Building Apps for Windows Phone 8

It’s a very exciting time for developers!  Last week, we launched Windows 8 and Surface. On Monday, we launched Windows Phone 8 and introduced some awesome new smartphone devices. Today, we’re kicking off the Build conference, where we’ll join with thousands of developers in person, and with hundreds of thousands virtually, to explore the opportunities available with Microsoft platforms and tools.  And now, in conjunction with yesterday’s Windows Phone 8 news and with our goal of having tools available on the same cadence as the platforms, I’m very excited to share that the Windows Phone SDK 8.0, including Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone, is now available for download.

With Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Windows Azure, developers using Visual Studio 2012 can build experiences that span the Windows ecosystem, from desktops to laptops to tablets to smartphones to the cloud.  And with that in mind, today’s release of the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 enables some exciting new capabilities for developers, such as using C++ and DirectX to build stunning experiences, enabling in-app purchases to sell virtual and digital good within apps, helping developers to streamline their efforts with the advances we’ve made in Visual Studio 2012 and .NET, and more.

The Windows Phone SDK 8.0 works with the Visual Studio 2012 and enables you to get started today building great apps for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.x.  It includes emulators for both environments, including the ability to validate for multiple chassis, and support for simulating various network conditions (e.g. ‘2G’, ‘3G’).  It includes new templates for developing Windows Phone apps, such as for building apps with Direct3D, and it sports enhanced diagnostics for analyzing apps, such as power and network profiling and responsiveness monitoring.  It enables building native apps as well as building managed apps that consume native libraries.  It enables much easier portability between Windows 8 apps and Windows Phone 8 apps.  It includes .NET portable library support, so you can write your libraries once and reuse them across all your apps. The list goes on.

As an avid user of Windows Phone, I’m looking forward to downloading and using the stellar apps you all create.

For a more in-depth tour through what’s new for developers in the Windows Phone SDK 8.0, see the Visual Studio team, .NET team, and Blend team blogs.


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Comments (27)

  1. wow says:

    How can you force to use windows 8 only to develop windows 8 phone apps? t's not going to happen.

  2. tadanderson says:

    Trick or Treat?  TRICK!!!!  The only thing the SDK did was waste an hour of my life!!!…/windows-phone-8-sdk-what-big-time-flop.html

  3. Dave says:

    Too bad no one uses windows phone and please stop kidding yourself it is frustrating. There is nothing great or exciting about Visual Studio 2012 with the awful UI and it's massive overpriced product line including 100's of frameworks and millions of bugs.

    When you focus on developer productivity instead of competing with open source hoping something sticks and start releasing GOOD software again. Then write blogs like this. Man install visual studio 6.0 so you can see just how screwed up Visual Studio and .NET have become.

    Seriously this software package is horrible and visual studio no longer feels like a developer tool just bits of garbage thrown everywhere.

  4. Fail says:

    We are required to have Win 8 pro and SLAT to run emulator?

    One more fail by you, msft ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Rory says:

    No offence lads, its been said before, screen 1 is just ugly.

  6. Alex says:

    If you don't have anything constructive or rational to comment, please keep it to yourselves.

  7. stone says:

    hey all apple or andriod fanboys, please SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

  8. Obvious says:

    These comments always amaze me.  They aren't really commenting on MS product quality their commenting on the fact that they aren't getting what they want, how they want it.  If you don't give the children what they want they throw a tantrum.  I only hope MS continues to cater to grownups.

  9. George Carlisle says:


    When will the Visual Studio 2012 update the help files to include WP8 documents?

  10. A child says:

    The market share will show who is right ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Surprise says:

    @ Obvious

    There are a lot of children who are not getting what they want on MS platform but they ARE GETTING IT on other platforms. Isn't it quite childish to label EVERYONE as children who don't use or are complaining about MS products? It doesn't matter whether the product is good or bad. It if doesn't sell its useless.

