Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 now available!

Two weeks ago, I shared that final builds of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 had been created, and that they’d be available for MSDN Subscribers on August 15th.  Well, today is August 15th, and I’m excited to announce that the bits are live and ready to go.

How can you get them?

  • If you’re an MSDN Subscriber, you can download them today from MSDN Subscriber Downloads.
  • If you want the free Visual Studio Express 2012 products, or free trial versions of Visual Studio 2012, you can download them from here.  Visual Studio Express for Windows 8, Visual Studio Express for Web, and Team Foundation Server Express are all now available.  Express for Windows Phone and Express for Windows Desktop will be available later this fall.
  • If you want to install .NET 4.5 separately, you can get it from
  • For volume licensing customers, Visual Studio 2012 products will be available starting tomorrow (August 16th) from the Volume Licensing Servicing Center.
  • Packaged products will begin to show up in stores next month, with some products available for purchase digitally in selected regions starting in the next few days (visit the Visual Studio product website for details).

For all of you excited to use Visual Studio 2012 to develop for Windows Azure, the Windows Azure SDK for .NET – June 2012 release has been updated to work with these bits.  The recent Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 release has also been updated accordingly.

With Visual Studio 2012, we’re delivering a productive and powerful development experience, one that makes it easy to develop on your own or as part of a collaborative team, all the while building apps that target the latest platforms.  The interesting question for every developer out there is - what app will you build today?  We look forward to discussing it more with you during the Visual Studio 2012 Launch Event on September 12th.

I’m also excited today to announce another release.  As part of Visual Studio 2012, we updated Blend to provide a terrific experience for designing Windows Store apps that use HTML and XAML, and we incorporated its designer into Visual Studio for use with all XAML platforms.  However, the RTM release of Visual Studio 2012 does not include support in Blend for designing WPF 4.5 or Silverlight 5 applications.  Today, we’re releasing Blend + SketchFlow Preview for Visual Studio 2012, a preview of Blend that does support all XAML platforms and includes SketchFlow.  Download it from here, and visit the BlendInsider blog for more details on the release.


Comments (136)

  1. Mewantsvs2012 says:

    And what about dreamspark premium?

  2. Stephen says:

    Before you upgrade to Visual Studio 2012 (.NET 4.5), make sure that you don't need to support any .NET 4.0 clients (especally Windows XP).

    Any bugs that are in .NET 4.0 will be hidden from your debugger after you upgrade.

    See here for more info:…/c05a8c02-de67-47a9-b4ed-fd8b622a7e4a

  3. Damien says:

    I'm sorry, but the setup experience is still *bad*, and apparently the connect site is no longer allowing feedback.

    I complained, early in the preview cycle, that the setup process pausing whilst waiting for *all* of the downloads to complete before asking for a reboot was bad. I believe, in response, better messages have been added. But whilst the RTM setup has been running, I've been connecting and reconnecting from various networks, only some of which will let the downloading continue. The download side seems to be very well built to cope with these changes in connectivity. So the "We don't reboot because network conditions might change" justification seems weak.

    Please, for the next cycle, let us at least have an *option* to reboot when we *know* that we're in a steady state, network wise, and the setup wants to reboot.

  4. dougturn says:

    Hi Damien,

    The Connect site is still accepting feedback. We updated it as part of the web properties update today, and you might have caught it as we were re-publishing. If you can try to file the bug again, we'll track it from there. Regardless, I'll pass this along to the setup team.


    Doug Turnure – Visual Studio PM

  5. And what about regular DreamSpark as well? When will it be available there?

  6. lmkz says:

    So to recap…

    * You uglified the UI and made it harder to use, alienating thousands of users.

    * You removed the ability to run VS on XP (which is still our work OS)

    * You fixed bugs and improved performance, which should have been in a VS2010 SP.

    Congratulations, nice work.

  7. Neil Carter says:

    Hello –

    Thank you for reaching out to us regarding DreamSpark's availability of Visual Studio 2012.  This is an incredibly exciting release for us.

    If you are a student and your school or institution has a DreamSpark Subscription, the Program Administrator for your DreamSpark Subscription will have access to Visual Studio 2012 today through MSDN Subscriber Downloads (…/downloads).

    For students with accounts on, or with student accounts in their school or institution's ELMS WebStore we are working as quickly as possible to make this available and have a release target of August 24th.

    Thank you!

    Neil Carter

    DreamSpark Global Program Manager

  8. Bharath says:

    Thanks to Microsoft for all these updated tools 🙂 will explore and blog the tech learnings

  9. Ankit says:

    way to go folks!

  10. Asesh says:

    uggh that ugly metro theme in Visual Studio too? We are def. not gonna upgrade to ugly Windows 8 but seems like because of this ugly interface in Visual Studio, we will stick with Visual Studio 2012 and partially switch to QtCreator. Thanks Microsoft

  11. ugh... says:

    ughh…things were so good back in the days..would like VS2003 back…

  12. ThomasX says:

    When will the GUI get fixed?

