Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 Now Available!

“Firsts” excite me.  This excitement isn’t about competition with others, but rather about competition with ourselves and our past, about constantly working to better what we do and how we do it, and about the value we provide to developers and teams who use our tools.  At our Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 launch event in September, I talked about our strong commitment to continuous value delivery and our new approach for providing updates to Visual Studio on a regular cadence of shorter intervals:

I’m excited to announce that the first such update, Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 (Visual Studio 2012.1), is now available.  You can install it today from the download page (see "Visual Studio 2012 Update 1" under the "Additional software" section).

With this and future updates, we’re striving to ensure that developers and development teams always have the best solution for building modern applications and for managing the modern application lifecycle.  This approach to delivering updates, integrated directly into the IDE, should make it much easier for developers to keep the Visual Studio client up-to-date.

Importantly, this isn’t just about bug fixes, though it contains quite a few of those to measurably address issues reported through Connect, UserVoice, and Windows Error Reporting.  This update also delivers a wealth of new functionality into Visual Studio 2012.  The new functionality in Update 1 primarily spans four areas of investment: Windows development, SharePoint development, agile teams, and continuous quality.

Windows Development. A big focus area for us when designing Visual Studio 2012 was in enabling developers to build stellar apps for Windows, and that trend continues with Update 1, with which we’ve improved Windows development in a variety of areas.  Back in June, we announced we would enable C++ applications to target Windows XP from Visual Studio 2012, and that support is now available as part of Update 1. For Windows Store applications for Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 includes support for both mixed-mode managed/native debugging and for native ARM dump debugging.  Update 1 also includes improved diagnostics and testing support for Windows Store apps, such as with a JavaScript memory analysis tool, support for data-driven unit tests, and C++ unit testing enhancements. Additionally, for developers building apps for Windows Phone 8, we’ve enabled code analysis to help improve the quality of their phone apps.

SharePoint Development. Beyond the core platform support for SharePoint development available via “Napa” and the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio, with Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 we’ve invested in building out significant new application lifecycle management (ALM) capabilities for SharePoint applications.  This work is primarily centered around multiple forms of testing: from load testing that enables the stressing of SharePoint applications with simulated load and network conditions; to performance testing that enables recording and running performance suites against SharePoint solutions; to unit testing that enables coded UI tests for simulating user interaction and that enables using the Microsoft Fakes Framework for stubbing out SharePoint dependencies in unit tests.  Update 1 also updates IntelliTrace to capture SharePoint logging information, in order to provide a rich analysis experience for SharePoint applications.

Agile Teams. With Visual Studio 2012, we introduced a wealth of features to support agile teams, from stakeholders to developers to testers to project managers, and Update 1 further builds upon this focus.  The update includes many usability improvements to enable user productivity while managing projects in the web-based interface for Team Foundation Server, such as with new ways to navigate around the UI, more cases where dragging and dropping is relevant, and a much improved source viewing and diffing experience.  Update 1 also includes Kanban support: in addition to the existing Scrum and task board support, the Kanban support offers a new range of project tracking options, including a Kanban board and a cumulative flow diagram.  In fact, Update 1 includes for Team Foundation Server most of the improvements made to Team Foundation Service in recent months.  Visual Studio now also includes a new visualization feature, Code Map, which enables developers to dynamically build views of relevant areas of a code base in order to understand and navigate its relationships quickly.

Continuous Quality. Last but not least, enabling continuous quality is a key focus area for Update 1, beyond the Windows and SharePoint testing features already mentioned.  This spans testing at all levels, from the management of tests to their execution.  For example, code coverage is now supported for manual testing of ASP.NET applications, enabling testers to analyze which areas of a code base are used during manual testing (similar to the support already enabled for automated tests).  Cross-browser testing is now supported, with the ability to record tests on Internet Explorer and later replay them with most modern browsers.  Test Explorer in Visual Studio has been augmented to enable custom “traits”; these traits are specified in the tests, allowing developers to specify how tests should be grouped and run.  Microsoft Test Manager has also been enhanced in several customer-requested areas, such as with support for pausing/resuming of manual test sessions and automatically creating an image log of all actions performed during an exploratory testing session.