  12. Marcello says:

    I hope that we are allowed to upgrade to WP8 without having to buy a new phone. I recently purchased a Lumia 710 with WP7. However, I am still using my iPAQs with WM6 because some programs don't run in WP7/8 at all… I hope that the new native support would enable the authors of those utilities to port them to WP7/8, so I can use them, for example, with SkyDrive.

  13. Sri says:

    I was expecting Vanakkam from Soma rather than Namaste ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Somasegar says:

    Sri – Vanakkam :).

  15. shank says:

    why is it still impossible to type in common languages like tamil? The inadequate support for unicode is disappointing especially for countries like Singapore where tamil is considered one of the main languages.

  16. sam says:

    This is a big failure platform with ugly boxes.

  17. Please rethink SLAT dependency.

    I like vs2012 (although not the UI at first but workarounds resolve this for me so not a problem) and find it more performant especially for WPF than its predecessor, the unit testing is great and the Windows 8 simulator rocks โ€“ even works within vmware player across two screens.

    Wish to get into W8 phone development and thinking of buying the Lumia 920 but was very disappointed to find out that you have a dependency on SLAT only hardware for emulation. My main dev box is powerful but doesnโ€™t support this feature.  So now I have to rethink.

    Having done some Android development the entry cost is so low by comparison. Looks like you have a gold standard development experience but the barriers to entry are so high.

    In addition I will be considering the surface pro when available in the UK, which means reduced software budget for vs2012+msdn renewals so any further hardware purchases are out and WP8 is off the radar. (Even though surface pro is probably SLAT capable it is not a dev machine). Having spent a lot on msdn, with your mobile story now on track this lock out is annoying.

    Others have commented on this but just adding my visceral voice in the hope that things will change.

    More developers being able to use the wp8 sdk, means more apps leading to greater market share which benefits us all.

    Andrew W

  18. Mazze says:

    Wow, I have to upgrade from Windows 7 to start coding for Windows Phone 8? Seriously?!? MS is trying to force me into installing a tablet OS on my desktop PC just so I can start coding for their platform and even charges me for that? And this is how you guys wanna pull away developers from Apple and Android and attrack them to your platform by making the developer kit available to almost nobody?!? I'm shocked! It seems MS people have finally completely decoupled from reality.

  19. Dhaval says:

    Can we develop windows phone 8 application on windows 7 OS?

  20. toub says:

    @Dhaval: No, you'll need Windows 8.

  21. wpannoyed says:

    why are we forced to have to upgrade our windows machines to windows 8 to develop apps for windows phone 8???

  22. Ali Khawaja says:

    SLAT dependency is not coming from WP8 SDK.  its coming from Windows 8 Hyper-V.

  23. Its really not good that even with Windows 8 developer preview you can't make win8 phone app whereas you can make a windows store app.  I don't really understand why windows 8 is required for windows phone 8sdk.

    Microsoft's strategy is very bad for developers.

    I should rather focus on android app.

  24. Kundan Sinha says:

    I have a Window 7 (32 Bit) machine and Windows 8 Mobile. How can I build apps for Windos 8 mobile. I am not able to install Windows Phone SDK 8.0 on my machine.

  25. toub says:

    @Kundan Sinha: You need to be developing on Windows 8 to build apps for Windows Phone 8.

  26. Sameer says:

    You Know what its a total Shame on Microsoft end. Try to push windows 8 to consumers first and then developers . Do you expect me to buy install windows 8 on my new laptop and then install the win 8 sdk just to develop an app in windows phone.

    Are u guys really , "REALLY" serious about developing windows 8 and windows phone s/w. Now i have re-image my laptop to win 8…god damn it. oh yes i forgot i have take a back-up of all my drives. hmmm Wow u guys are impossible. Mr Balmer is no brainer and do all the guys who wrk with him. Another twist . I have to pay $100 every year for this.. do hell with this.. rather I will learn java and jump the ship to develop an android app.

    good luck

  27. Indranil says:


    WP 8 SDK can be run only in Windows 8. What kind of stupidity is this!!!

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