  13. Ladislav says:

    where is the async stugg for SL5?

  14. Ian Haynes says:

    There's no mention of whether the RC version (inc .Net 4.5) needs to be uninstalled before installing the full release versions. Can this be clarified please.

  15. Bhavin B says:

    Cool! Go Visual Studio Team! Awesome release – keep up the good work 🙂

  16. ofcourse says:

    I was looking forward to exploring VS2012, however apparently Vista is unsupported so I won't be doing any exploring. Not happy.

  17. Avatar says:

    Menus look real good. Except the "run" icon all icons need modification, still looks unclear.

  18. Andre says:

    I will simply not upgrade since VS 2012 is so ugly and I don't need the extra functionality.  The UI design is so poor, I wonder where MS is going…  Metro style is for Metro application, and VS is NOT an Metro application.  

  19. Phil Murray says:

    Please, STOP SHOUTING AT ME!!! and add some color to the glyphs

  20. Management developement program says:

    Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 have been released to the Web  and a great set of tools that go hand-in-hand, all coming out now.

  21. Uday Gupta says:

    Where is the express edition?

  22. Dark Matter Developer says:

    You folks have obviously worked hard on this release and I have nothing but respect for your efforts.  You're going to have to do something about the UI and this whole "Metro Everywhere" push.  I agree with another poster, you don't need metro looking development environments to develop metro applications.  Microsoft should not have messed with the desktop.  It's not dead, it's established.

  23. johniek says:

    cool!!! thanks

  24. Brian M says:

    and you think this is good design?  We have to use this (or maybe not!)  – its a mess!

    Get the UI into the 21st century – perhaps you need some proper visual designers/ergonomic engineers aboard the VS team. Guess this is what happens when you let management design an interface

  25. Leonard says:

    The entire UI is terrible. Gray, dull, and ugly. I cannot find a reason to upgrade to 2012 except to develop for Windows RT.

  26. toub says:

    @Ladislav: the Async Targeting Pack at…/Microsoft.CompilerServices.AsyncTargetingPack enables using async/await with Silverlight 5 from Visual Studio 2012.

  27. toub says:

    @Ian Haynes: Information on compatibility and upgrading (including from Visual Studio 2012 RC to Visual Studio 2012 RTM) is available at…/compatibility.  See the section about Upgrade Paths.

  28. toub says:

    @Uday Gupta: Visual Studio Express 2012 is available for download from…/downloads.

  29. Jesse says:

    The user interface redesign is terrible, and Microsoft has not listened to the developer community's feedback. There's an item on Microsoft's UserVoice site with almost 10,000 votes asking for it to be addressed, which has been there since the VS11 beta, and it's been ignored.

    Async/await are cool but they're not worth having to use this indistinct, depressing mess of a UI.

  30. Nice to see we're being ripped off again in the UK, compared to the US prices.

    By the way the "buy Visual Studio 2012 Professional" link is broken on the product lineup page, because there's a missing slash. And I can't see an upgrade price anywhere, is that not available any more?

  31. You know what Microsoft's problem is? They think the right way to go is to try to 'standardize' the UI so it looks the same on all platforms. Sounds good in theory right? But in practice it actually stinks. Think about it: you have this 26" multi-monitor development station complete with high powered graphics cards and now you're reduced to the lowest common denominator. Seriously, it's insanity. When we develop something we take advantage of all the cool stuff a platform has to offer and make THAT experience the best for the customer. This IN NO WAY makes our experience better, quite the opposite however. This is not a 'great experience' at all.

  32. Joseph Ceasar says:

    Dear Microsoft,

    I've been a fan and supporter for 20+ years.  This time you guys outdid yourselves (yes, I am being sarcastic).




  33. All the wining about the all caps makes me sick. They already said:

    "we will enable you to customize the casing"

  34. RC Roeder says:

    It appears I cannot download VS2010 from my msdn account, the new agent refuses to install on the Window 8 virtual machine and it dies in Windows 7. Sigh

  35. EasyButton says:

    Dear whiners,

    Caps in the menu can be turned off.  VS 2012 supports themes.

  36. Rob Dolin says:

    Congratulations on the release!

  37. Roman says:

    I hate this new UI, it makes me feel like disabled, it's almost impossible to work with it. If MS thinks that it is cool UI, I would suggest to apply it to whole Windows 8 and Office 2013, this will guarantee complete failure. I will not use this.

  38. robcaron says:

    @Andrew McDonald – Andrew, thanks for catching that broken link. My bad. Fixed now though. :o)

  39. @Easybutton "VS 2012 supports themes" — I wish that were really true as there's no VS2010 theme that I can find, and apparently there are only two selectable themes (light/dark). Been trying to use this (and really trying to like it) since the beta, but the light theme is a complete eye strain for me, and the dark one is depressing, unclear, and sure seems blurry to me. Anyone else feel the same? Maybe it's just me.

