Visual Studio 2013 available for download

I’m excited to announce that the final releases of Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.5.1, and Team Foundation Server 2013 are now available for download!  MSDN subscribers can download from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads page.

Visual Studio 2013 is the best tool for developers and teams to build and deliver modern, connected applications on all of Microsoft’s platforms.  From Windows Azure and SQL Server to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, Visual Studio 2013 supports the breadth of Microsoft’s developer platforms.

As part of the Cloud OS vision, Visual Studio 2013 enables developers to build modern business applications that take advantage of the cloud and target a variety of devices and end-user experiences, all delivered within today’s rapid and dynamic application lifecycles.


There are great new features and capabilities in Visual Studio 2013 for every developer, including innovative editor enhancements such as Peek and CodeLens, diagnostics tools for UI responsiveness and energy consumption, major updates for ASP.NET web development, expanded ALM capabilities with Git support and agile portfolio management, and much, much more.  Check out what’s new with Visual Studio 2013 for details.

Today’s release of Visual Studio 2013 supports development of great Windows Store applications for Windows 8.1, which is also available for download today.

On November 13th, we’re excited to be hosting the Visual Studio 2013 launch.  At launch, we’ll be highlighting the breadth and depth of new features and capabilities in the Visual Studio 2013 release. 

Save the date, download Visual Studio 2013, and we’ll see you on November 13th.


Comments (189)

  1. Anthony Wieser says:

    Can it target XP?

  2. Robert Iagar says:

    what about students in DreamSpark? when do we get VS2013?

  3. Somasegar says:

    @Anthony – Yes, Visual Studio 2013 can be used to build application which target XP.  Full details at…/compatibility-2013.

  4. Grzegorz says:

    There is as always a lot of new features… but did you correct performance?

  5. AtomicMotoX says:

    Will it update the RC version ?

  6. Robert says:

    It seems that is is not available anymore for Websitespark MSDN subscription? Was this an omission?

  7. Dan Ciprian Ardelean says:


  8. Somasegar says:

    @AtomicMotoX – Yes, you can install the final Visual Studio 2013 release on top of a previous RC install to upgrade.  See details under "Upgrade Paths" at…/compatibility-2013.  

  9. Arash16 says:

    Wow, Great News. Congratulations and thanks for the hard work done.

  10. Ayhan Ergenc says:

    Congratulations, you and your team done great job. When will be the Express Editions released?

  11. Somasegar says:

    @Ayhan – Visual Studio 2013 Express is available on the downloads page at:…/downloads

  12. Elsherbini Ahmed says:

    Nice work and effort

  13. Claudio says:

    "Visual Studio 2013 is the best tool for developers and teams"… My colleague was just complaining about the slowness of the Visual Studio compiler. Up LLVM ! 🙂

  14. Phillip Trelford says:

    Really looking forward to using the new F# 3.1 feature and enhancements 🙂

  15. Ram says:

    Congratulations for the team. How do you plan for the future releases? Every year or once in two years.



  16. Ocean of gray says:

    That picture is a huge ocean of gray….like one giant Windows button.

  17. Vasja says:

    What about C99? Microsoft still sucks?

  18. Andre Ziegler says:

    Why is the UI still soooo horrible ugly?

  19. Somasegar says:

    @Ocean and @Andre – Visual Studio 2013 supports three built-in color themes: Blue, Dark and Light.  You can choose your preferred theme on first launch.  Details at…/designing-the-visual-studio-2013-user-experience.aspx, including a side-by-side comparison of the themes at the end of the post.

  20. Karl Shifflett says:

    Hi Soma,

    Loving VS 2013 RTM.  I'm converting a project from VS 2010 to VS 2013.  Unfortunately I'm hitting the same issues developers complained about when converting projects from VS 2010 to VS 2012.

    Please perform the this Internet search:  "visual studio 2013   ca0053 error running code analysis ca0053 unable to load rule assembly "

    Reported on connect here:…/error-ca0053-due-to-failure-to-load-rules-dll-when-running-code-analysis

    On the forums here:…/failure-when-running-code-analysis-in-visual-studio-2012-when-using-fxcop-aspnet-security-rules

    So today, I'm editing all my project files to remove the problems.  This is not a good upgrade story.  