Install Update 1 today to upgrade Visual Studio 2012 to the latest available bits.  We plan to release these Visual Studio Updates regular cadence, so stay tuned for more to come.

Finally, though unrelated to Update 1, if you’re looking for even more functionality in Visual Studio 2012, consider installing the recently released and free Productivity Power Tools add-in from the Visual Studio Gallery.  Created by individuals on the Visual Studio team, this is a pack of extensions focused on further streamlining the developer experience within Visual Studio 2012, with features like colorized parameter help, a custom document well, automatic brace completion, an enhanced scroll bar, and much more.


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  1. says:

    Thanks for Windows XP support. Any chance Update 2 can include some of the MFC feature requests on Visual Studio User Voice? Particularly improving the dialog designer.

  2. Cool.

    I wish the next update finally adds support for XAML2009 editing and compilation. It's ridiculous that after all those years of having support for it in .Net, it's not supported by VS yet.

  3. Laurent Bugnion says:

    Any improvements to Expression Blend in that package?



  4. MichaelD! says:

    What Fduch said.

  5. Josh says:

    Can we slipstream this update?

    Is there an easy way to apply the update to all build agent machines?

  6. Yi Wang says:

    Can we slipstream this update? or is there a complete install package that include the update? I hate doing SP update on visual studio + WP tool. Something is going to break (from past experience). I'd rather do a complete re-install.

  7. Fallon says:

    Remove the silly requirement to get a developers license for Win8 apps!

    What's the point?

  8. Jack says:

    What about Expression blend 5 (WPF & Silverlight)?

  9. Thank you this is excellent.

    Do you have any more news on Blend + SketchFlow for Visual Studio 2012 (wpf) which is still in Preview?

  10. LMK says:


    2nd that comment re. the developer license online requirement, can't believe that still hasn't been fixed. MS will certainly lose the support of some of their big corporate/government customers if they don't hurry up and find a solution.

    I noticed when renewing the other day that the license period seems to have quietly increased from 1 month to 3 months, so that is a slight improvement. But in general just a stupid requirement, I though MS was over these sort of blunders? Remember WGA etc.

    Vote here:…/3165766-allow-development-of-windows-store-apps-offline-

  11. fatcathu says:

    are there ISO for offline installation ?

  12. Unni Ravindranathan - MSFT says:

    @Laurent Bugnion

    No, there are none in Update 1 outside of some major bug fixes. Please stay tuned as we will have more news in future VS Updates.



  13. Tarek Madkour [MS] says: No, we are not planning an MFC dialog editor update for the next VS Update. With that said, however, we are looking at the customer feedback on this (including the user-voice issue that you referred to) and evaluating how to best respond to this customer request. It will not be in the next VS Update, though.

  14. Kevin says:

    Install stalls on VC++ compilers, and offline ISO/exe would be most useful.

  15. Guest says:

    Well, I installed VS2012 RTM last week, and suprisingly found that XP targetting is automatically installed during normal setup, without asking, why is that ?

    I can see that the release date of Update 1 is more than 10 days ago, but I hope there will be an option before the setup go fetching files from the web.

  16. Christian Schormann (MSFT) says:


    Please stay tuned for more updates on the Blend 5 / SketchFlow update. Still working on it.

  17. Kevin says:

    Hrm, and cancelling the install doesn't seem to have any effect. Just sits at 'Stopping current session … ', been there for some 10 mins now. Any recommendations?

  18. Kevin says:

    Anyone? Installer sitting at 0% CPU, 0% Disk, 0% Network…  'Applying' was stuck right at the end of Microsoft Visual C++ Compilers for about 45 mins, cancelled and now it's 'Stopping current session …' for about 25 mins. I know if I kill this process I'll probably end up with an irreparable VS 2012 install.