    Until I see the option for a complete VS2010 theme (complete with the original icons), then it will likely continue to be unsatisfactory, but hey I've been known to be wrong. For those of you who actually like it, then great, more power to ya.

    As it stands now though I will also not be pushing this to our developers nor recommending it to our instructors (university of over 200K) at this time. Regarding our instructors my concern is two fold: 1) I am almost certain they will hate it (especially since there very comfortable with the colorful VS2010) and it will turn them off to Microsoft for good. They're already big on open source and so this would likely give them further reason to hitch their wagon elsewhere. 2) If the students start using this instead of the current VS2010, they will also likely be completely turned off to Microsoft (not what Microsoft needs right now). They also use eclipse as well as other tools, and so the visual diff between them is quite stark. So strangely enough I'm doing Microsoft a service by not pushing this thing because I am quite certain it will not be widely accepted as VS2010 currently is.

    What I truly fail to understand is exactly WHY Microsoft has not acknowledged that the dev community is seriously divided over this, and also WHY they seem to refuse to provide a complete VS2010 theme?? Make it option and let us choose. Yes it's gonna be more work and time, but in my opinion it's well worth it to keep the dev community happy. It also shows us that you are really listening to our feedback and that our feedback makes a difference (because right now I get the feeling it doesn't). How much money has been flushed down the toilet on other projects and marketing which have essentially gone nowhere and have far less relevance to Microsoft's future? How many? This is a serious professional tool and so very necessary for the future success of Microsoft (if people don't want to use it, then how will you get apps in the app store for Win8 and WP8)?… So seriously, spend the time, money and resources, and give us a complete VS2010 theme option. Anyway this whole situation is just mind boggling to say the very least.

  40. Marcos Paulo says:

    I will download today! Let's go test ^^

  41. Gijsbert says:

    This new UI is depressing i have to look at it 8 hours a day. Please plaese add more color.

  42. Matthew Taylor says:

    Any word on when Windows Azure Websites will support ASP.NET 4.5?  I'm currently getting a "Your hosting provider does not yet support ASP.NET 4.5" error when trying to publish.

  43. Ben says:

    All of this "the UI is depressing!!" stuff is so precious and melodramatic. If your personal happiness depends on the presence of colour in the 10% of Visual Studio UI space that is not occupied by the code editor or design surface, you should see a doctor. Immediately.

  44. Jesse says:

    It's a shame that because some manager was arrogant and stubborn enough to impose a drastic UI redesign on a product that didn't need it, ignoring months of feedback from thousands of users, the hard work of the VS and .NET teams is now going to be overlooked. If I were on either of those teams, I'd be furious.

  45. Automation Planet says:

    Thanks, I download it today 🙂

  46. @Andrew McDonald–

    Yes, we have eliminated the upgrade edition of Visual Studio Professional from our Visual Studio 2012 offerings in order to simplify the product line.  We lowered the estimated retail price for Visual Studio Professional from $799 to $499 to make sure this wouldn’t have an impact on customers who have historically purchased the upgrade (which was priced at $549). And of course if you need any platforms for your development projects, the best option is to buy an MSDN subscription which provides you with new versions of Visual Studio and all the included Microsoft platforms as these are released.

  47. toub says:

    @RC Roeder: Can you provide more info on your MSDN account, e.g. what kind of subscription you have?  I believe Visual Studio 2010 should still be available.  Also, Visual Studio 2012 can definitely install into and run on Windows 7; can you provide more information on whatever errors you're receiving?  Rather than provide the information here, you could also open Connect bugs.

  48. Gabest says:

    Beautiful body, ugly face. Boner killer.

  49. Brien King says:

    I'm going to reiterate what has been said many times before, because it can't be said enough.

    The new UI is horrible.   Removing contrast from the UI so everything blends together in now really sucks.  If I want that kind of a crappy interface, I'll fire up an Adobe product.

    As for changing the Theme, I would be happy to change to a better theme if one existed.  

    This is par for the course for Microsoft.  Changing things for the sake of chaning things.

  50. hey says:

    There is no need to upgrade. Stop throwing your money away. Ugly face on a supermodel. VS is almost like a another OS.  9 GB worth of crap on a ugly face. You lost one more dev. iOS rocks

  51. JAS says:

    Regarding this boring and colourless new look, I can not see why the appearance of the development tools (VS) should have anything to do with the current trend in the appearance of applications. Has someone really decided that, after all this time, colour does not add anything to a GUI? Really? Does the appearance of a lathe or drill matter when creating a new stylish widget? What is vital with tools is practicality in the development context only; a developer/lathe-operator can create any style the market happens to want; a new consumer style trend does not require a new style of lathe.

  52. Hello!

    If I have Visual Studio 2012 installed, it will be updated or I should reinstall it?