    Someone should be able to get a tool released soon that takes a VS 2010 or VS 2012 project and converts the project file to VS 2013.

    Not sure why this issue was not addressed in VS 2013 after being reported and customer complained about it.

    Thank you and have a super day,


  21. Brice Richard says:

    I'm still using Visual Studio 2008 – not interested in using any .Net IDE after that……for now anyway.

  22. Eric Battalio says:


    The Visual C++ team added a number of features — variable decls, _Bool, compound literals, and designated initializers. Our C99 additions to Visual Studio 2013 enables the compilation of FFmpeg, a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. (See to get the download).

    -Eric (VC++ team,

  23. Joe Botelho says:

    Does it include the project for SQL 2012 intergration services and reporting services

  24. Alessio T says:

    Hi, when will it available for dreamspark premium (non admin) users?

  25. Azarien says:

    Why does the Compatibility page say "Requires side-by-side installation of Visual Studio 2010" for targeting Server 2003? I don't see a reason why applications built with v120_xp toolset shouldn't work on Server 2003 and 2003 R2. Or is there something missing from v120_xp, some server-specific perhaps?

  26. Le Duy Manh says:

    How I can active VS2013 by DreamSpark account?

  27. Somasegar says:

    @Robert and @Alessio – Administrators of DreamSpark Standard or Premium subscriptions can download VS 2013 from the MSDN Subscriber Portal today.  For the other DreamSpark channels, i.e. and the individual web stores of academic institutions with a DreamSpark subscription, it will be available on October 31st.

  28. Suleiman says:

    What about support for Biztalk 2013?

  29. Eric Battalio says:


    Please take a look at "Windows XP Targeting with C++ in Visual Studio 2012" on the Visual C++ team blog,…/10357555.aspx. It may answer your question. Thanks! -Eric (VC++ team)

  30. Ivan says:

    Visual Studio 2013 released one day before announced date, without any notification to Visual Studio Partners. Do you still consider Visual Studio extension developers as partners or you're going to drop them?

  31. Ana AbdElzaher says:

    Great News . Visual Studio is the best 🙂

  32. Fabio says:

    Have some problem with Express image (.iso)? Installer fails on first module (VS2013 x86 pre-requisites). The web installer goes smooth.

  33. Phone out the Window and Expresso says:

    Yes or no: Express 2013 for "Windows Phone" some day?

    If yes:

    Yes or no: Express 2013 for "Windows Phone 7x and later" some day?

    If no:

    This goes back to the eVC days, back when Mr Ballmer thought mobile was for the birds.

  34. Paul Anderson says:

    Good news about Visual Studio 2013!  When I run VSTA it still runs VS 2012 though.  Do I need an updated VSTA kit?

  35. Andre Kaufmann says:

    Thank you for this great release.

    Especially as a C++ developer I like the performance increases of the IDE (didn't thought that it would be possible to speed that up again) and the advancements in C++ 11 compliance.

    Only one grief is left, which would make it a perfect release for me. C# still doesn't support environment variables in output paths, though MSBuild does. Many complaints about have been rejected it would be to complicated to implement that. Anyways I think it would be highly appreciated.

    Besides that, I like VS2013 very much!

  36. Yogesh says:

    No significant features addition into Testing tools.

  37. VSmaster says:

    We are stack with VS2010 and unable to move until the winform deployment is reintroduced.

    We have thousand of install and unable to use that garbage installer you have there.

  38. Stefanos Anastasiou says:

    Great. Does this version of Visual Studio have syntax highlighting for C++? The last version I bought for about 6000 euros didn't have one!…/c-syntax-highlighting-works-only-for-keywords

    And you told me I had to pay you another 6000 euros to get this really great feature, that is nowhere to be found in any other editor in the world!

