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My blog has been available to Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese as well as English readers for several years.  The blog entries are translated by volunteers who speak the language.  While this results in high quality translations, sometimes it can take a few days to translate a blog post, and we can’t translate into the many languages our customers speak.

To offer more languages and faster translations, my blog now offers machine translations into many more languages via Microsoft Translator.  The translator, which you can see on the right bar of this page, is used by the Bing Translator and the Translate feature in Internet Explorer.  The Translator will translate blog entries into any of the offered languages on demand, with no lag time between the availability of the English version and the availability of translated versions.

For those languages that are human translated today, a human translator will continue to translate the entry at the earliest possible time.  For Spanish readers, the Spanish human translation will replace the entry offered by the Translator.  Japanese and Simplified Chinese readers will continue to have links to the human translated versions available as before.

You can improve the machine translations by editing the translation in place. The Translator widget allows you to hover over the translated content and see the original English sentence in context as well as suggest a new translation or pick from any of the suggested ones.  In addition to making the translations more appropriate for the content, correcting the translation helps the translator improve because the more people suggest alternatives or vote for already-submitted translations, the more the system gains confidence in the translation.

I’m pleased to be able to reach more readers in more languages through the Translator technology, and in turn, as more blogs use this technology, translations improve over time as users suggest better translations.  If you have comments about Microsoft Translator, visit the Microsoft Translator team’s forum.


Comments (7)

  1. sreeni says:

    hi soma,

    i am a big fan of MS and I always want MS to grow big. I am a developer on MS platform for last 9 yrs. I am waiting to buy Windows Phone 7 and Kinnect this season.

    I started using IE9 the day beta was released. Unfortunately i found it not working for many websites including msdn site. I am really disappointed to see this happen. As a well wisher of MS i wanted to tell you that…. this half baked release has forced me to use chrome for the last 1 month when the ie9 does not work.

    I am afraid MS is losing the browser wars… I am very passionate about MS and i wanted to bring this up to you.

  2. script says:

    hi soma,

     i am a very like MS to grow big.

  3. Hrithik says:

    translation???How long you people will continue stealing GOOGLE's idea?

  4. phuff says:


    I'm sorry to hear that your experience with the IE9 beta hasn't met your expectations. As with any beta release, the goal is to surface these issues so they can be researched and dealt with before the final version.

    Internet Explorer 9 uses a new rendering system that takes deeper advantage of your graphics hardware than previous versions of IE.  While this means better, faster rendering, the sheer number of video cards and drivers in different computers means testing on all user configurations can be a difficult task. We appreciate your help in reporting any issues you're seeing on your machine.

    Please help us track down the problems you experience by submitting them to the Internet Explorer Feedback Program at connect.microsoft.com/IE.  A few steps will give you a "Send feedback" menu option directly in the browser so you can give feedback when issues occur. The product team will see these issues directly.

    Polita Paulus


  5. Mousomi says:


    Where is the Bangla translation?

  6. Sam says:

    @Hrithik: Google's idea??? Which planet are you from? Translations have existed for centuries. Do you know how many features of Bing Maps, Bing Image search and Hotmail – Google steals and implements in their maps, search and gmail? Have you seen Andriod? What a shameless copy-paste from iPhone.

  7. Hrithik says:

    @Sam:shameless copy-paste ??What you people has been doing from last 30 years? Why you are not the part of any of the revolutionary technology idea? Here is the list of your few great copy paste



    iphone/Anroid->windows phone

    the list is endless……

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