  53. ThomasX says:

    1. Why is the express edition not supported under Windows 7?

    2. Who came up with the ridiculous notion that developers are distracted by color?

  54. Thanks to Microsoft for all these updated! Let's learn something new.

  55. Laughing John says:

    Just started using this "thing". I'm sure it's fantastic under the hood but the UI is no good whatsoever for working with. As I read it the idea was to "remove distractions" when what you've actually done is make everything blur into a big soup of grey. This makes it very hard to see anything at all, to my eyes anyway.

    I'd really like to see an "in-between" theme where the code window stays with a white background and the rest of the UI is darker. Like, erm, VS2010.

  56. Zouzou says:


    You asked for feedback, we gave you tremendous feedback.

    We told you how retarded the idea of removing colors was; yet you haven't added them back except on that bright status bar. You even acknowledged of this fact after the first beta; but then you started adding a little bit of color back not in order to be useful, but in order to look cooler in screenshots.

    Surely if the people responsible for this GUI disaster had been let go after the first beta, this could have been corrected. Unfortunately, it seems you are still proud of this garbage enough to throw that ugly screenshot in here.

    We told you the VS 2010 theme was great, you didn't listen.

    We told you monochrome icons were stupid, you didn't listen.

    We told you a custom chrome was foolish, condescending and disrespectful, you didn't listen.

    We told you the menu and status bars didn't have to be so special, you didn't listen.

    Yet you have the nerve to write that our "feedback has been very helpful"?

    It's too bad these stubborn GUI changes are here and ruining otherwise great improvements.

  57. MeatSweats says:

    Reading the comments about the UI is entertaining.  FYI being really really loud does not make your opinion any more valid.  Instead of wasting your time complaining about it why not do something about it?  It looks to me like MS has laid the ground work for people to theme the UI so everyone can get what they want.  VS2012 supports two themes I would think that other themes could be made.  I would think the very very small minority that hate the UI could put some effort into fixing the issue instead of doing nothing.

  58. Sam says:

    Passion.  They wanted passion.  Pure and simple.  They wanted Kim Kardashian style controversy.  They wanted attention.  What better way to create attention than by putting in completely pointless user interface changes that were guaranteed to strike a chord with pretty much everyone.  A product that has no opinions on it (good or bad) will not get the coveted media exposure that the new regime conspired to get at the beginning of the Win8 dev cycle.  Make it outrageous, make it ugly, anything to get attention.  Have a guy in an orange prison jumpsuit present the changes in the blog, and make sure a picture of him in the orange prison jumpsuit is included in the blog article.  Call him some funny title that doesn't exist.  I call this perfection.  I call this ad agency product development.   Ad agency product development, ya hear?  It's a beautiful thing.  It served its purpose.  Now that it completely failed (Mary Jo did not do a single article on this topic), can we PLEASE MOVE ON???  

  59. Jesse says:

    "very very small minority that hate the UI"? Wow, someone's oblivious or maybe just shilling. There are over 10,000 votes on UserVoice for requests to fix this mess. Thousands of comments on Connect and on blog articles like this one, stretching back for months. From what I can tell, the folks who DON'T hate it are the minority.

  60. GregM says:

    "It looks to me like MS has laid the ground work for people to theme the UI so everyone can get what they want.  VS2012 supports two themes I would think that other themes could be made."

    MS has not made any information available about how to create themes.  If they did, then we could actually do something about this, other than the only thing we can do now which is to beat them over the head until they fix it.

    "I would think the very very small minority that hate the UI could put some effort into fixing the issue instead of doing nothing."

    What makes you think that it is a very very small minority?  Have you seen the 9900+ votes on user voice, most of which came during beta and RC?  Have you seen the comments on the blog posts?  Why do you consider providing feedback to MS doing nothing?

  61. MiddleTommy says:

    Funny, turn the theme to Dark and all you who hate the color and UI will be saying it is a great design and looks like Blend.

  62. Jesse says:

    I don't use Blend, I'm a programmer, but there are plenty of negative comments about the dark theme as well. Both themes are extremely unpopular with Visual Studio users and have been since they were first revealed.

  63. Vitaly says:

    Please revert the UI to VS 2010. The current theme is an abomination. I've been a Microsoft developer for 15+ years and will be jumping ship if I have to ever use this IDE.

  64. "It looks to me like MS has laid the ground work for people to theme the UI so everyone can get what they want.  VS2012 supports two themes I would think that other themes could be made." — Well that would be great but what makes you think that? Has there been any info to that effect (which must include replacing those horrendous icons)? And even if it were reasonably possible, I have absolutely zero interest in fixing a new paid product to the point where I can use it, and why the heck should I? If I pay for a new car I don't want to have to spend ridiculous amounts of time getting it the point where I can drive it. That being said, the point is that there is no reason we should have to go through this. The VS2010 UI was/is fantastic but they decided to do-away with it in VS2012 and replace it with something that I literally cannot physically focus on – and it does indeed give me a headache from eye strain. My guess is that this whole situation is the result of someone's stubborn pig-headedness.

