Microsoft + GitHub: Free Tools for Student Developers

When we launched the new Visual Studio Community 2013 edition last year, we talked about students being one the audiences this product is really great for.  Free access to the tools that professional developers use every day is a great resource for students to learn, code and build the next great app.

GitHub is the home of a strong open source community, including hundreds of Microsoft projects, and students are a critical part of this community.  Recently, GitHub announced the GitHub Student Developer Pack, a collection of resources for students to get started with access to great developer tools and services offerings from dozens of partners. 

Today, GitHub and Microsoft are making Visual Studio Community 2013 available as part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack. 

Through the Student Pack, student developers can access Visual Studio, as well as great free offers for Azure and Visual Studio Online.

  • Visual Studio:  All the tools, designers and debuggers you need for your next project – with support for web, mobile, desktop and cloud apps using C#, Node.js, Python, F#, VB and more.  Visual Studio 2013 Community is free for students and other non-enterprise developers.
  • Visual Studio Online: Tools for planning, backlogs, tracking bugs and running builds and continuous integration – all in one place.  Visual Studio Online accounts are free for up to 5 users.
  • Microsoft Azure:  Host apps in the cloud on a platform that supports any OS, any language and any framework.  Microsoft Azure subscriptions include 10 free web sites and 10 free mobile services.

That’s just the start though.  Students can also get free access to many more Microsoft tools and developer offerings through DreamSpark, including SQL Server, training courses and Windows Store developer accounts.  Along with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, we’re making it easy for students to discover and access the offerings available through DreamSpark.

Go ahead and get started today.


Comments (10)

  1. Anonymous says:

    All of the Microsoft software in this pack is FREE FOR ANYONE.

  2. briankel says:


    Most of the content above is free for everyone but there are some restrictions around VS Community edition which are important to understand. Learn more in the Q&A here:…/visual-studio-community-vs

  3. Andrew Schwartzmeyer says:

    Azure is one hell of an amazing platform. I just finished migrating a bunch of services I had running on a single host elsewhere to dedicated VMs on Azure. The whole process was incredibly smooth, and I wish it was easier to get others on board.

    Signing up currently nets $200 in Azure credits (one-time obviously), which does beat DigitalOcean's $100 from the GitHub student developer back. But what would blow the pants off Azure's competition is a monthly credit of say $60 for verified students to run any service they want. Obviously this is quite a bit more, but helping students get hooked on the ease of deployment on Azure would, at their graduation, translate into employees looking to save time at work. I feel the business conversion from it would be fantastic.

    Just my two-cents.

  4. Weston says:

    I think this is really good for the High School Students who don't have the money for the Pro Version, and are not able to use Dreamspark, It seems to me as if my age group is not considered for good development tools like this.

  5. cn says:

    It's NOT free for ANYONE, Chinese students CANNOT obtain these free offers in a normal way. Because there is no option for China in Azure registration. I feel helpless, China is always a special case in many ways. Whether in Github Student Pack or in Azure registration.

  6. Steffen says:

    To me it's not clear what exactly do you get for the subscription based stuff (VS online and especially Azure):

    If I invest a lot of time to set up a small hobby website  just for private use AND to learn – what happens, if my trial period is over? Will it stop working and all my effort is lost? (I will definitely not pay privately, that my hobby website is running, but probably I would propose to use Azure at work if I had a good experience on hobby project.)

    -> That question is what hinders me starting trying this at all. Its different for Google App Engine. They kind of promise to run my hobby-website forever. (I am a  .Net guy)

  7. LukeH says:

    @Steffen – Azure Websites is free up to 10 websites (…/websites) for as long as you want to run them.  Visual Studio Online Basic is free for the first 5 users in a project (…/visual-studio-online-basic-vs.aspx).

  8. Tomasz Wisniewski says:

    Does this Azure offer require a credit card to register?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I dont have a credit card how can i register on azure for free services? I have my github student developers pack but i dnt know how to get azure free services please guide me anyone? 🙂

  10. @touseef – Check out this page for details on signing up for Azure as a Student:…/Product.aspx

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