  39. Dan Wojcik says:

    Does it still require IE10?  If so, oh well, can't install it here at work.  We're not allowed to use IE10 until it is vetted by the high mucky-mucks, who will get around to it…eventually.  (To give you an idea: we were just recently upgraded to IE9)

  40. Tom L says:

    So it won't install without IE10.  I work in a global multinational company with over 150,000 workstations and it's only now just looking at rolling out IE9.  Why?  Because it has thousands of in-house applications and it can't simply deploy the latest technology without being certain it won't disrupt business.

    Microsoft needs to have a deeper understanding its customers instead of arrogantly trying to force them to upgrade when they don't have to.

    Exactly what is so crucial about having IE10 installed in order to use VS2013?  If it doesn't address the dreadful performance issues of VS2012 then I'm not interested anyway, and will recommend a review of our bulk purchasing of MSDN subscriptions.

  41. Simon G. says:

    +1 on needing a deeper understanding of its customers. VS 2013 does not work with TFS 2008 so while the decision to use VS 2013 rests with the product manager, the version of TFS available is decided at group-IT level – needless to say we won't be upgrading to VS 2013 anytime soon.

  42. Dean Sorenson says:

    In my opinion, there haven't been any significant improvements since 2008.  For me, significant improvements would mean improvements to the web form controls.   There have been none.   Building in the AJAX functionality would be a start.   The most pathetic one is the ImageMap.  There's no editor to add hotspots, and you can't see the hotspots at runtime.  VB3 was better.

  43. Lennox M says:

    Where can I find the pricing information?

  44. Michael Garnett says:

    VS2013 requires IE10? Then, there are going to be a lot of corporate IT developers that can't install it. My corporation doesn't allow IE10 because of the issues it causes with some key financial software (not your fault, Oracle's fault), but I even elected to uninstall it when it first appeared due to it's periodic disconnected issues causing pages to initially render without styling. Please remove this requirement from VS2013. So much for my anticipated F# 3.1 and TFS 2013 features.

  45. Tarek Madkour says:

    @Andre Kaufmann: We're glad you like the improvements in VC++.

    @Stefanos Anastasiou: Yes, it does. Semantic colorization is something that we added in Visual Studio 2012 (…/10200097.aspx). It's one of my favorite features. We also added more IDE improvements in Visual Studio 2013. My favorite this time around is automatic code formatting (…/c-ide-improvements-in-visual-studio-2013.aspx).

  46. Chuck says:

    Why does the installable help for VS 2013 still refer to 2012? When is that going to be updated?

  47. Dan Sutton says:

    Beautiful software. I pity people writing open-source stuff…

  48. Brian says:

    Wonder if Microsoft ever bother testing their website (or products) with real users – try using…/compatibility-2013

    Its  horrible to use – and if you suffer from Epilepsy just don't go there!

    Microsoft the company that use to be great …….till it stop listening!

  49. Somasegar says:

    @Lennox – Pricing information is available at…/buy


    Awesome! Cant wait to get this. Thx

  51. LukeH says:

    @Fabio –  Sounds like your download may have been corrupted.  You can verify the checksum at…/details.aspx.

  52. GregM says:

    Fortunately, it doesn't actually need IE10 in order to install, it just needs to think that it's installed.…/4153040-remove-the-requirment-for-internet-explorer-10-to-

    Anyone from MS care to tell us what exactly is it in VS2013 that requires IE10, so that we can be sure to avoid it?  I'm pretty sure that the VC++ compiler doesn't, and I would hope that the editor doesn't, which are about the only things that I care about.

  53. Simon Dan says:

    Will this version have any update plan(s)? I wonder when these could all be fixed:

    code generating bugs…/initializer-list-calls-object-destructor-twice

    Unmatched 'const's. Many classes have the member function overloads which have same expression except for different 'const' properties, and there are many Traits in multi-inheritances.…/this-pointer-is-not-corrected-when-calling-method-imported-from-base-class-by-a-using-declaration…/c-function-template-overload-resolution-differs-from-both-gcc-and-clang

    The C++11 code in rvalue will be broken, as the test of mine the issue is not limited at the std::move but many places including std::forward and self-defined rv-casts. Especially, this issue means that the strings(normal texts, not the string classes) can't be well proceeded through the rvalue processors.…/problem-comping-c-11-code-using-move-semantics

    Note that some of those are found after the rtm version has released (later than Oct.5, unfortunately)…

    The version 2013 is much better than vs2012 in either code generatings or C++11 std supporting, but those bugs brokes code not so rarely.