    This is my second botched MS service pack of the day, earlier I had SQL 2012 SP1 destroy an installation as well. Seems I'm on a roll, maybe I'll try windows updates next…

  19. fatcathu says:

    Huh, I just cancelled once and restarted, still going, slowly.

    alright my internet connection is not THAT reliable, but …

  20. awsomedevsigner says:

    Is there a detailed list of all the updates somewhere available?

  21. Simon says:


  22. How about getting rid of the hardware virtualization requirements for running the virtual Win Phone?  I can use VirtualBox and/or VirtualPC to emulate entire operating systems, but I can't emulate a simple phone because my BIOS lacks support for some virtualization setting I've never heard of before (SLAT, I think it was)? Doubleyou-tee-eff?

  23. Allen Feinberg says:

    Is TFS 2012 now with Update 1 finally able to support Team Project renames?

  24. offline installer please

  25. says:

    It seems a few people are having trouble installing the update, but mine installed just fine. I had the preview installed, too.

    @Tarek Madkour [MS]

    Thanks for the feedback.

  26. toub says:

    @awsomedevsigner: A detailed list of new functionality in Update 1 is available at…/visual-studio-and-team-foundation-server-2012-update-1-now-available.aspx.

    @Fduch: We currently have no plans to support XAML 2009 in the XAML editors in Visual Studio or Blend.

    @Allen Feinberg: No, TFS project rename support is not included in Update 1.  For anyone else interested in more info, see Brian Harry's response to Allen at…/visual-studio-2012-update-1-is-available.aspx

  27. @Yakko Warner

    This is not possible as Windows Phone 8 Emulator runs as a virtual machine on Hyper-V, the virtualization technology for Windows 8. To run the emulator, your computer must meet the requirements to run Hyper-V and hence the need for Second Level Address Translation (SLAT).

    The following MSDN documentation provides more details:…/jj863509(v=vs.105).aspx

  28. Fallon says:

    @LMK – Thanks, I voted!

  29. @Raghuram Lanka – Be that as it may, the fact remains it prevents me from testing any potential Windows Phone development (unless I fork over $100 I don't have) on my machine that is perfectly capable of running other virtual machines *without* Hyper-V. The requirement of Hyper-V is a hindrance to my attempting to get involved on this platform. My request stands.

  30. ThomasX says:

    Is the GUI fixed?

  31. Hotdog says:

    The link keeps sending me to the French version of MSDN, and I have no way to get to the US version. I am sick and tired of websites redirecting by IP with absolutely no consideration for Accept-Language or at least cookie settings. I expected a website aimed at developers to at least implement best practices.

    Anyway, the end result is that I can't access the download.

  32. Jens says:

    Where can i find the CodeMap feature? I´´m using Visual Studio 2012 and just installed the Update 1.

  33. GUI Master says:


    Yes the GUI is now fixed.

  34. Maciek says:

    Hi, Does the MS Test framework support the NUnit's TestCaseAttribute yet?

  35. Tab Hunter says:

    Does this fix the pinned tabs disappearing act?

  36. CLR says:

    Is there a list of all the bug fixes that are addressed in this update?

  37. Jack says:

    What about Windows XP support for .Net 4.5?

  38. Simon says:

    Is it me or the download link is broken?

  39. Excited about the SharePoint bits, especially the IntelliTrace improvements! Nice work 🙂

  40. roteague says:

    Still haven't fixed that hideous UI. But, I guess Microsoft really doesn't care what so many people want and are complaining about. Sticking with VS2010.

  41. toub says:

    @Jens: Code Map is available in Visual Studio Ultimate.  After you select some code in the editor, you can bring up the context menu and select "Show on Code Map".

    @Maciek: The Visual Studio unit test platform fully supports data-driven tests.  I'm not sure whether NUnit provides integration for the TestCaseAttribute, but if it doesn't, that's something the NUnit team could provide in their plug-in, and I'd suggest you reach out to them at

    @Jack: The update does not add Windows XP support for .NET 4.5.

