Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta period extended

In October, we shipped Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.  Since then, we have received a lot of helpful, constructive feedback from you all.  Thank you.


A lot of you have given us very positive feedback on the new capabilities of VS 2010 and .NET Framework 4 and are very happy with the breadth of value that we are poised to deliver in this release. 


At the same time, you have also given us feedback around performance issues, specifically in a few key scenarios including virtual memory usage.  As you may have seen, we significantly improved performance between Beta 1 and Beta 2.  Based on what we’ve heard, we clearly needed to do more work.  Over the last couple of months, our engineering team has been doing a push to improve performance.  We have made significant progress in this space since Beta 2. 


With these improvements in the product, we do want to make sure that they truly address the performance issues while continuing to maintain a high quality bar.  As a result, we are going to extend the beta period by adding another interim checkpoint release, a Release Candidate with a broad “go live” license, which will be publicly available in the February 2010 timeframe.


Since the goal of the Release Candidate is to get more feedback from you, the team will need some time to react to that feedback before creating the final release build.  We are therefore moving the launch of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 back a few weeks.  


Please continue to send us your feedback.  It truly has an impact on the product development process and helps us to deliver a high quality product.



Comments (63)

  1. That is really great news. Thank you for the extra feedback release

  2. David Starr says:

    I appreciate this very much. We would all much rather have great software longer than lower quality software sooner.

    Thank you.

  3. Mike Shelton says:

    Some of us use this product virtually every day.  Keeping the performance level high allows us to concentrate more on our problems, not the tools themselves.  

    Looking forwards to the Release Candidate.

    Thanks for working hard on getting this right.

  4. Vyacheslav Lanovets says:

    As MS policy for servicing VS (buy new version) is different than for servicing Windows (go to Windows Update), I like the idea of delay 🙂

    VS2010 seems to have a lot of redesign and this means that it was going to be buggy not only in Native and Smart Devices departments.

    Really, MS should process public feedback on Smart Devices support in VS. This part has always been the buggiest part of VS and now we already saw two public betas without any Smart Devices support. The only other option is to move Smart Devices support into a separate installation package and release it as an add-on.

  5. suyash says:

    Good Microsoft has always been Improving itself.

    This is one of its example.

    I recently downloaded the Beta2 and found no time to check the new feature of it.

    Thus now i got some more time, i can test and Check all its features

  6. Peter Ibbotson says:

    Great news, the current VS2010 beta version crashes too frequently (usually when editing XAML for me) to be a usuable product. Perf also needed work.

    On the other hand the new features (with the exception of help which seems to be going backwards) are a great step forward.

  7. Chipo hamayobe says:

    I hope the release candidate will not be as buggy and Beta 2.

    I has to be usable and stable!

  8. Luis Mamud says:

    The RC that you mention, ¿will include development for Windows Mobile? ¿Can you tell us how smart device’s development is improved?


  9. Richard says:

    It might be a good idea to update the VS2010 home page, which still has 22nd March as the launch date:

  10. Guillaume Charbonnier says:

    I hope one day VS could reach the quality, performance and versatility of Nokia Qt SDK to finally ends as a valuable low cost alternative to Qt.

  11. David says:

    That is great that MS is taking the time to make it right in stead of releasing a product that will require a update shortly after it’s realease.

  12. Aaron Smith says:

    I use VS2010 every day on production products. I love it! I have relatively few issues, but I am definitely glad they are extending it so we have a much more high quality product in the end. Thank you for the hard word!

  13. Excellent decision. It will really help us to work with a more stable new version and really try to go live.

    It’s great to know you’re taking into account all the feedback.

    I’m really happy to know you understand developers and architects decided to extend the Beta period.

    I have no doubt that VS 2010 will rock! However, it needs more work to improve the performance and solve some crashes that make it really difficult to work in complex projects.


    Gastón C. Hillar

  14. Pita.O says:

    It’s all good. How will the delay affect Azure people yearning to target 4.0 … with heightened expectations for Feb/Mar timeframe? Should this affect them too?

    My desire is that it shouldn’t have to if you already have a code freeze on the CLR itself.

  15. Frédéric Hébert says:

    I hope it will let you improve link time. That’s the only critic I have on the product, for the rest I think you made great improvement.

    I agree that it’s better to release later with greatest performance than sooner with slow link time. We will use this tool daily and if we can cut link time, it will increase our productivity.