  54. someone says:

    we don't know anything yet in VS. 2012

  55. Vibhor MSFT says:

    @Yogesh – For Testing we have added support for :-

    1.  Web based Test case management Enhancements : Pls refer to this blog to see the specific list of features…/test-management-features-since-2012.aspx

    2. We have also added support for Coded UI for XAML based Store applications.…/using-coded-ui-to-test-xaml-based-windows-store-apps.aspx

    3. We have also luanched a preview of Cloud based Load Testing with Team Foundation service…/load-testing-with-team-foundation-service-launching-preview-and-early-adoption-program.aspx

    Hope you will find these features useful.

  56. Juaros says:

    Give me correct link to download 🙂

  57. UwePfalz says:

    Cloud OS Vision? What do you mean? Ia all software then executed from your data centers? And accessed via a net, that has no quality of service commitment and that is financed from the advertising industry? Look at the Thin Client experiments? They all failed!

  58. RafaelPlantard says:

    I can upgrade from VS 2012 to VS 2013? Directly? If yes, how? I have a VS 2012 Ultimate + MSDN, but I don't know how I should upgrate it.

  59. Finn says:

    When will the InRelease bits RTM?

  60. Isaac says:

    does it support Lightswitch?

  61. LukeH says:

    @Rafael – You can install VS2012 and VS2013 side-by-side.  You can get VS2013 from your MSDN subscription at…/downloads.  

  62. Alster says:

    The user interface is really ugly. Plain and Flat. And makes all IDE unsuable.

  63. Peter says:

    "Visual Studio 2013 supports the breadth of Microsoft’s developer platforms."

    Does it support .NetCF applications running under WinCE on ARM?

  64. Simon Dan says:


    Why don't use the Windows Embedded OS. The CE is far less good than those and the software for it won't be easy to share the code with the developing platforms. Developing for CE is painful and time wasting comparison to the developing for PC/Embedded OS. I know someone like CE dev.more than PC/embedded but it's still less worthness in the long term.

  65. Richard says:

    Why is that Microsoft does not provide Sketchflow with Visual Studio Express editions or a simplified version of Sketchflow?  Microsoft states that Sketchflow comes with the Ultimate and Premium editions of Visual Studio but also states that great products begin with great design when Sketchflow is discussed.  Sketchflow would be a great help to any developer.

  66. Peter says:

    @Simon Dan  

    "Why don't use the Windows Embedded OS. "

    I'd be happy to if you will pay the costs of re-writing the requirements and design specifications, re-implementing this medical application,  running clinical trials, performing verification and validation, and re-submitting for approvals to the FDA and the European equivalent.

    If you have a spare $5-10 million or so I will tell you who to write the cheque to.

  67. Joe says:

    What is the pricing going to be and what is the policy if VS 2012 was recently purchased. I recently started a new job. They had purchased two copies of Visual Studio 2012 around March, April or May of this year (the person who made the purchase left before I arrived and nobody has the actual purchase date ready at hand.)

  68. Joe says:

    Oops, never mind, I found a page with the following: "…we created a special, limited-time offer through the Microsoft Store for those who purchased Visual Studio Professional 2012 at retail to upgrade to Visual Studio Professional 2013 for only US$99 (pricing varies by region)."

    Thanks for that!

  69. Somasegar says:

    @Joe – Pricing information is available at…/buy, including information on upgrade pricing.

  70. Joe says:

    @Simon Dan

    As an FYI, Windows Embedded 8 costs about $50-$70 per license while Windows Embedded Compact (CE) runs $3-$15 per license. Windows Embedded Compact has a much smaller footprint than Windows Embedded 8 and can run quite well on systems where Embedded 8 wouldn't run at all.