    @Tab Hunter: Can you clarify what "disappearing act" you're referring to?  Is this a bug you're referring to, and if so, what's the issue?

  42. Mike says:

    To get full download for offline installation – use the /Layout command line option – for more info see:…/visual-studio-2012-update-1-released-download-the-full-version-for-later-offline-installation

  43. LCoder says:

    Technically the Visual Studio 2012 is great, fast and stable, far better then the earlier versions. But sadly, the user interface is almost unuseable. I thinking about the downgrade, because this icons not just uglies but very hard to recognize them if your eyesight is not perfect.

  44. robcaron says:

    @Hotdog – I've made some adjustments to the linking and you shouldn't have any issue now. Will you please try now and let me know if this fixed it for you?

  45. VeryKross says:


    Look for "NiceVS"  under the Visual Studio extensions – it will give you back the VS2008 icons if your prefer that look.

  46. David says:

    Still horrible IDE. No changes. How long will you ignore developers opinions?

  47. hendra says:

    Any link for offline installer (*.iso or *.exe) of this VS 2012 Update 1 ?

  48. SILVERLIGHT says:


  49. MikeBMcL says:

    I'm a developer and I like the new IDE. And my eyesight is not all that good either.

    I get that there are people out there who don't like it; I just wish they'd stop making it seem as though they speak for all devs. I personally find that VS 2010 looks too busy and wastes code window space with needless chrome having worked in VS 2012 for a while now. I would be unhappy if they went backwards with the IDE.

  50. David Guyer [MSFT] says:

    Hi,  I’d like to try to address a number of comments and questions about the installation experience.

    First about slipstreaming.   We do not currently have a way to slipstream the updates with the RTM installer.  It's something we are looking into for the future, especially with a faster pace of updates.  What we planned is for each VSUpdate to be cumulative.  What this means is that after VSUpdate 2 is released, you'll only have to install VSUpdate 2 to update a machine that doesn't have VSUpdate 1 installed.  You will not have to install VSUpdate 1 and then VSUpdate 2.

    About offline installers/ISO files.  As a few folks have pointed out (thank you @Agile Hobo!), you can download the full offline installation package by downloading the web installer and running it using the /layout switch.  Rob Caron has a nice write up here:…/how-to-install-visual-studio-2012-update-1-offline.aspx  

    @Kevin – I posted yesterday, but apparently it didn’t go through, I’m sorry for the delay.  Please contact me directly at davguy (at) microsoft, and we’ll get started debugging your problem.

    @Hotdog – We actually have one VSUpdate installer for all languages, which detects the VS language in use and displays that one.  So, if you can run the VSUpdate installer from the French MSDN site, it should work just fine for you.

    Hope this helps, thank you for your feedback on VSUpdate, it helps us think about how to improve things.

  51. Limited Kanban support says:

    I just want to point out, that the included Kanban template/board is in a very early state

    and not truly usable for a Kanban team.

    This template is mostly a scrum template with a little bit Kanban inside.

    The following things are missing or not tested in real life:

    1) The user has to handle THREE states ("State", "Process Step" "Process Step Done").

      On a Kanban board every card has just ONE state = process step!

    2) The "Process Step"s are not visible on the board – only the higher aggregation "State" –

    so we do not see the process steps there.

    A fault –  the WIP-Limits can be set per column (= "State") AND (?) per "Process Step".

    So what is the limit for a state or process step?

    3) The visual board is very sparely. The information shown on the cards is not customizable (dates, sizes, color of card types, blocked, etc.). Besides the board could provide swim lanes, avatars, blocked visualization.

    4) Handling:

    – Dragging too many cards to a state shows "error" on the card and empties the "Process step".

    – Editing of cards on board.

