Team Dev = Team Dev + Team Data

We recognize that developers are more and more doing a broader set of things.  One of the pieces of feedback that we have heard from you is that you do this all the time - write database and front end code in addition to creating database tables.


Based on the feedback that we have heard from a lot of you, we are announcing a change in our offerings to create a new integrated Visual Studio Team System 2008 Development Edition that is available now.  It brings the feature sets of Team Development Edition and Team Database Edition together and allows you to take advantage of the core tools for application development as well as the necessary tools for database development.  This will provide you and your development team with an all-in-one tool to make it easy for you.


Visual Studio Professional customers can now enjoy the benefits of this combination of team editions by purchasing either a license of Visual Studio Team System 2008 Development Edition with an MSDN® subscription or a license of Visual Studio Team System Database Edition with an MSDN Subscription. Once purchased, the bits will be available on the MSDN Subscriber download site (if you are in an organization with an MSDN administrator, please contact them for access). If you purchase Team System Development Edition (Team Dev + MSDN), you will see Visual Studio Team System Database Edition (Team DB + MSDN) bits in your download list. The MSDN Subscriber site can be found here.


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  1. James says:

    Hi Soma,

    I’ve currently got VS 2008 Team Developer Edition SP1 installed. I’ve downloaded the Team DB ISO but am worried that I might overwrite SP1 changes if I run the installer. Should I be able to run the DB edition install over the top of Developer SP1 without breaking anything?


  2. Aaron says:


    I can’t give you a definite answer to your question, but you could always sandbox the new install (e.g., via Sandboxie – and watch what it changes to see if it conflicts with your existing install.

  3. If you have VSTS 2008 Dev Ed SP1  installed, then install new features like adding the 2008 Database Edition, you will have to re-install VS2008 SP1 to update the newly added binaries to the SP1 level.

    Please see the FAQ on:


  4. Mark Gordon says:


    Developers who know anything about database development want the FoxPro command and functions as part of Visual Studio. Those developers that never used foxpro will be amazed at the productivity gain by having such a tool in their development environment and quickly realize why the VFP community is so passionate about this product.

    I’m not advocating using dbf files as I think that would be a step backwards. I am suggesting modifing the VFP library core to work natively with SQL Server. This would be extermely helpful for building middle tier data components. Since you have the DLR there is no longer any excuse why this is not possible.

    Data handling blows in VS and is a huge reason why VS is not a Rapid Application Development Environment despite the M$FT spin. Regardless if Microsoft uses adapters, Linq, ADO or EDM it fails compared to VFP. You guys have spent years trying to redevelop a data technology like VFP and with each attempt you not only fail but fail miserably. Your actions make NO sense especially since you have the VFP source code it just needs ported. For once in the very pathetic life cycle of Visual Studio do something right.

  5. AssemblyInfo says:

    Good news for all you developers that are also working with databases (I know… that’s probably all

  6. G says:

    That’s very nice but in India I am unable even to find a retailer who will sell upgrade versions of VS (I own a legal copy of an older version.)  The full version is being quoted at several times the US price.

  7. G says:

    Sorry, forgot to say


  8. Seth says:

    My team of developers are all using Visual Studio 2008 Team Developer Edition.  We don’t have the version that includes MSDN.  Are you saying that if we have Team Dev, we can install Team DB also — without MSDN subscriptions?

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  11. [ 原文地址 ] : Team Dev = Team Dev + Team Data [ 原文发表时间 ] : Thursday, October 02, 2008 11:17 AM 我们发现,开发人员的工作范围正在变得越来越宽泛

  12. Publicación del inglés original : Jueves, 02 de octubre de 2008 11:17 AM PST por Somasegar Sabemos que

  13. MSDN Archive says:

    Seth – You asked about getting access to Team DB without an MSDN Subscription.  The answer is that you must have an MSDN subscription in order to receive the access to Team Data if you only have Team Dev (or vice-versa). In this case it appears that you only have a License version of Team Dev and that does not grant the access to the other edition. You should talk with your local Microsoft representative to discuss the benefits of an MSDN subscription.

    Hope that helps!  — Norman

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  15. Assume Team Dev = Team Dev + Team Data as stated. So if we subtract Team Dev from both sides of the equation this leads to 0 = Team Data 😉

    Just kidding,


  16. Publicación del inglés original : Lunes, 06 de octubre de 2008 5:28 PM PST por Somasegar La semana pasada

  17. Bill Clardy says:

    Somasegar, could somebody up there at Redmond invoke the wrath of the Spirit of Bill Gates Past upon the too-clever marketing folks who came up with

    I’m interested in finding out more about VS 2008 TS and VS 2008 DE, but the ONLY links on that page are to white papers (which I tend to skip because they blather about Neat New Stuff but leave basic questions unanswered), "Watch the Demo" (again, consumes time with a low likelihood of answering my questions), a virtual lab, download a trial version (waste lots of bandwidth AND time), or buy it.

    Is it too much to expect that a marketing page could actually lead me straight to Microsoft’s product center for what is being marketed?

  18. MSDN Archive says:

    Re: Bill Clardy’s comments

    Sorry if our "campaign" offer page didn’t deliver the goods to you. It can be difficult to manage all the pages and the ways that customers end up on them. This specific page is usually the result of people clicking on a banner, not heading there directly.

    Here is the MSDN detail page that you are probably looking for. We will also begin rolling out a refresh of the VS and VSTS sites over the next several months as we prepare for the 2010 release. Those should solve some of the confusion for you and other customers.

    Hope that helps, but if not just comment back and we can follow-up directly.

    Norman (yes, one of the marketing folks)

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