    While I currently don't do embedded development, I found the lack of support in Visual Studio after 2008 disappointing, if not inexcusable since CE isn't going away.

  71. LukeH says:

    @Isaac – Yes, Visual Studio 2013 includes support for LightSwitch.  See…/visual-studio-2013-released-thank-you-lightswitch-community.aspx for details.

  72. Dean J. says:

    Hi Soma,

    There's a lot of people asking about the IE 10 requirement.  You've answered *some* questions on here, would you please tell us about this requirement….why it's there and more importantly if there's a way around it?


  73. Eric Battalio says:


    We appreciate bugs submitted through Connect and do update them during our planning and development cycle. You can also keep an eye on the Visual C++ blog ( for updates, announcements, and technical content.

  74. Hayad says:

    I wonder what you guys are talking about?I want to get started on this blog.

  75. Steve Teixeira, MSFT says:

    A number of folks have asked about the IE10 requirement for VS2013, so I'd like to provide a bit of background on this. VS2013 is the first release where the VS client app contains significant product experiences authored in HTML5/JavaScript (as opposed to, say, WPF). We did this in order to facilitate sharing of components inside and outside of the VS shell. You may have noticed, for example, that we share some diagnostics experiences between VS2013 and IE11's F12 tools. This drove capabilities requirements for the HTML5 engine in the product which only IE10+ was able to satisfy. Some of the VS2013 components that require IE10 include HTML UI Responsiveness, JavaScript Memory, DOM Explorer, JS Console, Managed Memory Analysis, and XAML UI Responsiveness.

    With that said, we hear the feedback that the IE10 requirement creates a problem for some customers, especially those who are unable to upgrade to IE10+ due to the need to conform with browser standards in the enterprises in which they work. We're currently looking at how we might support customers installing and running VS2013 on machines without IE10, with the caveat that those experiences that require IE10 will not function. I will follow up with more info on this as our investigation unfolds. Thanks, and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

  76. Peter says:


    "While I currently don't do embedded development, I found the lack of support in Visual Studio after 2008 disappointing, if not inexcusable since CE isn't going away."

    Hear hear.


    "Visual Studio 2013 supports the breadth of Microsoft’s developer platforms"


  77. Charles Ryan says:


    Part of the problem is you are doing too much of this.

    The number of external dependencies for your various products is creating a domino effect where any one update can take out multiple products and makes testing an ongoing nightmare. This is true for all third party applications, but even more so for Microsoft's own products as they have taken a decidedly downward turn in stability. It is no wonder businesses or exerting more control over the exact version of each product that can be installed as every time we get inconsistent results when testing an application we have to review the exact version of every component installed on that machine.

    It is kind of annoying to spend days troubleshooting an issue only to find it is caused by one developer having component x with version 1.00.1161 and the other has version 1.00.1161a, an nobody is sure where the new version came from. The whole move to NuGet and the easy installation of countless components has destabilized VS and forced departments to lock down access as much as possible.


  78. jim mason says:

    Do I need to uninstall visual studio 2012 to upgrade to visual studio  2013

  79. Dean J. says:

    @Steve Teixeira,

    Thanks for finally responding to the IE10 requirement, and for looking for a way around it.  Look at this way, MS is always saying it wants to be more modular….this will give you a chance to actually do it.

  80. Masood Mustufa says:

    very nice.

  81. Michael I. Simon says:

    Thank you for the free download from Dreamspark

  82. Richard K says:

    One of my colleagues says he is unable to install VS2013 under Windows 7 from the ISO downloadable from MSDN – though it may be done from the web installer, with a 30 day registration requirement.

    Is this true, and if so will there continue to be restictions even on Windows 7 ?

    The compatibility page says Windows 7 SP1 is supported.

    We have no need of any of the new user-interface components as we are using VC6 to develop Win32 applications which are nearly, but not quite, embedded.  We also use a third-party library (Qt) for user interfaces.  Some of this is historical but nothing may be changed quickly though we'd like to move forwad from VC6.

