C++ AMP Open Specification

As an industry trend, advancement in heterogeneous hardware has progressed at a rapid pace.  This in turn has fueled developer desire to target such hardware for accelerated computation, necessitating a significant step forward in programming models to enable such practices. 

C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (C++ AMP) is a new technology implemented in Visual Studio 11 that helps C++ developers use accelerators such as the GPU for parallel programming. I’ve blogged about it since its initial disclosure, including discussing our intention to share the C++ AMP specification so as to help bring general purpose GPU programming to all C++ developers, regardless of whether they’re using Visual C++. I am excited today to deliver on that commitment.

Today at the GoingNative 2012 event, Microsoft announced publication, under the Microsoft Community Promise license, of the C++ AMP open specification. This release means compiler developers and vendors now have the ability to implement C++ AMP in their compilers, just as Microsoft has done, broadening access for C++ developers everywhere to the possibilities offered by heterogeneous hardware.

Please send any feedback you have on this to the C++ AMP team via their blog.


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  1. Pravin Bhaiswar says:

    Dear Sir, In the excel sheet, if there is 2 in Column B3,8 in Column C3, 10 in Column D3, 15 in Column in E3, 25 in Column F3 and likewise (All are Horizontally). So I want the Same in Vertically)  I mean to say that whatever no.s horizontally I want the same no. vertically and whatever no.s vertically I want the same no. horizontally. Sir Please send me this to my email ID i.e. bhaiswarpravin@gmail.com

  2. toub says:

    Pravin, this is not the right place to ask questions about Excel.  You might try the forum at answers.microsoft.com/…/excel.  That said, if I'm understanding your question correctly, it sounds like you're looking for the TRANSPOSE function (office.microsoft.com/…/transpose-HP005209319.aspx).

  3. Alex says:

    Okay this is just for the release of the spec but is this just going to be for x86 windows or will it be available for arm windows and windows mobile as well  ?

  4. DanielMoth says:

    Hi Alex, our aspiration with C++ AMP is to have it supported on every platform possible: from phone, to console, to slates, to desktop, to server, to cluster, to cloud; on Microsoft and also on non-Microsoft platforms; on GPUs, CPUs and any other hardware that can accelerate data parallel algorithms. To answer your specific question, Microsoft’s v1 implementation of the spec with Visual Studio 11 includes support for Metro-style and desktop apps (incl. ARM), but not the phone yet. I cannot speak for what other implementers will support in their first implementation, of course. BTW, the best place for C++ AMP questions is our MSDN forum:


  5. lou per says:

    Are you working with Apple so that cross platform developers could use this on a mac with Xcode development and opengl implementation?

    Those of us who write cross platform software have the issue that if we use libraries like this they need to be accessible across different operating system platforms.

  6. DanielMoth says:

    Hi lou per. We understand that some applications require cross-OS support which is one of the reasons we shared the open spec and said in our announcement that we encourage anyone to implement it on any platform: blogs.msdn.com/…/c-amp-open-spec-published.aspx

    At this point we do not have anything to announce on behalf of other vendors (implementers of the spec), and we will leave such announcements to them when the time is right for them. Feel free to ping your favorite compiler vendor with your request. Thank you for your interest and stay tuned.

  7. AMP is my new best friend.  I've been working with Cuda for some time now, but Microsoft really does make good integrated toolsets.  I'm eager to see were AMP goes.  

  8. JOKING says:

    You can not even get your products to run on windows without locking up and crashing. I average 5-10 issues a day with Visual Studio and you are taking about running cross platform. Besides the fact most businesses are still running XP because neither vista or windows 7 works well enough to replace XP. Your company has some serious issues.

  9. JOKING says:

    By the way where is your promise license to fix the magnitude of bugs in visual 2010 and sql reporting services? I which you were excited to deliver on a commitment to quality instead of a commitment to vaporware and feature bloat!

  10. Marcello says:

    Behind all this new features and additions there is an implicit paradox => a good IDE would not produce a good programmer in the same way that a Stradivarius will not make the player a Paganini nor a good piano will make the player a ( Mozart | Schumann ).

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