Visual Studio 11 Platform Tooling Advances

Through my last several blog posts, I’ve highlighted some of the new features in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview released in September.  All of these posts have concentrated on various advancements that span multiple application types: whether you’re building apps for the client or cloud, such language, framework, and IDE productivity improvements are all applicable….


Visual Studio 11 IDE Advances

Over my last few posts, I’ve blogged about some of the advances we’ve made for the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview – improvements to programming languages that enable developers to better express their intents while building efficient solutions, and improvements to the .NET Framework that yield faster, more connected, and more integrated apps. In this…


Visual Studio 11 .NET Advances

In my first post of this Visual Studio 11 series, I discussed some of the language-level innovation in the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview.  In this second post, I’ll take a look at some of the improvements that have gone into the .NET Framework 4.5 Developer Preview. Languages enable developers to express their intentions for…


Roslyn CTP Now Available

In my last few blog posts, I’ve highlighted significant advancements our teams have made as part of the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview released at //BUILD/, and I’ll continue that series in future posts.  Today, however, I want to highlight some innovative work our teams have been doing that is even more forward looking. I’m…


Visual Studio 11 Programming Language Advances

At the BUILD conference in September, we unveiled developer previews of Visual Studio 11, Expression Blend 5, Team Foundation Server 11, and the .NET Framework 4.5. We’ve been working on these technologies in earnest since we shipped the previous wave of these development tools last year, and we’ve had the opportunity to make significant enhancements, across…


Expression Blend for HTML

In my previous post, I highlighted how Windows Metro style apps can be developed utilizing the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills you already have. If your world is code, Visual Studio offers a great environment in which to write, edit, test, debug, and deploy these apps. Of course, great apps need great user interfaces. And…


BUILDing the Future with Visual Studio

From students participating in the Imagine Cup, to the next hot start-up in Silicon Valley, to enterprises delivering modern efficiencies into mature businesses, developers today all have three things in common: they are transforming and improving society through the software they envision, they have invested in themselves by obtaining deep knowledge and skill sets, and…


Python Tools for Visual Studio

Today, I’m excited to announce the release of Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS), which is now available for download from CodePlex. The Python ecosystem has been enjoying tremendous growth over the past few years, attracting all types of programmers from scientists to web developers to hobbyists. To support this growing community, we’ve released PTVS, an…


Visual Studio LightSwitch availability

Today, Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is available for download for MSDN subscribers. Non-MSDN subscribers can get LightSwitch starting Thursday, July 28th, or download a free trial today. LightSwitch, the newest member of our Visual Studio product family, is a development tool that enables developers of all skill levels to build line of business applications for the…


Imagine Cup People’s Choice

The Imagine Cup brings together students from all walks of life from around the world and tasks them with a big challenge: solve the world’s toughest problems through technology.   I have been involved in the competition for all of its nine years, and each year, I am astounded by the caliber of the projects.  The…