    There are some suggestions about that on connect, I listed some title below:

    – "Optimize link time in real developers environment"

    – "Slow link on vc2005, > 10 times slower than vc6"

    – "Improve link.exe performance"

  16. CanadianJames says:

    This is a good call and for anyone who is participating in the beta we know that Microsoft is listening to feedback, asking questions and extending support and advice to work around current issues.  It’s easy enough to see the value in pushing it back a few weeks to go even further.

    To see how far Beta 2 came from Beta 1, and to know the final tool has two more releases to sharpen up…it will be an easy, applauded landing for this bird.



  17. Sven says:

    Hopefully the RC comes with makefiles for CRT/MFC. I’m using a customized MFC and I’m unable to use VS2010 Beta 2 because I can’t rebuild MFC with my changes.

  18. Klaus says:


    I very much apprichate the extra work you put into the development of this product

    Best wishes and thanks!


  19. Somasegar says:


    Regarding tools support for Windows Mobile, as we mentioned earlier, we are working closely with the Mobile team to deliver support for mobile development to VS 2010 developers in the future.  This will be an add-on to VS 2010 that we will deliver in conjunction with the next version of the Mobile platform.

    If you are looking for tools to do Windows Mobile 6.5 development see here:


  20. Endre says:

    That’s a good decision to put the product quality in  the top. I personally always like the quality-first approaches.

  21. Sam says:


    Good decision by Microsoft. VS.NET 2010 beta 2 crashes very frequently when working with XAML and Silverlight. These deserve more justice in terms of performance and stability within VS.NET 2010!

  22. Ken says:

    I’m extremely excited about the features in VS2010 (especially the C# language work [co/contravariant generics], COM debugging, and better WPF support across the board).  BUT make sure it is stable and fast.  If you even need an extra 3 months to get it in shape, take that time and get it right.  We will appreciate you for it.  

    VS2008 SP1 is prett solid (although I still get crashes after redocking, despite the hot fix), so I can happily wait until VS2010 knocks it out the park.  It’s not like we’re using notepad until 2010 comes out.

    Kudos for making this a quality driver release, rather than a schedule driven one.  

  23. jnak says:

    @Pita.O, we haven’t announced when .NET 4 will be available on Windows Azure.  

    That said, it is a high priority for us.  

    Also keep in mind that the current plan is that Windows Azure will not include an unreleased version of the .NET Framework.

  24. James Portelli says:

    I worked with VS 2003, 2005, 2008 and I was quite happy especially developing Windows Forms.

    With the VS 2008 release I started transitioning my projects to WPF. In my opinion WPF is the future and I’m really excited learning new things every day.

    Working in WPF with VS 2008 SP1 was a headache. While it excelled in Windows Forms I used to get constant crashes and slow performance and IDE inconsistencies when developing WPF.

    Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is all another story and I’m so happy and looking forward to the final release!

  25. @Sven,

    VS will not have support for rebuilding CRT and MFC out of the box anymore. I’d like to discuss the scope of your customizations to MFC and understand whether there are any alternatives you can leverage in VS2010 instead of using the MFC makefiles we used to ship. Can you contact me at mluparu at microsoft dot com?


    Marian Luparu

    Visual C++

  26. Pushkar says:


    I think thi’s not sad news but MSFT always want to be clear from their side and now through VS2010 they want to deliver some significant new capabilities and improvements including performance.

  27. Alex says:

    has anyone found good open source projects? i came across api for windows 7 while downloading my copy of VS2010.

  28. Mark says:

    How about running native 64-bit applications under the debugger? In VS2008 this is virtually impossible because it is so slow, think 20x slower than running outside the debugger. Will this be fixed in VS2010?

  29. Simon Jones says:

    Will the Release Candidate have a visual designer for Office 2010 Backstage?

  30. JImL says:

    To Microsoft 2010 team, it is OK if you hold off on releasing VS2010 until 2011 or 2012.  VS2008 is a great product and serves the vast majority of us well.  Take your time and get it right.  Also, WPF needs better tuning in your product and the user interface is very slow when compiling.

  31. phuff says:

    Simon, the Release Candidate won’t have a visual designer for Office 2010 Backstage, but we are considering it as a feature for future versions of the product.

    Polita Paulus


  32. vbhatia says:

    @Frédéric Hébert

    We have made improvements in link time in VS2010 by multithreading the pdb generation. There are a couple of blog posts that describe link throughput (time) improvements and general performance improvements.

    Linker throughput improvements:

    Code generation improvements:

    We are always looking to make improvements in link times. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me at vbhatia at microsoft dot com.