  83. LukeH says:

    @Richard – Yes, Visual Studio 2013 does install on Windows 7 SP1.  If your colleague is having problems with the installation, please ask him to report the issues at  

  84. jen says:

    I used to love Visual Studio

  85. Chaitanya Kumar Reddy says:

    Is it possible to get Multiple Result Sets in 6.0 framework?

  86. LukeH says:

    @Chaitanya – I believe your question is addressed here:…/multiple-result-set-ef-6-0

  87. Joe Code says:

    0) The lack of a bona-fide title bar makes it hard to tell when the app has system focus.

    1) The presence of a heavy blue bar under the app is disconcerting and looks upside down.

    2) The lack of borders around user interface elements makes the app seem half-finished, like a freeware product from the Internet in the early-2000's.

    3) The icons are small, dark, and consequently hard-to-interpret.

    4) Why did you deny the developer community's request for more color? We have to stare at this thing all day.

    5) What is going on up there in Seattle?

  88. vsha041 says:

    On the system requirements page it says that VS 2013 Ultimate requires IE 10. However yesterday I did a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro on my machine and realized that it has IE 11. So I would like to know if VS 2013 will still work with IE 11 or not. Logically speaking IE 11 shouldn't be an issue because it is higher than 10. However I would like to know if there are people out there who have successfully installed VS 2013 Premium/Ultimate etc. on Windows 8.1 with IE 11 on it. Thanks.

  89. Ritesh says:

    In Visual studio it is possible to store all layer independly i.e ui in one location logic and database in one location.

  90. Richard K says:

    "Yes, Visual Studio 2013 does install on Windows 7 SP1.  "

    Slight mistake on my part.

    My colleague reported that the Express version would not install on W7 from the MSDN download version.

    The Web Installer would install.

    (ie this is not about the Full version).

  91. LukeH says:

    @vsha041 – Yes, VS2013 works with Windows 8.1 and IE11.

  92. A. Lefebvre says:

    Another version of Visual Studio, we just upgraded to 2012 less then six months ago at work.

  93. Sebastian says:

    I'm very exited to get my hands on VS 2013, but final Ultimate Edition is still not available through Dreamspark Premium ( :/

  94. Charles Ryan says:


    We are… who else?

    But at this point testing is all we are doing.

    We honestly have no need of this release as we are still trying to shake out the issues caused by 2012. But that seems to be the theme in our society of late, when in deep… keep digging, and no company is currently digging faster than Microsoft.

  95. Lightning17 says:

    Final VS 2013 Ultimate is still not available at Dreamspark ( All other versions (Professional, Premium,…) are already there, but not also Ultimate.

  96. Tristan STW says:

    Can yoiu provide general policy about pricing upgrades for annual VS releases ? This time we can upgrade to VS 2013 for 99$, will be the same for VS 2014 ?

  97. Dan says:

    Fantastic …. what software are you using praising ??? Maybe chrome ??? This is a visual studio blog and there has not been a fantastic release or  a good release or even a marginal acceptable release since VS 6.0 … !  VS 2013 and we still do not have twain support built into million of classes of bloat, no native android support, no native data centric language, performance sucks and there are more bugs in this software then classes in .crap but hey WE HAVE MENUS THAT YELL AT US !  The only thing fantastic (from Microsoft's perspective) is the degree by which Microsoft has lowered developers expectations so people like you praise poorly written inefficient software … i.e.. Visual Studio… . I wish you were one of my clients as that would make my life  much easier, as for some strange reason my clients demand applications that increase their productivity and WORK… Something Visual studio end users do even expect anymore.  Microsoft instead get praise if their software just launches and only crashes a couple times a days.  Ridiculous !!!!!

  98. Terrence` says:

    Soma what is the control you are using in the graphic that is circular gauge?  Is it in VS2013 toolbox?

  99. Phalan says:

    how can i update version from 2008 to 2013

  100. LukeH says:

    @Phalan – Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2013 can run side by side on the same machine.  See…/hh266747(v=vs.120).aspx for additional details about project compatibility.

