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The MSDN Global Network is re-launching with a new design and new benefits for all MSDN subscribers.


MSDN subscriptions are the ultimate resource that give developers, teams, and organizations comprehensive access to Microsoft tools and technologies to confidently design, develop and test software solutions. Along with access to thousands of downloads, it offers professional support services and expert information resources to ensure developers can rise to the biggest challenges.


Today, we are announcing new benefits to better support developers and to help them grow their career.  All MSDN and BizSpark subscribers will be able to leverage free e-learning courses in English.  We are providing priority support to all subscribers through MSDN Forums.  We are also announcing free Windows Azure Platform cloud computing use for MSDN Premium and BizSpark customers following Windows Azure commercial availability.  To kick start developers on this powerful platform, subscribers will get 750 free compute hours per month for 8 months. 


The MSDN network re-design supports our customers around the world, including 37 international sites. The goal of the new design is to improve the overall experience with the site and centers and help you be successful with the Microsoft products and technologies you have invested in. The new MSDN site includes a new visual design, new ways for the community to interact on the content, and new Silverlight controls to promote dynamic community content. This includes a Community Activity area featuring recent and most popular forums topics, code samples, and technical articles. The MSDN Library now has the ability to explore two new library views: ScriptFree (which sets the bar for performance by eliminating scripts and server round-trips) and the Lightweight Beta (a similar view to VS 2010 offline help experience).


This is just the start of an important investment we are making around our online assets to improve discoverability, readability, consistency, and relevance.

Feedback from MSDN users is crucial to making MSDN the best place to go from ideas to solutions. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback and recommendations to make MSDN a better place. We are looking forward to hearing your additional input on the MSDN Site Feedback Forum on how to make MSDN even better. 


Comments (23)

  1. Joe White says:

    Aagh! Those bright orange buttons in the corner are distracting as all get out. Not to mention that they partly cover the content. Please tell me you guys are going to move them soon! (And maybe change them to a less-distracting color?)

    I like some of the ideas (even if the tabs need a little work, with the gray sides but a big white block in the middle). I like having the three levels of view — the lightweight beta is easy to scroll through, while still having a search box.

    But… man, it’s just hard to see past the orange for very long at a time. Make it stop!

  2. luedi says:

    why the hell do you change the content of the "community activity" automatically. I just start reading and oops.. the content changes :-(((

  3. Wenff says:


    I didn’t think they could make it worse, but apparently i was wrong. It’s really hard on the eyes & looks childish.

  4. Hitesh says:

    I WAS a great fan of MSDN till new design was released!!! but now after seeing the so called NEW design I am very disappointed indeed. This was not expected from MS! The NEW MSDN LOGO is also very poor compare to previous one, Pl restore what was there previously. I think MS started recruiting novice people to do this job. This new MSDN does not stand out as previous one. Pl don’t revamp existing design just because you want to bring something new by hook or cook.



    Chennai, INDIA

  5. venkat shivakumar says:

    Hello Soma,

    New MSDN sites looks ok but links are not working


    when you click on link with text "Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability" in article its going to http://library/


  6. Tore says:

    Not an improvement in my book.  It appears less organized/more chaotic.  I abhorr flashing pictures and ads (when it gets too bad, I cover them up or scroll them out of view – or close the page if I can’t).  I agree with previous poster – don’t change page contents while I am looking at it/reading it.

    The text is larger type – which I don’t particularly need or care for – I prioritise real estate.  Content looks like it is dropped with a spreader.  The additional white space does not add to the organization of the information, and it too detracts from real estate.

    Please bring back the old site or try again.  This iteration just don’t cut it.

  7. Parker says:

    I’m so over squiggly bendy abstract logos.

    As for the site, i’m completely indifferent. Works fast, delivers the info. Though, Ads, esecpailly moving/flashy ones chap my asterisk.

  8. The orange button can go, but I love the lightweight.  Fast and without distractions and that awful tree.

  9. Chris Dahl says:

    Regarding the animations, based on feedback we turned off autoplay mode in the video scrollers a few days ago. We’re also going to slow down the other animations, and the next update to these components will include much more user control. Please check out the MSDN Site Feedback Forum for additional information and discussions.

  10. J says:

    I don’t know, I think it’s for the better. Thank god you turned off the autoplay, I hate autoplay.

    Just my $.02

    <a href="">Sullivan Web Development</a>

  11. Carl says:

    It’s maybe lightweight but wayyy ugly.

  12. Bari says:

    The new MSDN desgin is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.Colors choice is really bad  which makes overall theme looks totally dull to me. I am a guy who spend a lot of time on the forums and its a huge disappointment for me to see the poor aesthetics shown from MSFT.

    Either revert back to original one or make new one better!

  13. TaylorMichaelL says:

    I have to agree with most posters that the refreshing content for CA is horrible.  I also could care less about most of the subtopics in the Forums section, everything in Videos and VS Gallery.  When the page comes up my eyes are drawn to the advertisement at the top of the page and the every changing activity in the middle.  Is this really where you want me to start out?  Seems like the News section is more important.

  14. WebDev says:

    I LOVE the reduced footprint of the tabs on top of the page…they use to take up like 150 px, now they’re less than half that…The colors…look fine…welcome to the silverlight/.Netframework color brand MSDN.  It’s about time.  You guys should kill animated ads…but otherwise a nice refresh!

  15. Chris Dahl says:

    Hi folks – based on feedback, we decided to turn off  auto-scrolling in the Community Activity section on the MSDN Home Page, and across the other DevCenters as well. We plan to re-introduce this after implementing additional user control, and with animation turned "off" by default.

  16. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for pointing out the broken link issue.  It is fixed now.


  17. Anand Raman says:

    Hi Joe and Will,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have placed the "Orange" swicher to highlight our new "lightweight beta" feature and make it discoverable. This is temporary and we will turn them off soon. Hope this helps.


  18. Imzi says:

    Even a caveman could do better than the new msdn site.

    Was the new MSDN site designed by some "Developers" instead of "Designers". Or may be by some college students.

  19. Joe says:

    I hate the font. It’s designed for ClearType which gives me a headache.

  20. Joe says:

    I remapped the Segoe font to Tahoma and the site looks much nicer. Is there a way to have it do this without having to do the remapping?

  21. Phil says:

    This new format just caused me to panic for a minute at the possibility that the old format might not be available! I've just seen the lightweight view for the first time as it came up by default. A direct link to the classic view would be good, rather than have to go into preferences. And rather than call it 'classic', I would prefer you call it something like 'Expanded' or 'Full Edition'. 'Classic' is very lame and suggests its next status is 'Discontinued'.

    The lightweight view is useful and I will use it, but it definately has limited usefulness because it does not put the subject in context, as the treeview does for the classic view. Because there is no treeview, the 'See Also' section becomes even more important, and it is critical for you to do it thoroughly. Surely you can do something better in the left column than just display broad headings as is currently shown. The scriptfree version was more useful when I was looking at a keyword page, as it showed an index to keywords.

    I have been using VS for years and to be honest, if the classic view is depricated or discontinued I will not continue to use Visual Studio. I want to have full explanations easily at hand. I do not want to buy loads of text books to explain the basics more completely. The  quick and short versions are useful (and I will use them), but they should not replace the full version! I will often flick to the classic view to get the full picture (especially when learning something unfamiliar).

  22. santosh says:

    unable to switch from classic to light weight view. Help please

  23. @santosh: What error are you facing when you try?

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