  65. MeatSweats says:


    I guess in a sea of negativity I choose to look at the positives.  You guess that they are pig headed.  I guess that they have bigger plans.  We both have made our choices. 🙂

  66. GregM says:

    There was a blog post about how they had to make a set of icons that work for both themes, and so they put a light border around the dark icons.  If they had built-in theming that could replace the icons, then they probably wouldn't have needed to do this.  We can hope, but they have given us no indication for several months now that they're even listening, even when they're listening and responding to other comments on the same post.  I do hope that they're actively working on a solution, but they just can't tell us yet, like they were with XP support for a while.

  67. Bob says:

    The UI in VS 2012 makes me want to stab my eyes out with a rusty nail.  Seriously, whomever is in charge of the UI design in this release needs to be fired immediately.

  68. Mike Marynowski says:

    That UI is pretty nasty…theme designing instructions needed asap!

  69. lmkz says:

    Hi, where has the image library gone?? (Under C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio XX.XCommon7 in previous versions).

    If I were a conspiracy theorist I would hypothesise that it was removed because it consists of well designed, colourful icons. These are obviously now banned at MS, so perhaps it was pulled. If I see no response to this question then I will have to assume that's the case!

    Otherwise guess I just have to copy over from 2010 where I don't have it installed.

    This article specifically refers to VS 2012:…/ms246582.aspx

  70. ThomasX says:

    Isn't it funny? Whenever there is an installation problem there is feedback from Microsoft within minutes. Yet when someone criticizes the UI there is no response…

  71. Tom says:

    I've installed it on my dev machine, but simply cannot get used to the new theme… It's a disaster… Lack of contrast, lack of colours. I'm going to use VS2010 as long as possible…

  72. Nick says:

    I think most of the posts miss the point:

    The VS is a PRODUCTIVITY TOOL.  The colors help the brain to recognize controls without spending time reading the text. For me that means that new UI is counterproductive, i.e. does not match the purpose the software is purchased. I can agree that the 2012 UI may serve the marketing purpose, and from my long experience with MS they are now more marketing-oriented than developer-oriented. That may work to extent for their primary market of large enterprises where decisions are imposed on developers, but since Bill is gone the impression is that the company is simply sabotaged.

  73. This would not have passed muster with Bill, no way no how.

  74. Bits lol says:

    I suppose you came up with calling it bits because only bits of visual studio actually work – well sort of work. It is funny given how bad and unproductive VISUAL STUDIO 2012 really is people are only complaining about the UI.

    Perhaps the notepad team at Microsoft should build the next version of Visual Studio given VS really doesn't do much more then notepad in a productive way. VS amounts to 100's of gigs of garbage with stuff that is half implemented, buggy and performs poorly. Bad software has become such a norm for Microsoft it is to the point people accept it, only us that have used your legacy tools can tell a difference.  A side benefit we may even get a better UI once the notepad group takes over this product. Just saying!

    Seriously after seeing the work your Visual studio team does there is really no one at Microsoft that should be teaching people how to program and you definitely should not be setting programming standards if this master piece is the end result. This is case studio on poor software.

    I bet your Evangelical group received a huge raise for having to spin this product into something the visual studio 6.0 was.

  75. Bill Gates says:

    @ITMAGE Bill was smart enough to realize Microsoft did not know how to innovate so he copied other software and bought companies that actually wrote good software. Furthermore he kept his development teams close to home. When the emphasis on cheap -3rd world country – labor overrides the quest for quality you end up with products like Visual Studio 2012 and Vista. When will corporate America learn!

  76. Dave M says:

    With all due respect, does it take 9 years to fix the following issues in Visual Studio

    – Webform designer not stable

    – Lack of UI control inheritance in the class browser

    – UI Control designers poorly implemented

    – Refactoring is lack lustrous

    – Intellisense is unstable

    – Error handling and error messages are worthless

    – Case sensitivity setting for C#

    – 2 way data binding and lack of any significant data access strategy (EF is not a solution)

    – Resolve the compatibility and installation issues across your own frameworks/operating systems.

    – Serious effort into mobile and table cross platform development

    And the list goes on!

    Given the amount of effort you put into that dreaded UI it is obvious your priorities are out of sync with developers needs. It is time for Microsoft to clean house in the developer tools division from the top down and bring in managers that understand developers needs with a clear vision of providing tools to build real world solutions that don't require an army of programmers. You and GU should care more about the software you release instead of blogging and writing little silly demo applications that mask the shortcomings of Visual Studio.

  77. Jose says:

    Provide us a usable skin for VS2012.


  78. Sergey says:

    Needs full theming VS 2012.

  79. @Sergey "Needs full theming VS 2012." — Including the option to use the original VS2010 ICONS as the icons are a big part of the problem.

  80. chen says:

    Provide us useful software development tool. No more .NET! Visual Studio no good and ugly!