    Waiting for a usable Kanban board in next TFS updates…



  52. Kamran says:

    Thanks for the update. I recently reinstalled Windows 8 so now I got to reinstall Visual Studio 2012 and then I will install Visual Studio Update 1.

  53. Jorge says:

    Could you list corrections and improvements?


  54. Richard says:

    @Stephen Toub:

    "We currently have no plans to support XAML 2009 in the XAML editors in Visual Studio or Blend."

    So XAML is yet another dead-end technology from Microsoft. The editor will be stuck on XAML 2006 until you decide to "retire" XAML in favour of the Next Big Thing.

  55. Q says:

    How to Slipstream Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 with Visual Studio 2012 RTM ?

  56. NotSoFastMyFriend says:

    I applied Update 1 but for some reason, the latest SQL Server Data Tools update is not included.  I know this to be true because VS 2012 keeps nagging me about a SQL Server Data Tools update, which upon further investigation, is something named "Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data-Tier App Framework", which needs to be upgraded from 11.1.2816.0 to 11.1.2820.0.

    Even worse, when I click the Update button in that dialog, instead of automatically updating the software like one would expect, I'm presented a web page for "SQL Server Data Tools – November 2012 update", which I already downloaded and installed.  Yet even after installing, the web page says there are additional manual steps to perform for the third piece of the "SQL Server Data Tools" portion of the update.

    Instead of making us perform a bunch of manual steps (that don't work by the way), just go ahead and include *EVERYTHING* in the Update 1 package and upgrade everything in one step.

  57. @Richard: This would be the XAML used in WinRT, which is all of, what, a month old?

  58. aaronbjork says:

    @Limited Kanban support  – Great feedback, and you're right on all fronts.  We're working on these things and you'll see us continue to improve here.  Thanks for the feedback.

  59. Kevin says:

    @David Guyer, actually I posted the other day as well but it also didn't seem to go through. I killed the install process, restarted it and it picked up where it left off. I haven't seen any adverse effects from it as of yet, I think I got lucky.

    On the topic of the various MS blogs and comments that never show up, it's quickly becoming a pet peeve of mine that MS seems to have embraced the 'hit and run' style of blog management. This is where posts often go up and and are only maintained for a short period of time afterwards by the people who posted. Coupled with the moderation requirement for comments to be posted, and the short period of time that many posts seem to be maintained, one has to wonder if maybe a blog is not the best way to be presenting this information to your customers.

  60. toub says:

    @Q: See David Guyer's earlier comment response about slipstreaming.

    @Jorge: A list of included fixes is forthcoming.

  61. NateC says:

    Productivity Power Tools for VS2012!  Yes!

  62. James S says:

    This is fantastic — I think this is 100% the right model for client-side software going forward.  It's great to get both new features and fixes on a more regular basis.  It will be nice to see the full set of fixes; I know I've been experiencing 3-4 constant nagging issues that I or others have reported, so it will be nice to know for sure if they are fixed or not.

    I would also echo @NotSoFastMyFriend's comment.  There are a lot of peripheral tools that are bundled in the product that should also be included in these updates.  SSDT is one.  NuGet, the web developer tools, etc. are others.  Although the releases might be a bit more complex to coordinate, it does seem that when an update goes out, it should include the latest versions of everything that comes packaged with Visual Studio.  This would make it much easier for organizations to keep up-to-date that may not be comfortable having developers install their own updates (via the extension manager or otherwise).

  63. Richard says:

    @RaceProUK: No, that would be XAML 2006 as used in WPF, which is six years old.

  64. @Richard: Which is up to version 4.5 since August. Hardly a dead-end.

  65. Richard says:

    @RaceProUK: The *framework* is up to 4.5; the latest XAML spec is XAML 2009; the latest XAML spec supported by the editors is XAML 2006.

    Stephen's comment was that there are no plans to add XAML 2009 support to the editors, meaning that we're stuck on XAML 2006 until Microsoft decide to replace it with something new.