  101. Joe says:

    We recently purchased two copies of Visual Studio 2012 Professional. When I went to the purchase page today to purchase the $99 upgrade for myself and my colleague, it said "Limit one per order, one per customer". Are you limiting the ability of my company to upgrade two copies of Visual Studio 2013 at this rate? If so, please change this so ALL copies of Visual Studio 2012 that we purchased retail can be upgraded.

  102. Shawn Nandi [MS] says:

    @Joe thanks for your comment. We will be working with the Microsoft Store to raise the limit over the next few days.

  103. Ready says:

    @ Shawn Nandi [MS],

    Please hurry.

  104. joewoodbury says:

    @ Shawn Nandi [MS]

    Thank you.

  105. john says:

    does it work for beno skyscrapersim?

  106. Richard Ugwa says:

    Am enjoying Programming with Visual Studio

  107. maxmuud siciid says:

    very itersting to use it

  108. خالد says:

    اكثر من رائع

  109. HongYing Wang says:

    Thanks a lots. VS is the best development tools.

  110. omid kayhanie says:


  111. JanH says:


    I have a basic VS 2012 professional installation/license, no MSDN or any frills. Have been using VS2013 preview, RTM and now REL with great pleasure. So I want to upgrade my license,  but wherever I look, I see no trace of the $99 upgrade.

    Living in Europe. What am I doing wrong? Very frustrated, feeling quite dumb, appreciate info,


  112. Cathrine Askilsrud (MSFT) says:


    Happy to help you with that! The $99 upgrade is available on Microsoft Store online. For example, here's a link to Visual Studio Professional in the UK store:…/productID.288656800. Select Upgrade from the drop down menu and you'll see the special pricing.

    If you're in another country in Europe, you can find your country specific store by scrolling to the very bottom of the page where you'll find a country selector. Click on United Kingdom – English, select the country you're in, and then search for Visual Studio Professional.

    Drop me a note if you'd like additional assistance: cathask at microsoft dot com.

  113. janh says:




  114. ex ms programmer says:

    i see Soma responds only to those comments that will make the user download/pay for the product, i dont see him answering any of the feature requests or critics

  115. joewoodbury says:

    @ Shawn Nandi [MS],

    The store is still no correct.

    This is the electronic age, perhaps Microsoft would like to join it. (Seriously, lately you guys have looked like the keystone kops.)

  116. HU JIAN says:

    i want use visual c++6.0 on windows8.1-_-!

  117. Asukwo Ifiok says:

    am trying to download visual studio 2013 on a windows 7 for free trial, whats the best option available

  118. LukeH says:

    @Asukwo Ifiok: Express and Trial downloads are available at…/download-visual-studio-vs.  All VS2013 products will work on Win7 SP1.

  119. Samit Jhaveri[MSFT] says:

    @JoeWoodbury – MicrosoftStore has now increased the limit to 10. The cart will give the option to order up to 10 Upgrade units.

  120. hubinon daniel says:

    j oubliais le tout doit etre en rapport avec facebook

  121. ILoveMs says:

    Im sure this tool is a very powerful tool and

    This MS's tools may be very big tool with heavy envirenment.

    Plz  seperate tools as purposing PL like Visual C++ 6.0 tool.

    I want to get a light tool of Visual C++ even though MS company dont want to agree my mind.

  122. R Peters says:

    I heard Bill is back…  maybe he will get this mob back on track with the real development going on the world.

  123. mehary says:

    nice appplication sw thanks

  124. Gaurav Sharma says:

    superb experience working  with VS 2013….

    Thanks to all for such a great work…

  125. sabirakki says:

    thank for dis programme

  126. Mike B says:

    Neither the iso or the web installer will install Visual Studio Express 2013 on my Windows 7 SP1. Aborts with: "need newer version OS"


  127. Mike B says:

    Further to my previous comment:

    VS Express 2013 for Windows will not install on Windows 7 SP1 with either the iso or web installer.

    VS Express 2013 for Windows Desktop does install on Windows 7 SP1 with the web installer. I didn't try the iso.

    Note that the system requirements list on the download page for both versions of VS Express indicate Windows 7 SP1 is compatible.