    VC++ Team.

  33. Thanks for the great IDE i just love working with VS

  34. Kautzmann says:

    Thanks for this.

    We trust in Microsoft.

  35. Andrew Hall says:


    would you please contact me in regards to your comment at

    "How about running native 64-bit applications under the debugger? In VS2008 this is virtually impossible because it is so slow, think 20x slower than running outside the debugger. Will this be fixed in VS2010?"

    We received significant feedback about debugging performance in general for Visual Studio 2010 Beta2, but this is the first feedback we have recieved about 64bit debugging being slow in Visual Studio 2008.  I’d love to work with you to better understand your scenario and see if can determine the cause of your performance problem and address it.


    Andrew Hall

    Visual Studio Debugger

  36. Tim Morrison says:

    VS2010 needs significant work; I am using Web Developer Express on 64 Bit Windows 7 and it crashes every 5 minutes or so. In fact, the reason I am here now is that having restarted VWD, I cannot switch from an .aspx to a stylesheet in the designer without it dying on me.

    I think Beta 2 is misleading – surely memory management problems of such proportions would rate it an Alpha release?

    It’s such a shame because I really like the work MS has done in improving the HTML rendering from server controls (eg the Menu control now renders as an unordered list <ul>)

  37. dj jonny says:


    this software is so good result.

  38. WebDevTools says:

    @Tim Morrison, we’ve definitely made significant improvements in memory management since beta 2.  

    I’d like to learn more about your specific scenario and validate that we’ve addressed the problem you’re seeing.  Please contact me directly at


    Bradley Bartz

    Visual Web Developer Team

  39. Karl-Heinz Reng says:

    Well, I think the problem is WPF. With VS 2008 you have made a really good product (after Sp1). The performance was good, the IDE, all this stuff was like the old VS Studio 6 times.

    After installing the release and then the Betas of VS 2010 I tried to work with it. But, the first problem is the underlying Hardware. For this very "graphical IDE", ok, it is Beta, I think, also in the final, you need a very Up-To-Date PC. Ok, we are all developers, but, installing a new PC with all this little Tools and stuff, costs a lot of time.

    And then, MS always needs one or two or three (VS Studio 6) Servicepacks, to get the software ready to work.

    So only point for using VS 2010 is the so called new stuff WPF, because using this stuff in VS 2008, well, it works, and it did not crash, but it is far away from fun.

    Nowadays, all people talk about the fun in programming, so i use this word also.

    I think, it wasn´t a wise decision from MS, to drop Windows Forms, or try to drop it, the developers will decide which kind of GUI they will produce and generate something like VS 2010 IDE.

  40. Mario Hines says:

    I just realized something that has not been an option and would be great if it was, the ability to look at multiple solutions at the same time.  At my job, I have to open to different instances of VS2008 to view the 2 different solutions.  Why don’t I just add the project I need to look at you ask?  Well I’m not the only developer that works on these and as you all know, checking it in would be where the problem begins if I added the project(s) I needed to look at into 1 solution. So, the ability to open multiple solutions at 1 time would be great.

  41. Thanks for your reply,Somesagar

    I’m happy to see Microsoft reassuring commitment with Windows Mobile. Besides specific OS platform support, I would like to know about general mobile development improvements. I think the development process sometimes it’s very slow, even using the emulator (e.g. there’s no "edit and continue" feature por this kind of projects) and the provided controls are too much stripped down (there are lots of 3rd party controls with very extended funcionality and with improved look). If we could have better tools to increase  developer’s productivity, more applications are going to be available. And if more applications are available, well, I think Windows Mobile’s OS market share will surely grow.And that’s what worries me, the lack of information in this subject from the VS2010 team. If you can tell  us something about this, that’ll be fantastic. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait. Thanks anyway!

  42. I’m unable to get a WPF elementhost to work in any project targeted to Framework 3.5.  Set for Framework 4 it works OK.

    Overall I like 2010. However Intellisense still lags behind Widows forms. An Case sensitive tag names makes for code that won’t compile when you just made a letter lower case instead uf capital. VB corrects this in the code behind, but not in the XAML editor.

  43. Tom says:


    This is an off-topic question since you have not posted any new topics recently…

    When is it going to be possible to develop Silverlight applications for the iPhone (using VS.NET)?

    I hope developing Win 7 (Mobile) apps will be supported with VS.NET 2010!

