Microsoft acquires HockeyApp, leading mobile crash analytics and beta distribution service for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

As mobile, cloud, and DevOps continue to transform the application development landscape, we are bringing together the most complete set of tools and services for highly productive mobile-first, cloud-first development - from cross-platform mobile development tools in Visual Studio to Application Insights in Visual Studio Online.

Today I’m pleased to announce that we have acquired HockeyApp, a class leading service for mobile crash analytics and app distribution for developers building apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  We will integrate HockeyApp into the Application Insights service in Visual Studio Online to expand Application Insights support for iOS and Android.

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, HockeyApp offers a range of mobile development services enabling developers to develop, distribute, and beta test great mobile applications.  This includes:

  • Crash reporting.  Fast and precise crash reporting with easy app integration, rich crash analysis and support for connecting directly to existing workflows and bug tracking systems. 
  • Distribution and feedback.  Beta distribution and built-in user feedback system.
  • Cross-platform.  Support for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone provides a consistent developer experience across mobile devices.

In the coming months, we will introduce new iOS and Android SDKs for Application Insights  based on the features of HockeyApp.  Application Insights offers a 360-degree view of application usage, availability, and performance across both client and server/cloud application components.  Integrating HockeyApp crash reports with Application Insights usage analytics will extend device support for Application Insights across all major mobile platforms and make application analytics an ambient part of the application development cycle with support for all tiers of a modern “mobile first, cloud first” solution. 

We look forward to starting this integration work soon, but you don’t need to wait.  You can start using HockeyApp today!  The service remains available to new and existing customers so they can continue to leverage the great crash analytics and beta distribution services.

With the acquisition of HockeyApp, we will continue to build on our vision to provide industry-leading tools and services for any mobile platform through both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online. 

I am excited to welcome the HockeyApp team to Microsoft.


Comments (17)

  1. Andy J says:

    I just signed-up with HockeyApp this morning and have been very impressed with the experience. Congratulations to the team!

    Previously we'd been using TestFlight for iOS and the PLsy Store's built-in beta-test functionality for Android, but its nice to have one service that supports a range of mobile OSs. When TestFlight was bought by Apple, they fairly quickly abandoned support for non-iOS pltforms. I hope HockeyApp doesn't do something similar.

    Now just acquire Xamarin and integrate Xamarin into Visual Studio Premium and the end2end Microsoft story for mobile development will be very compelling.

  2. Kiro says:

    HockeyApp doesn't offer integration with MTM, TFS, and VSO for bug reporting…I hope to see that now integration will be offered that you've acquired them!

  3. DougOl says:

    Very interesting. I have loaded this on my iOS device and will see how it works.

    This is a good acquisition for Microsoft. As Kiro suggests above, have support for TFS and VSO for bug reporting would be good first enhancements.

  4. Ted says:

    Partnering with Xamarin to do cross platform mobile and also with Unity to cross 3d API (DirectX, OpenGL)…

    Like partnering with Sybase for SQL server…

  5. Frank Weigel [MSFT] says:

    @Kiro you know HockeyApp well already, that's awesome! We hear you about the list of integrations; we like TFS, VSO and MTM as well 🙂

  6. Henning M. Stephansen says:

    Does this mean that we soon can expect beta distribution service for Windows / Windows Phone without company/enterprise hub stuff? The Windows Phone Beta program is way more tedious than anything else 🙂

  7. Puneet Sharma says:

    Happy to see this acquisition. We've been working with hockeyapp a lot. Most of our customers who use BugClipper ( love hockeyapp for beta distribution. With Microsoft's large developer network, this will be interesting.

  8. EShy says:

    Henning, you obviously haven't tried distributing betas for iOS devices. The Microsoft approach is much simpler

  9. Paul W says:

    Looks like something that may work for us. This page mentions only Windows Phone apps – is that just an oversight? This page seems to indicate Windows Store apps are included too:…/hockeyapp-for-windows-store-apps-and-windows-phone-store-apps. Can someone confirm?

  10. Kevin Bier says:

    Hi Soma,

    Can you disclose your intentions for on-going support of both the Windows and Mac OS versions on the desktop? Having the mobile versions is great but we live in both environments and we're hoping to continue utilizing HockeyApp on the desktop, too.  Thanks!

  11. Frank Weigel [MSFT] says:

    @Paul W: Yes HockeyApp does support Windows Store apps and so does Application Insights.

  12. Frank Weigel [MSFT] says:

    @Kevin Bier: All existing HockeyApp functionality will remain available and supported. Not yet ready to share more details on integration beyond what is in the blog.

  13. Bruce Cichowlas says:

    HockeyApp is one of the very best products for app development.  The product is great and my experience with the personnel has been great as well.  I have introduced HockeyApp over and over to other companies and they all have really liked and appreciated it.  I just hope HockeyApp will continue to serve the role that it has in the challenging environment of mobile apps!

  14. Pic.Micro23 says:

    I cannot find the HockeyApp in google play store.  

    Redirecting users to install the apk from the website does not have a good user experience.

  15. varija tripathi says:


    Awesome post.I was really a great think.You explain everything in a good manner.These tools and services are useful for highly productive mobile and cloud-first development .You insert very important points which is helpful for us. I would love to see some more such interesting article from your side.

    Thanks for writing and I hope that you’ll have a happy weekend.

    Keep up your great work!


    varija tripathi

  16. @abashinsky says:

    Very interesting..we now actually have something that can work for us..great work and keep it up .

  17. Sangili Pandian C says:

    Very happy to hear this. Congratulations to HockyApp Team !!!!.  Keep up the good work !!!!

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