Visual Studio LightSwitch availability

Today, Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is available for download for MSDN subscribers. Non-MSDN subscribers can get LightSwitch starting Thursday, July 28th, or download a free trial today.

LightSwitch, the newest member of our Visual Studio product family, is a development tool that enables developers of all skill levels to build line of business applications for the desktop, web, and cloud quickly and easily.  LightSwitch applications can be up and running in minutes with templates and intuitive tools that reduce the complexity building data-driven applications, including tools for UI design and publishing to the desktop or to the cloud with Windows Azure.  LightSwitch enables you to focus on your business needs rather than details when building your application.

I encourage you to try LightSwitch 2011 and see how it can help you build applications.  For details on how to use LightSwitch to build data-driven applications, check out Jason Zander’s blog.


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  1. Guruprakash J says:

    Sir, Sorry for cross posting. But i could not find a better way to contact you.

    Dear Sir,

    I am Guruprakash.J working as Assistant professor (Senior) at School of Information Technology, VIT University.

    As a part of encouraging student into entrepreneurial ventures and accelerating research activities we would like to setup Microsoft Innovation Center(MIC) at our university.

    Please provide us with the details on,

    Eligibility Criteria & Constraints

    Membership fees to be paid yearly

    Benefits that would directly and indirectly go to the students & research scholars

    Lab area requirement

    Hardware configuration required.

    Kindly please provide all possible information to facilitate us in setting up MIC at the earliest.

    With Best Regards,

    Guruprakash J M.Tech[SwE] , CSTM

    Assistant Professor (Sr),

    Software Engineering Division,

    School of Information Technology

    VIT University, Vellore.

  2. Pratima Amonkar says:

    Guruprakash, Request you to contact me on I will help you with the information that you seek.

  3. Paul says:

    The code generated by this type of tools are NOT production ready. No security, logging, whatnot…

    It may help the beginner to see how the code can be laid out.

  4. John Rivard says:

    Paul, your raise important concerns for any line-of-business application. Security and logging are common requirements for any production app.

    LightSwitch supports Windows-based and Forms-based authentication. Configuring authenication takes just a couple of clicks. To secure access to data, screens, and commands, LightSwitch has built-in permissions-based authorization. Using authorization requires writing a bit of code on the assets that you wish to secure to check if the current user has a specific permission.

    LightSwitch has built-in support for logging/tracing based on ASP.NET's trace facilities. Durable auditing of data transactions is not a built-in feature. However, one can accomplish this by adding audit tables via the LightSwitch designer and writing a bit of server-side code. LightSwitch provides server-side events for whenever an entity is added, updated, or deleted.

    I would kindly refer you to the following resources for more information:

    "How Do I: Set up Security to Control User Access to Parts of a Visual Studio LightSwitch Application?" (…/how-do-i-set-up-security-to-control-user-access-to-parts-of-a-visual-studio-lightswitch-application-beth-massi.aspx)

    "Security Considerations for LightSwitch" (…/gg481776.aspx)

    "LightSwitch Developer Center" (…/lightswitch), for tips on getting started and for access to the Team Blog and Forums.

    Hope this helps!

    John Rivard

    Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch

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