  81. ... says:

    i can't understand the whiners – i love vs new style, it is clean, no messy colors, enables me to work in peace and focus on things i do, and not the unholy mess of colorful buttons.

  82. almora says:

    I'm excited!

  83. @… "i can't understand the whiners " — Not everyone likes the same things you do and by the number of posts on uservoice, it might even be the majority of programmers who dislike this UI. I don't know what kind of software you work on, but when you have thousands of files and numerous projects in a solution, then this UI is downright unfriendly and almost unusable. Working 14 hours a day on this thing is simply not possible for me due to eye strain. Anyway it seems we just keep on getting ignored.

  84. The MS Development Division... says:

    …is acting more arrogant and more self-important than Oprah Winfrey does.

  85. LOL says:

    @ItImage I would kill myself if I had to use Microsoft products 14 hours a day.

  86. @@@@ says:

    "target the latest platforms." whatever – You should target XP, no demand for the other operating systems! Vile is the only way to describe Visual Studio 2012.

  87. INFOWORLD says:

    Great Article The Visual Studio Team Should Read: Windows 8 review: Yes, it's that bad A desktop OS for tablets and a tablet OS for desktops, Windows 8 is guaranteed to disappoint nearly everyone

    Microsoft thanks giving us a development tool to build Metro 8 apps,  I want to disappoint my users to the same degree Visual Studio disappointed us. I want to experience the thrill of ignoring numerous pages of comments with arrogance.

  88. @LOL "I would kill myself if I had to use Microsoft products 14 hours a day. "

    Dude I hear you man and this UI just furthers that sentiment. I feel like a sack of beaten potatoes.

  89. Chris Carter says:

    The UI looks like we are in 1993 era… this whole Metro thing is getting out of control. The design is weak, and terrible.

  90. toub says:

    For everyone who asked about DreamSpark: Visual Studio 2012 is now available to students through

  91. P Scott says:

    @Stephen Toub How about answering the pages of comments about the dreadful user interface and the visual studio bugs instead of responding to the 1 or 2 noobies asking about dreamspark.

  92. Andy says:

    You guys are REALLY STUPID! ALL the other Big companies are giving their IDEs free and you people are still selling your CRAP IDE for hundreds of dollars? The developer base of your competitors is growing by leaps and bounds and you are left way behind. Its happening right in front of your eyes and you still refuse to learn from it !

  93. @Andy:

    Apple does not exactly give theirs away, the price is built into the hardware they completely control.

    Google is able to "give" theirs away by co-opting other peoples work, via the Linux kernel, and by tying the result closely to their ad driven revenue.

    Microsoft is primarily a software company so they must sell the products they create.

    And while I think that Windows 8 on the desktop is a bad joke and they should pay us to put up with it, the results on the table are not beyond hope and we have yet to get a good look at it on the phones. The tablet would be even better if it was not for the reliance on hot corners, keyboard shortcuts and seriously ugly Metro style apps.

  94. Martin R. says:

    Only clothes fashions were previously repeatedly, now the user interface and .NET v4.5 – v12 in a cuple of months? No thanks – I shake my head what happened to MS and wonder about anything. Not that MS continues to lose market share, no wonder!

  95. "Apple does not exactly give theirs away, the price is built into the hardware they completely control" — that's pretty much true. However one thing interesting I found is that XCode 4.2 for Leopard is not available unless you either upgrade to Lion or pay 100 bucks for a developer account (which you need anyway in order to deploy apps to the iPhone). I never thought I'd say this but since the UI of VS2012 is so poor and virtually useless to us, and since Microsoft has yet to address this concern properly, we've been exploring changing our business focus to perhaps place more emphasis on developing for other platforms, as well as getting more familiar with alternative envts like Monodevelop (doesn't support 4.5 yet though). Just when you thought things were going to get better for Microsoft, now we get this…

  96. @ITMage:

    I know what you mean. There is alot of talk here from people who were planning on getting/upgrading their MS certifications that are now holding back and discussing if their time might be better spent broadening their knowledge of other platforms.

    I am kind of stuck in that as much as I despise the Metro UI and application style, I have never liked Linux and cringe at the thought of doing business with Apple. But in the end, I guess I would have to go with Apple before I went back and started deveoping for Linux again. Either way, I expect I would not enjoy my job as much.

    At this point we can only hope that the negative reaction to Windows 8, VS 2012 and the New Office will be swift, strong and violent enough for MS to step back fire those responsible and get back some people who believe the desktop PC is designed for more than displaying a web page.

  97. Ugly says:

    It's really ugly

  98. B. Clay Shannon says:

    What about if you already have the beta version of VS 2012 installed? How does one proceed?

  99. Erik says:

    Sorry but I will never use Visual Studio 2012 with that UI, it's a huge step backwards no matter what cool features may be hidden within it.