  66. The update works on a pirated version just fine. Why do I use a pirated version

    1 – no true upgrade pricing. Upgraders pay the same price as the full product

    2 – Cost for download version. In US price = $US499(approx $AU478) – Australian pricing $AU724 (approx $US754).

    When the prices here get reasonable and there is proper upgrade pricing I will pay until then it remains the only installed pirated software on my PC.

  67. Hi, what about data compare functions?

  68. André Poffo says:

    I have acess only to microsoft/msdn site, can you please post the images on it?

  69. Werner says:


    we announced we would enable C++ applications to target Windows XP from Visual Studio 2012, and that support is now available as part of Update 1.




    @Jack: The update does not add Windows XP support for .NET 4.5.


    We have to support XP with our apps which use MFC and /clr  :

    Can the support for XP for C++/MFC delivered with update 1 be combined with .NET 4.0 (instead of 4.5) ?

  70. Hail to Visual Studio 2012!!!

  71. Menus says:

    I installed it last night and my menu's have gone crazy. they are duplicated several times over the top menu bar reads.

    File File Edit Edit View View File File Edit Edit View View Debug Debug Team Team Debug Debug Team Team SQL Tools Tools Test Test  etc etc

  72. A PAUSE button would fit nicely in the installer's window and would be useful. Maybe we can get the equivalent behavior with CANCEL button, but a PAUSE button would be better.

  73. How to install UPDATE 1 on a 2nd computer? Should I download everything again, or can I make a DVD-5 ISO from what I have already downloaded? Or maybe, download a DVD-5 ISO image from download site?

  74. Is the installer resumable? The UPDATE 1 seems to be over 300MB!

  75. It seems to me that if I switch the system OFF *without* pressing the installer's CANCEL button first, next time I switch the system ON again, the installer will proceed at the point it left previously. Am I correct?

  76. Streamlet says:

    How to enable XP targeting?

  77. Oh damn!!! Is it an online installer? Could you provided an offline one?

  78. toub says:

    @Streamlet: Details on XP targeting are available at…/windows-xp-targeting-with-c-in-visual-studio-2012.aspx

    @溪流: You can use the /layout switch on the installer to get an offline copy.  See…/how-to-install-visual-studio-2012-update-1-offline.aspx for more details.

  79. Owen says:

    I think the update1 just killed my build of our website project.  How can I uninstll update1 to see if that's the issue?

  80. X-Live says:

    I found an error in package.appxmanifest editor where I change icon. I can't find any reason about this. This is the link in msdn forumn.…/5c8aa648-ebe2-481a-b3aa-19151b5eaf72

  81. toub says:

    @Kim: Yes, that fix is included in Update 1.

  82. Kirill says:

    What about using this update with Visual Studio Express 2012 ?

  83. toub says:

    @Kirill: Yes, this update applies to Visual Studio Express; if you have Express, you should be able to open the Extensions and Updates dialog from the Tools menu and see "Visual Studio 2012 Update 1" listed under Product Updates.  Not all of the features provided by the update are applicable to Express, though.

  84. @Fallon

    i can tell you why ms has the requirement for developers to license for Win8 apps. they are copying apple. its unfortunate that ms has to resort to copying everything apple does instead of innovating itself. ms was late to the tablet/phone party and they used (ruined) windows 8 to force a tablet os on desktop users hoping it would get people to buy their tablets/phones. they saw how apple was succesfull with their "app" store and are trying to copy the model. exactly what i want a store with 100,000 trash "apps". give me professional PROGRAMS. very sad.

  85. Can't install in Web Proxy says:

    Can't install in Web Proxy.  I work for a bank, all web traffic is blocked by proxy.  No option to input proxy information.  Would love to get an iso, web install not a good option for us.

  86. Chen Qianhong says:


  87. Freeon says:

    I ran update 1 and had issues when my wife logged onto her profile during the long update. For some reason VS popped up in her profile saying something to the effect of please don't run this update twice.  As you could imagine the install failed.

