web" and MTM Client and Test hub (aka MTM Web) as complementary tools/experiences for all your Manual and Exploratory Testing needs.

    Here is the list of capabilities shipped on TEST hub over the past 2 releases (TFS 2015 & TFS 2013):

    TFS 2015 RTM:

    • Web-based test execution for User Acceptance Testers (see:…/2015-feb-18-vso)

    • Licensing changes – as announced by Brian (see:…/licensing-and-packaging-changes-for-tfs-2015.aspx), MTM is now able to be licensed/activated for your VSO Advanced subscription

    • Runs hub – query for runs taking place in the system, drill down into a specific run by looking at all test results, view specific test result, analyze test failures for one/more failures, file bugs etc.

    • Machines hub – create machine groups for executing distributed tests in Build-deploy-Test (BDT) workflow (see:…/testing-in-continuous-integration-and-continuous-deployment-workflows.aspx)

    TFS 2013 UPDATE#4:

    • Tags support in Test hub (see:…/2014-aug-18-vso)

    • Test cases related to test suites (see:…/2014-sep-4-vso)

    • Show Test run history for a test case (see:…/2014-nov-4-vso)

    • Light-weight test charts for test cases & tests (see:…/2014-nov-4-vso)

    TFS 2013 RTM to UPDATE#3: see…/the-effect-of-updates.aspx

    We see MTM as a critical component for supporting advanced scenarios such as

    1) data diagnostic collection during manual testing [screen recording, image action logs, intellitrace etc.]

    2) fast-forwarding of manual tests/steps

    3) Exploratory testing support.

    For all the test management capabilities, the recommendation would be to use the TEST hub group and launch into Microsoft Test Runner or Exploratory Testing directly from the web when required.

    You can reach out to “askamat at microsoft dot com” for any further questions/clarifications.


    GPM, Testing Tools

  80. Anonymous says:

    I am enjoying new version

  81. Anonymous says:

    If I download Visual Studio now & then when Windows 10 releases on 29, will I need to re-download it to support developing UWP apps?

  82. schmosef says:

    VS2015 is truly awesome. The tooling updates have immediately increased my productivity. But where is the Page Inspector? Is it hidden somewhere?

  83. Anil1986 says:

    If I download Visual Studio now & then when Windows 10 releases on 29, will I need to re-download it to support developing UWP apps?

  84. Anonymous says:


    If you have upgraded to the latest Visual Studio RTM, any prior installations of Win 10 Tools would have got uninstalled. When the Win 10 Tools for RTM become available on 7/29 you can install them on top of VS 2015 RTM without needing any other changes to VS itself. Check out this blog post for details –…/release-dates-and-compatibility-visual-studio-2015-and-windows-10-sdk

  85. Anonymous says:

    @anil1986 –

    No, you should not have to re-download/re-install VS. You will just be able to add support for building Universal Windows apps to your existing Visual Studio 2015 RTM on July 29th, as called out here:…/release-dates-and-compatibility-visual-studio-2015-and-windows-10-sdk



    Program Manager, Visual Studio

  86. @Mike. Unfortunately we don’t have an upgrade license for VS Pro any longer. If you meet the requirements, the free Community edition is an option to consider.

  87. @Johnny, The information suggests either an older build or an install failure. Can you check Help -> About and confirm you are running version 14.0.23107.0? If you are running the latest version a repair would be the first step to try. Otherwise please log a bug on and then email me the URL of your bug at vsidlic at Microsoft dot com so I can follow up with our engineering team and work through your issue.

  88. Anonymous says:

    I am hoping that microsoft didnt forget about reporting 😀

  89. Anonymous says:

    thanks for auto upgrade of editions 🙂

  90. Anonymous says:

    keep it up

  91. Anonymous says:

    @Anthony: I did a repair of the installation, and that solved my problem.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Why no forward new features for managed code mobile cross-platform development built by Microsoft and not a much more risky third party company?  

    Why no forward movement with web controls like Polymer?

  93. @Afsal AkbarSha. Community edition is free to use. We use the same infrastructure that allows you to unlock VS w/ an online subscription to manage the requirement of signing into Community edition so some of our strings overlap cross these scenarios. Trial here means the period you can use the community edition before you must sign in to fully unlock the IDE.

  94. Anonymous says:

    New feature its really awesome.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Just want to share my installation exp.

    On Windows 2012 r2 Data Center VM first I installed VS2013 and used for 1 year. No service pack / updates. Then I tried VS2015 and it got got failed(and tried repair 2-3 times) on .net 4.6 installation (one time Light Switch, another time Windows Phone, Silverlight component). Note that every time "Repair" shutdown and started the VM(not restarted).

    However next day started VM, removed partial VS2015 from Control panel, downloaded NDP46-KB3045557-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe and it got failed as thought was to bypass the .net4.6 through the .net installer so VS2015 would be smooth.

    Again tried VS2015 over .net4.6 installer failed position and it got failed.

    Shutdown the VM and upgrade the VS2015 and got succeeded.

    In case anyone is stuck on this step.




  96. Eric Knox - MSFT says:

    @Saurabh – would you mind contacting me at Your experience does not sound like something I'm familiar with, and I'd like to learn more to make VS installation smoother in the future. If you're ok with it, I'll ask you to run our setup log collection tool and then share the results with me. That way, I can find where the various installation attempts were failing to see if we can automatically detect that situation next time.

    Thanks, Eric

  97. Aghilas Yakoub says:


    Thank you

  98. Mr G says:

    Is there a Visual Studio 2015 Shell RTM (isolated/integrated) redistro package available yet? I am unable to find it anymore after the RC version was taken out from the download servers?

  99. M.G. says:

    @James Rice (Microsoft) — Is there a new timeline for the release of stand-alone Version?

    "Yes, we do sell Visual Studio Professional 2015 stand-alone (without MSDN).  It will be available for sale via resellers and the Microsoft Store online starting on September 1, there's just a delay due to channel logistics."

  100. Selma Ikiz - MSFT says:

    @Mr G., you can find the VS 2015 ISO shell at



  101. Pinakin Joshi says:

    Congrats Nice!!! Visual studio Team!!!

    Is it available in Market ?

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