Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Release Candidate now available

Today, we are making available the Release Candidate (RC) for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 to all MSDN subscribers.  The RC will be made available to the world on Wednesday, February 10th.  The RC includes a go-live license for people who want to deploy in their production environment.

Thank you for all the feedback you’ve sent our way so far.  The goal of this RC is to get more feedback from you and ensure we’ve addressed the performance issues in the product.  We have made significant performance improvements specifically as it relates to loading solutions, typing, building and debugging.

I encourage you to download the RC and let us know what you think.  For more information on the RC, check out Jason Zander's blog.


Comments (29)

  1. Hello,

    any idea when silverlight 4 will be supported in the Visual Studio 2010 RC? I really want to upgrade to the RC version, but I’m working on a silverligh4 project with RIA services. Hope it will be soon.

  2. Tom says:

    What?! No silverlight 4 support in the RC?!

  3. "Silverlight 3 projects are supported with today’s VS 2010 RC build – however Silverlight 4 projects are not yet supported.  We will be adding VS 2010 RC support for SL4 with the next public Silverlight 4 drop. If you are doing active Silverlight 4 development today we recommend staying with the VS10 Beta 2 build for now. "

  4. Guy Sperry says:

    Big vote of no confidence for Silverlight. Those of us who have made large strategic investments to move ahead with Silverlight probably would like a little explanation. Possibly a little reassurance. WTF?!?

  5. Andrei Rinea says:

    How much do we owe to Rico Mariani for this speed improvement?

  6. Sam says:

    I hope the delay in SL4 (and VS.NET 2010’s support of it) has something to do with being able to develop Win 7 mobile applications with Silverlight!

    Nevertheless, being unable to:

    (a) deliver SL4 RC after a quick and solid beta on time for VS.NET 2010 RC

    (b) deliver SL4 support in this RC of VS.NET 2010

    (c) provide further insights or estimates on when we can expect the above

    are clear disappointments!

  7. Leon says:

    Still waiting for the public RC. Wednesday the 10th has already begone a while ago :O

  8. Hitesh says:

    MS web site still shows Beta 2!!! Pl update the page to RC.

  9. Steve says:

    Like Leon, still waiting for the public RC. It’s Wednesday the 10th even in Redmond.

  10. mick says:

    What time will this be up?

  11. Somasegar says:

    The VS 2010 and .NET 4 RC bits are available now.  You can donwload from


  12. JoelGordon says:

    Is the Entity Framework v4.0 designers etc. included as part of this release candidate or is a separate download and install required ?

  13. Somasegar says:

    There has been a number of questions around SL4 support and VS 2010 RC.

    The team is working on an update to Silverlight tools that works with VS 2010 RC and SL4 Beta.  We are looking to provide that update sometime in the next month or so.


  14. Alex says:

    Still no support for Windows Mobile development?

  15. Somasegar says:

    Hi Alex,

    Stay tuned for tools to support Windows Mobile development.  The team is working on this and we will able to talk about this in the near future.


  16. timlav says:

    @ Joel: Yes EF4 and the designer are part of the RC.  No separate d/l is required.


  17. Roy Dictus says:

    Nice and speedy environment!

    We have also installed Team Foundation Server 2010 Release Candidate for a pilot project, and are anxiously awaiting Conchango’s updated Scrum templates — although the MSF for Agile 5 templates come close.

    Thanks guys!!

  18. mike says:

    Gongrats to all involved as the ability to respond to our feedback saved the product.

    Bigtime improvment. I can now edit WPF on my 6 year old hp.

    Way to go! Love it.

    it is fast too!

  19. Sergey says:

    This final version of MSDN Help without indexes and tree contents?

  20. phuff says:

    Sergey, the keyword index feature did not make it into the final release of Help Viewer.  However, this functionality will be delivered as a Power Tool thirty days after Visual Studio 2010 releases.  For more information, see:

    Polita Paulus

    Developer Division


  21. Guys,

    This is an educated guess but:

    – look for Silverlight 4 RC/Beta 2 to be out during MIX 2010

    – look for Windows Mobile 7 SDK to be out during MIX 2010

    – I would also guess maybe support for WCF RIA Services as well in that timeframe.

    Visual Studio 2010 RTM is only w months away 🙂

  22. Somasegar says:

    Several of you have reported an issue related to MultiTouch Intellisense crash.  We have a hotfix for this issue that you can pick up at:

    Thanks for all the feedback so far.


  23. Kavi says:

    Pl update MS Dreamspark link for VS2010 RC

  24. ScottNo says:


    The link above works for everyone now that the VS 2010 RC is public –

    Scott Nonnenberg

  25. John Lee says:

    I will have to say without a doubt Visual Studio is the WORST – most unproductive development tool I have ever used. I truly believed nothing could be worse then VISTA however Microsoft has managed to out do itself.

    The UI designer for webform is nothing short of BRUTUAL to use. There are so many features missing and most of which are implemented are buggy at best and MVC there isn’t a designer and requires a phonebook full for code even for small websites. EDM are you really serious I understand why petitions are on the NET about this mapper.

    Everyone at Microsoft SHOULD BE embarrassed by this software tool including SCOTT GU and with all due respect yourself as well SOMA. The KB and the INTERNET is full of bug reports and issues regardless of what comments I post to evidence just how bad this software is. You guys have totally lost touch with developers and living in a dream world of new technology instead of taking you have and making it useful to us in the field.

    For everyone raving about VS you guys have obviously NEVER used any other software development toolkit before.

  26. alvin says:

    I want to know when the VS support OSGI ?

  27. lex3001 says:

    Is it "safe" to install the 2010 RC on a production development workstation? I’m not sure what the Go Live license means in this case. Generally we never install beta software on our production development workstations, but if there is a guarantee it won’t interfere with VS 2008 etc., and we are guaranteed to be able to successfully upgrade to the RTM version, then we may just do it. Otherwise its Virtual PC time.

  28. Marcel says:


    It is possible to add ADO databases classes such as CADODatabase, CADORecordset,CADOConnection, CADOCommand,etc to the MFC.

    I have some projects that use the DAO MFC classes and I wish to migrate them to ADO because I want to take advantage of ADO multithreading support.

    It would be fine if VS2010 MFC classes has ADO support as well and is something that I have been looking in VS 2010.



  29. Ricky says:

    I do not believe MFC has a wrapper around ADO as it does over ODBC. Since ADO is COM/Object based, it should be straightforward to use ADO directly together with MFC. If you do a comparison of DAO vs. ADO classes, you will find that they are very similar.


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