  128. MC says:

    For all you VS haters out there. Tell me of a better development tool. Eclipse?? Give me a break.

  129. shakil says:


  130. ali la class says:

    c pour koi se programme ??

    hey les amis rejoindrai moi sur facebook . mon facebook :ali la class byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3

  131. mr 卢 says:


  132. VB.NET says:

    I don t know

  133. igbinosa obasuyi says:

    Data bank management are also for C++ Developer

  134. AABDULAI KAMARA says:


  135. DiRj says:

    What are d requirement to use this 2013……what type of hardware or software required..plz tell me

  136. TOLO says:


  137. Shivaji Patil says:

    Visual Studio Rocks Mandit Sandhi………….

  138. #Rishabh says:

    where is the download link

  139. MoDotNet says:

    I have been trying for a week now to download Visual Studio 2013 from the MS web site but I keep getting a "This page can't be displayed message". If a downloader is involved I am not being given an opportunity to install it.

    Device: Lenovo Thinkpad W530 series (i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.4GHz

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit

    8 GB memory

    Thank you for your help in advance.

  140. LukeH says:

    @MoDotNet – I'm not aware of any issues with the download page, but you can report a bug at if you continue to have problems.

  141. MoDotNet says:

    No go, I can't even post a bug because they want all information (pertinent or otherwise) in order for me to submit a bug.  I enter the info and it just takes me back to the edit my profile page.

  142. MoDotNet says:

    And Yes, I do have IE 11.

  143. Gerard Atienza says:

    IS this a Trial?

  144. BRIJESH PATEL says:


  145. Philippe Dublanchet says:

    Target XP ? Ok but …

    If program runs well on Seven or 8 but fails on XP, can VS2013 be installed on XP (32 bits) to debug it ?

  146. LukeH says:

    @Phillipe – No, VS2013 cannot remote debug XP.  See…/visual-studio-2013-compatibility-vs for complete details.

  147. Hiren Rajyaguru says:

    Visual studio developed site is not work smoothly and fast to a load web site.

  148. LukeH says:

    @Hiren – Please share additional details at or on discussion forums for Visual Studio.

  149. Coty says:

    If I download the 90-Day Trial how much does the program cost once that is up? Cause I'm interested in buying it but can't find a price anywhere. Thanks!

  150. Faroque Ahmed says:

    We have MS Visual Studio 2005 and for some reason we want to use visual studio for a Project. Is there any option available for us to upgrade it to MS Visual Studio 2013 or do we need to buy a new copy of 2013

  151. Visual studio 2013 says:

    were is the editor?

  152. editor for visual studio 2313 says:

    how does one get it?

  153. venkatesh says:

    good work

  154. Philippe Dublanchet says:

    Changing color of comments in TOOLS Options dialog change only /* */ comment style , not // comment style

    It also change color for numerical values and text constantes

    This works fine in VS2005.

    Any idea to add // comment style or really a bug ?

    Thank you

  155. Umaov Temurmalik Juraqlovich says:

    MEnga visual studioning yangi versyasi kerak edi ushbu saytdan topdim

  156. amr alameen says:

    Great News. Congratulations and thanks for the hard work done >>>

  157. Ahumuza Barungi says:

    This is amazing you should find away of making your services easier to attain in Africa. Great stuff

  158. John Molina Facistol says:

    Nice new features of Visual Studio. Keep up the good work.

  159. thomas says:

    Will it update the RC version ?

  160. Maomaozhaocai says:


  161. علیرضا says:

    سلام علیکم

    جهت دانلود قرار نمی دید؟

  162. owen says:

    i need the net framework plz help send a link to please

  163. Kedar says:

    Looks great..!!

  164. s says:

    its very useful for web desining

  165. mallesh.g.s says:

    hi pls help me ,what is the exact size of visual studio,coz while am downloading it appears as 11Gb ,how to download it,for windows 8

  166. Flarit says:

    I'm want put something fundation's Visual Studio 2013 out of your book. Thank you again.

  167. yuni lieah says:

    hy i like this

  168. Anonymous says:

    I'm a student and how can we get it for free?

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