  100. Denny says:

    Gee, with all these comments, I wonder if it's worth even bothering to try out VS2012. Does anyone know if you can build .NET projects using eclipse?  Is there a .NET plugin for it? I recently learned java and I've found eclipse to be the defacto-standard IDE for java development. I am impressed with its IDE and noticed how similar its productivity tools are to Visual Studio.  It seems to be as useful for java development as VS2010 is for .NET. And I love the fact that eclipse is open source and works the same way on all platforms.

    Hey Microsoft, have you given any thought to satisfying all the "whiners" (I guess with this comment, you'd think I am one, too 🙂 by releasing Visual Studio as an open source project?

  101. There some installation issue with Visual Studio and TFS. Ticket is open with Microsoft almost 2 weeks ago – the are no response on EDT on fix.

    VS2012 or TFS won't install with error message "The .Net Framework installed on this machine does not meet the minimum required version: 4.5.50709."

    See this post –…/vs-2012-wont-install

  102. Thank You : Visual Studio Excellent Program (.NET4.5)

  103. Alex says:

    Guys, it's very big shame on you for absence of variadic templates in vc++.

  104. Rajendra says:

    Nobody from MS addressing developers concerns over UI.

  105. Jonathan Perregaux says:

    Microsoft finally built their Edsel.

  106. Joe Conner says:

    Having used this product for several days any excitement has vanished, this is a hideous beast of a software package. I agree with the others Microsoft needs to fire you and Zander.

  107. VoiceOfExperience says:

    In addition to the horrible UI, there are a number of serious problems for basic stuff:

    1) Crashes at breakpoints–reported 1.5 months ago, no fix.

    2) Search and replace–numerous bugs, some, but not all, fixed.

    3) No install instructions, specifically with respect to removing previous versions, which had bugs in installation.

    4) Help Viewer, though much improved over VS2010, is still hard to use, and index is pathetic. MS documentation in general is pretty low quality.

    5) Customization of toolbars doesn't work properly.

    6) Reported bugs are ignored. This is most annoying, when developers take the trouble to fill out bug reports and tell MS what doesn't work. And the new bug reporting tool doesn't work, either.

    Many of the problems with VS are due to its having too many features. Aside from sheer complexity, the main disadvantage is that the basics no longer work well. I'd be happy with an IDE that could do search and replace and outlining, with a working Intellisense that operates faster than molasses.

    And, whatever the actual situation is, MS is not making things better by sticking their heads in the sand. How about some substantive response from MS?

  108. Fed UP says:

    How can anyone screw up Visual Studio as bad as you!

    VIsual Studio 6.0 was an all encompassing package. Add SQL Server for enterprise apps and

    FoxPro for small to medium applications and we were done.

    You turned that clean release into a technology quagmire!

    Off the top of my head:

    Visual Studio 2012, Bids (Visual Studio 2008), TFS, BLEND, Lighswitch and a vast array of technologies under

    each sub category not counting different editions.

    .NET and it's 300,000+ classes and a zillion other frameworks most of which have compatibility issues and no one

    can keep the versions straight including Microsoft.

    Webforms and MVC and neither one are complete.

    Then we have AJAX and jquery since you are clueless when it comes to client side development.

    Also there are lingering questions about EF/HTML5/SILVERLight and WPF.

    If that wasn't bad enough you royally jacked the VS 2012 User interface.

    I hope someone above you reads this and finally understands that the tools division and visual studio is a complete trainwreck!

  109. JM says:

    I'm writing because I'm really concerned about the UI for Visual Studio 2012.  The lack of borders and "container clues" (for lack of a better name). Is extremely distracting. I didn't even realize they were missing until they were gone — very hard to distinguish between the editor window and a tool window and a menu.

    I know that VS 2012 represents a lot of hard work, and I LOVE some of the new features, but the lack of color and "regions?" "containers??" "borders??" make it both harder to use and very unengaging to work with all the way around.

    Features: MAJOR HIT! AWESOME!!

    UI: Can you maybe release an update pack or something?


  110. AlanG says:

    Can we please have an option to alter the skin of the UI (not just light/dark) ?

  111. 4151ab says:

    ja by som potreboval aktivacny kluc pre studio 12 trial dakujem

  112. Where is the forum to complain! says:

    How do I put find back on top next to menu. Why did you change this. Horrible. I do not like quick find either. The old place was the best. Now it is always in the way. Who designed this?

  113. Is there any Virtual Machine for Windows 7 exist? which has visual studio 12 and TFS server and hands-on?

  114. Frustrated says:


  115. Albert says:

    I HATE IT! Callling product Visual Suck and .Crap would be giving you a compliment.

  116. nisar says:

    How It differs from prev one.

  117. nisar says:

    sory to ask this ques..wht s mean by dreamspark!

  118. lmkz says:

    Hi, I have an offline machine I have installed Win8/VS2012 on to try out building an app.

    How do I go about getting a "Windows 8 developer license" while offline? It fails due to no internet connectivity.