  44. shoaib says:

    Looks good that finally PC guys are concentrating  on WINDOWS platform mobile,my hoping to get a new one once 6.5 comes out


  45. Somasegar says:

    Hi Tom,

    We expect to have some news about Windows Mobile development using .NET and VS over the next few months, so stay tuned. At PDC in November, we announced plans to release features in IIS Media Services, which will enable IIS to easily stream Silverlight media content to the iPhone with a simple ‘check of the box’ from a single origin server.  We don’t have anything new to talk about for iPhone at this time.


  46. Eric Ouellet says:

    Does Studio 2010 will support UML form generating code and reverse engineering.

    Do you agree that like it is now, in version Beta 2, it is totally useless ?

  47. traceyt says:

    The quick answer is: “No, we don’t think it is useless.” :-).

    Now for a better answer… we do support reverse engineering from code to a Sequence Diagram from within a C# text editor.  We also support generating Dependency Graphs from managed assemblies and source directly into our DGML graphs ( a specialized DSL ). We also enable code discovery and understanding via the Architecture Explorer which allows our users to ask various questions about their solution.

    In addition to the reverse engineering scenarios, we have also enabled a tighter integration between workitems and UML model elements, so that our users can understand how a model element is associated to particular work items, such as requirements.

    Now we are planning on a powertool release soon after RTM that will enable our users to generate C# code via T4 templates from our UML graphs, as well as reverse engineer of C# code via drag & drop from the Architecture Explorer onto our UML Class Diagram surface.

  48. Nick Tulett says:

    So absolutely NO ONE has anything invested in the original launch date? NO ONE?! That’s interesting…

  49. Tony says:

    Maybe it would be interesting an Beta 3?

    Did the team solve the WPF & XBAP hangs that existed on SP1?

    I am also having difficulties to generate C# classes from these XML schemas:

  50. Peter says:

    Thank you! That’s a really great news. ha

  51. mike says:

    beta 2 was more of an alpha as it was slow and buggy compared to vs 2008. Working with large projects with WPF controls is slower than a snail. Compile and Link times are way too slow still. Editor requires patience og Jobe to work with. Please treat this beta as it was Vista and only release it when it is at the windows 7 quality.

    Keep on trying folks cuase this was not up to the standard that visual studio demands as an industry leading dev tool.

    Please improve the WPF code and property editing.

  52. prasadwt says:

    Anxiously waiting for the release for SharePoint Server 2010 and VS 2010 to work on

    VS custom workflows to deliver hassle free business solutions to my customer.

  53. Hudson says:

    Get this baby out! xD

    Just need some more performance

    The Fx4 is AWSOME!

  54. I cant wait for this! Get it out and lets rock and roll!

  55. victor says:

    I have been waiting for a software like this in such a long time im totally amazed. Iwa usint the old version. <a href="">Limos in nyc</a>

  56. NYC Limo says:

    thats great news and since i was using old version.

  57. Shubham says:

    this is pretty good for developers..Thanks..lets have it..!

  58. Udi Mishan says:

    I would like to ask a question about the framework 4.0 please.

    A while ago, in framework 2.0 microsoft has released a pack called "provider toolkit samples" which included source code for some of the main providers of the .net framework: membership, roles, sql state, etc.

    This thing was realy great! and we’ve all used it to do some custom adjustments to those great providers.

    the problem was that microsoft released an outdated source code. i could see, for example, that the sql state didnt include the Partition Resolver feature etc. and there were some suspiciues remarks inside the code.

    I thing i speak for all of us developers when i say that we would like a release of the latest providers source code for the framework 4.

    that will be realy realy great and we will all apricitate Microsoft for that!

  59. NowGoogle says:

    The truth is we are all creative. And while some people are naturally more creative than others, we can all have very creative ideas.

  60. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

  61. Beta 2 was awful, I found that it fell over all the time and was full of bugs.

  62. Experienced Developer says:

    I experienced Lot of bad thing during Developing in Visual Studio 2010. WebBase and windows Base… Seems lots of Bugs and every compilation and Setting of SetupDeployment seems Crystal reports is a big Problem to setup… Looking a lots and always said that … Token version of Blah Blah Blah… and some exhausting messages…

    Well, we are trying to find another way around what are the good and benefit of this new things and no different From "windows VISTA" and "Windows ME" – that a shame of microsoft developer/company….

    They are all Bugs and Needs lots of updates.. almost every second updates always tehre… Means a Lot of BUGS… why They don't perfect their New things before releasing it???? Aahahhaaa….

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