Silverlight 2 released!

Today, we are announcing the availability of Silverlight 2, the most comprehensive technology for creating and delivering .NET-based rich Web experiences. Silverlight is a game-changing technology in a fast-paced world of the pervasive Web.


Many customers and partners already take advantage of Silverlight’s benefits to deliver truly amazing and differentiated Web experiences for their customers – ranging from HD video, superior video streaming, unparalleled animation and interactivity via Deep Zoom, world-class development tools, powerful, cost-effective servers, and more.


During the 17 days of the recent 2008 Beijing Olympics, NBC delivered a Web experience powered by Silverlight resulting in more than 50 million unique visitors, 1.3 billion page views, 70 million video streams, and 600 million minutes of video watched. What’s more, it increased the average session time on the site from 3 minutes to 27 minutes, enabling NBCOlympics to break almost every other digital/Web record out there!


Silverlight offers you the same opportunity to tell the unique story of your product to customers, to connect with them, to provide value to them, to differentiate yourself from the rest.  


I get a lot of questions when unveiling new technologies about our internal adoption.  We launched Silverlight 1 just over a year ago and already, more than 100+ Microsoft sites/campaigns have launched on Silverlight. And the adoption pipeline across Microsoft’s key properties and applications continues to grow. Externally, we are seeing unprecedented momentum as well. Several high-profile customers like CBS College Sports, Hard Rock International, Blockbuster, AOL, Toyota, and Home Shopping Network have built next generation experiences using Silverlight.


You can download Silverlight 2 later today at


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  1. Tim says:

    Hello Soma, What are your thoughts about the proposed eclipse Tools annoucement

  2. Somasegar says:


    We have a deep commitment to openness and interoperability both for our platforms and our tools.  We provide a world-class developer experience with Visual Studio 2008 and design experience with Expression Studio, including free access to developer tools for Silverlight with Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition.  However, we also want to make it easier for anyone to target our cross-platform and cross-browser media and Rich Internet Application plug-in Silverlight.  Funding Soyatec to deliver a first-class experience for Eclipse (Windows now and Mac/Linux in the future) really opens the doors for even more developers to be able to get the great advantages of Silverlight and that is exciting for our customers.


  3. Toby says:

    I like the changes to the Microsoft site that are using SL2. It is amazing how quickly the Silverlight video will load even over slower net connections.

    Silverlight 2.0 / Expression Blend rocks!

  4. Mark Gordon says:


    I read your comments and you indicated M$FT wants to make it easier for anyone to target our cross-platform and cross-browser media and Rich Internet Application plug-in Silverlight.  Any idea when you are going to target a rich development experience in VS and .NET similar to what we "HAD" in VB and VFP? The real difference is VB and VFP were RAD and VS and .NET is  bloat.


  5. Mark Gordon says:


    Why did you delete my comments, please don’t tell me you are turning into another Gu. Why won’t you address the VB/VFP/RAD issues head on in your blog. You have to be aware how bad the .net platform is in comparision. When you spend resources on releasing new technology instead of "FIXING" the garbage in visual studio and .net that we use every day, all that does is frustrate developers.  How can we get excitied about new technology when what you are giving us as a foundation DOES NOT work without jumping through unnecessary hoops! If you can’t get VS working which I’m starting to believe is the case then simply just reintroduce VB and VFP outside of the .NET umbrella let us be productive again… Call it something else if you want I don’t care the bottom line is those technologies worked and .NET doesn’t!


  6. Edison says:


    What in the world are you talking about?  You want to go back to VB and Visual Fox Pro?  .Net doesn’t work?

    I suspect that soma is not addressing your VB/VFP/RAD issues because you are in the extreme minority.  It would be a waste of time to go back and work on dying technology.

    Stop trolling this blog.

  7. Weekly digest of interesting stuff

  8. Mark Gordon says:

    Most developers that advocate vs .bloat solutions have limited if any experience with VB or VFP. There are thousands of signatures on both the VB and masfoxpro petition, including many microsoft mvps, so I’m not in the minority. Almost every developer I talk with, most of which are older VB guys, are in agreement with me.  A application requires a "substantial" amount of additional code in most cases then a VB Foxpro based solution with a higher cost of ownership for our clients in terms of licensing alone. I’m yet to meet a single "professional" developer that is able to "reasonably" justify the additional cost or programming time of .net over vb for a "standard" non enterprise based desktop application. The lamest excuse I heard is VS .NET makes you think, what kind of justification is that for using .NET? Cheerleading a technology because it is developed by Microsoft and is new and hip regardless if it is the wrong solutions doesn’t makes sense.  What does makes sense is using the right tool for the task at hand. With regards to trolling this blog, tell you what soon as I get a resonable answer I’m off this blog.


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  10. Pavanaja U B says:


    I like the way you ended your blog with the word namasthe. I wish I am able to type namasthe in Indic scripts in SilverLight. When will be that day?


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