    Even when I canceled and started from scratch the C++ update where is failed the first time did not install correctly.

    As always I'm not a big fan of these internet connected updates.  Two reasons:

    1. They take longer than needed and if I walk away crazy things like this happen.

    2. They cater to small shops.  Many large enterprises have governance policies in place that require a centralized download and update from there.

  88. luis angeles rioja says:

    i really wanna know more about this theme.

  89. Just an update. Pirated version of VS2012 Pro working fine(well with a few extensions to make the UI look like a professional product). Would have preferred to have a paid version but I know a rip off when I see one. PS have yet to see one valid reason to why the download version pricing in Australia is stupidly high.

  90. How about making VS uninstall work?  I'm having a problem with a project not being able to debug, and that project debugs fine on another machine.  So now I'm on my third try at uninstall/reinstall of VS2012, Windows Phone 8 SDK, and Update 1, and this time I'm going through the registry manually to try to get rid of all of it, but so far, each time I've reinstalled, it's come back with my prefs intact, and extensions that I'd used already installed.  That's a huge sign that it didn't all go away.

  91. Where is the real download?  I can't sit around and not work while the web installer wanders from my machine to VPN to slow dog corporate network while it decides at 100k a MINUTE what might need to be downloaded?  I want a Update 1 I can download once on fast net, and install on many machines, quickly and efficiently.  Where is the real download?  

  92. toub says:

    @rwgreene: See…/how-to-install-visual-studio-2012-update-1-offline.aspx. As noted there, "But don’t fret if you need to download Update 1 for ease of installation in a VM, or on a disconnected machine. The web installer for Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 (vsupdate_KB2707250.exe) has built-in functionality to create your own local copy of the full update…"

  93. Teknik21 says:


    Dowload Direct Link..!



  95. Some years ago there was a clear statement how to cope with customers "Ship the sh.. and fix it later!" Nowadays, this is called "Continuous improvement" or "Continuous Quality". MS still seems not to know, that in a professional development environment the cost of deploying MS tools is much higher than the license fee. Bad deal for both parties!

  96. Marcello says:

    I installed it for testing (it is NOT included in the VS2012 Web Installer as somebody said) I don't understand why you didn't merge the 2 tool sets into one, as long as the Visual Studio 2012 xp tool set executable run in XP and Windows 7.

  97. Msftjac says:

    VS 2012 Pro; so many crashes and freezing especially when using working with CSS properties; it's very frustrating.

  98. iak$32 says:

    Would to like to see to CTRL+Click to definition from the Design view.

  99. The UI is still unusable unless you use the theme editor AND the TWO available third party icon patchers. Microsoft really needs to get off this grey train and get back to usable interfaces. And I don't just mean VS but all around. For example the lightweight view of MSDN uses eye straining grey text, the forums are now grey text, heck even this blog uses grey text. Stop with the grey please, as it reduces usability and makes the developer experience a miserable one. I'm constantly squinting and buying eye drops. Do everyone a favour and return to using black text, dark blue hyperlinks, human readable font weight, full color 3d-like icons and so on. And here are two links regarding the UI of VS:…/2623017-add-some-color-to-visual-studio-2012…/3184305-bring-back-full-color-icons-to-visual-studio-2012

  100. QIWEI says:

    whern it finished ,The C++ is gone ,and VS2012 can not support the C++Project …. how can i fix it

  101. eh says:

    Productivity Power Tools – has on/off sliders. Touch Screen development for VS? Really?

    … and, nibble nibble on ReSharper!

    Oh Microsoft, when will you learn to invent not copy blindly.

  102. Donna says:

    Still waiting for an update to implement CUDA correctly

  103. Mostafa says:

    Thanks for the update and detailed blog, I was expecting a mobile fixes and enhancements. We are having performance issues and stability of the WP8 Emulator. you can find long number of posts in MSDN about that.

  104. I wonder if there would be an update coming soon…

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