Visual Studio 2013 Update 1

This morning we made available the final version of Update 1 for Visual Studio 2013.  This is a targeted update, addressing some key areas of customer feedback since the Visual Studio 2013 release.  For example, we heard your feedback about running Visual Studio in environments without IE10+, and have made several improvements to this experience in Update 1.  Full details of the changes are available hereDownload the update now or wait to get it through Visual Studio update notification in the coming weeks.

This update arrives as we finish up a great wave of Visual Studio 2013 launch events.  Two million developers watched the Visual Studio launch videos online, and tens of thousands joined in person at events around the world.  Video overviews of all areas of Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.5.1, Team Foundation Server 2013 and Visual Studio Online are available now on the Visual Studio Channel on YouTube.

The team was also honored to have Visual Studio 2013 recognized as an InfoWorld 2014 Technology of the Year Award winner last week.

Today's release of Update 1 continues our commitment to delivering regular updates for Visual Studio.  We're well underway on Update 2 now, our first major feature update, which we are looking forward to delivering this spring. 


Comments (24)

  1. KoprowskiT says:


  2. ThomasX says:

    > This is a targeted update, addressing some key areas of customer feedback since the Visual Studio 2013 release.

    Are you saying you fixed the GUI and brought back setup and deployment projects?

  3. Tim says:

    Has search by wildcard made its way back that's what I want to know

  4. Javi says:

    I only update with an update that includes Setup & Deployment, Windows Forms and WPF improvements and fix the user interface and icons.

  5. Arad Haghi says:

    Awesome , thanks so much

  6. DLLE says:

    Add a file to project, then delete that file but not in the project.

    Sometimes, when intellisense fails to update in time, the navigate popup (ctrl+,) can list this false file.

    If you try to open this file from navigator, the navigator will go into bug state and remains on screen , unable to close, unable to navigate into any file.

    It seems like some internal exception is not caught.

    This problem is especially bad with large c++ project.

    I turned off the navigator preview option, if that matters.

  7. Gesundheit! says:

    Get well soon!

  8. George V says:

    No SSDT-BI support yet I presume. right?

  9. EricB says:

    Not sure what peoples complaints are about the VS UI.  Though I do miss the MSI template, not sure why Microsoft choose to ditch that feature as InstallShield limited edition is pretty… Limited to say the least.  It requires upgrading if you want to use 90% of it's features.  The other 10% I can power shell or batch scripts for, so it begs the question of what's the point of the limited edition of Installshield?

  10. WilliamJ says:

    I have to agree, I don't see any issues with the UI (I rather like it).  Imho, the removal of deployment projects is a part of MS's overall move to wanting us to write apps for Metro (or modern UI or whatever they're calling it now).

  11. Cam says:




  12. DLLE says:

    Thank you @Luke

  13. pape Dieng says:

    je veux etre memebre

  14. surifoll says:

    Can't wait to get this

  15. TorstenR says:

    This update is really Buggy here (Win7/X64)! It even crash during startup phase without any project loaded causing Windows error reporting. I cannot use it and uninstalled it immediately.

  16. LukeH says:

    @TorstenR:  I've reported this issue for you at…/update-1-crashes-on-win7-x64.  Feel free to add additional details to the report.

  17. Keith Patrick _b_ says:

    Issues I've got with VS2013 after using it for just a couple of days: 1) Intellisense stopped working pretty quickly, so I lost all autocomplete when entering namespaces or classnames (restart brought it back, but boy did it break fast), 2) STRONGLY dislike that it now adds closing braces any time I add one (when I go up to code I already wrote, it'll insert an extra one even though I already have one below), 3) it's driving me nuts with stale code…got a WCF service whose breakpoints stop working because the code has changed; even restarting IIS Express isn't fixing it, so I'm having to change over to a command line service to debug, 4) you changed the comment/uncomment icons AGAIN?!??!

  18. nagaraj says:

    well done pondicherry…………

  19. Keith Patrick says:

    Holy cow, I just installed Update 1, and now I'm restarting VS2013 every 5 minutes because it locks some PDBs (a simple console app using a simple WCF service). I'm just about fed up enough with it to revert to VS2012. Not what I was hoping for out of a bug fix pack at all.

  20. LukeH says:

    @Keith Patrick:  Regarding the WCF debugging issues you mention, any chance you could report these at with details about your repro?  You also mentioned not being a fan of automatic brace completion.  This can be configured in Quick Launch (ctrl+q) searching for "automatic brace completion".  On the comment/uncomment icon, VS2013 actually uses an icon that is nearly identical to VS2010.

  21. Keith Patrick _b_ says:

    @Luke Hoban (MS) – There's already an item for it (…/533411). MS marked it fixed, even though as you can see from the comments that it's actually gotten worse with VS2013. This is a typical workflow for MS Connect issues, which is why I gave up on entering bugs there (about half of mine get closed for one reason or another, while the rest get replied to with a "We'll look at it in a future version", which I interpret as "Hopefully you'll forget about it in a few years")

  22. Mark Wilson-Thomas - MSFT says:

    @Keith Patrick regarding your comment that Intellisense has stopped working for you but restart cured the issue, we would like to follow up with you to hear more about the problem if you are still experiencing it. I saw your response regarding Connect, but would definitely encourage you to open a Connect bug on this issue so we can take a look.


    Mark (VS Editor Team)

  23. IntelliSense Problems in C# after installing the update says:

    I installed Update 1 some days ago. In the last days it occured multiple times that intelli-sense (in C#) didn't worked anymore, but I cannot see an action responisble for that. Before installing the update, this happened only very seldom, so I think it has to do with the update. As a consequence, some wrong errors are shown in the text-editor (red-underlined code-parts), while the code compiles without problems.

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