    According to this Connect entry, this was to be fixed by RTM :…/cannot-request-offline-developer-license-for-visual-studio-2011-beta-in-windows-8-consumer-preview

    If this is not possible, then it represents a serious flaw in the model, as the organisation I work for is very particular about what devices can be internet connected (XP only).

  119. Frustrated says:

    Don't you read your blog and comments? Why aren't you addressing our concerns?

    Even if the response is "screw off developers", which is Microsoft's normal internal response, at least be man enough to put it out there. You screwed us with visual studio so way stop now.

  120. toub says:

    @ThomasX: Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8 doesn't run on Windows 7 because it requires functionality from Windows 8 in order to enable the development of Windows Store apps.  Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web does install and run on Windows 7 SP1.

    @Laughing John: If you use the Matthew Johnson's Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor (, you can get the "where the code window stays with a white background and the rest of the UI is darker" look by selecting the "Dark with Light Editor" theme.

    @B. Clay Shannon: Upgrading from Visual Studio 11 Beta to Visual Studio 2012 RTM is not supported.  The page at…/compatibility outlines supported and unsupported upgrade paths.

    @MB330: Visual Studio 2012 RTM will not install onto a pre-release version of Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012.

    @AlanG: You can try Matthew Johnson's Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor (  It includes several built-in themes beyond the Light and Dark themes, and it allows you to build your own.  Scott Hanselman covers this in a recent blog post at…/YourColorfulVisualStudio2012WithTheColorThemeEditorVS2010ColorsToo.aspx.

    @Taruna Verma: Brian Keller has available a Visual Studio 2012 RTM ALM Virtual Machine, available for download from…/visual-studio-11-application-lifecycle-management-virtual-machine-and-hands-on-labs-demo-scripts.aspx, which is configured with Windows Server 2008 R2 and has Visual Studio 2012 and TFS 2012 installed on it.  However, this is a Hyper-V virtual machine and works with Windows Server 2008 x64, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 8, or Windows Server 2012.  I'm not aware of such a virtual machine for Windows 7.

    @nisar: The page at…/bb386063(v=vs.110) provides a high-level overview of what's new in Visual Studio 2012.  DreamSpark is a program that provides students with professional software design and development tools at no charge.

  121. sharmin says:

    I am stunned, shocked, and much sad by seeing new VS 2012. VS 2010 is attractive, and I have great pleasure whenever I use VS 2010. I agree with others: the UI of VS 2012 looks cheap, and the dark theme is too dark and the light theme is too light. MS should release a patch for VS 2012 and convert this UI to look like VS 2010's UI. I will just use my VS 2010 whenever I can. I don't even like the new logo of VS 2012; the logo of VS 2010 is so nice. We love our VS 2010 — make VS 2012 to be like VS 2010.

  122. To be real, there is no doubt XP is going away within a year. However: Our customers are by and large still running Windows 2003 Server, but moving to serverless environments rather than moving to 2008 Server; due to lack of migration support and their line of business applications moving to web based model. HTML5 /Javascript has wide support and capability. Mono, as noted previously, is another developer choice. At this point, I can't think of any programming that requires VS2012 except perhaps Windows Phone, which still has a minority share of the market.  The future still lies with what happens between Android's java presentation interface and Oracle (Java); Microsoft's dominance is strongly tied to hardware manufacturers and non-Microsoft hardware devices are far outselling PCs.

  123. venkat says:

    Wow really what a good post it is?Thank you for sharing this post.

  124. .net says:

    the UI is really ugly.

  125. A concerned developer says:

    Its not 1981 anymore, my graphics card can actually display millions of colors, so please use them!

  126. steyn says:

    is vs 2012 premium ever going to be able to run on windows vista home premium with the latest service pack or MUST I upgrade tp windows 8

  127. toub says:

    @steyn: The list of supported operating systems is available at…/compatibility .

  128. angieK says:

    Mr Somasegar, this is so bad makes me think my previous life using Developer 2000 wasn't really that bad. Just look at the comments around the web (for example…/2623017-add-some-color-to-visual-studio-2012). Someone (or many) should be fired for this. How could anyone possibly think it's a good idea to force developers with a new UI? We are efficient when we are very familiar with the environment. Remember the days when you were a developer?

  129. Hello ,

               Guys i am facing a problem in which whenever i Publish and Host a Website from my Visual Studio 2012 Professional DEMO version , the process consumption of IIS increases. Where as the same application once Published from my colleague's system who has Visual Studio 2010 Professional Licensed Version it gives no problem related to process consumption even more the consumed process fall down once they rise up but in-case of 2012 Demo version it does not falls down but rather increases up and hence crash the IIS Server.

     I just wanted to confirm if any one else is facing the same concern or it actually exist in the demo version.

    Thanks & Regards

    Chavya Khanna

  130. still having several issues though.

  131. Thanks to Microsoft for all these updated tools 🙂

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