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Team Foundation Server (TFS) has become widely popular both within our Visual Studio suite of tools and in integrating from both client and server side scenarios. 

Given that most of the world lives and runs an heterogeneous environment, we know that developers have a wide variety of diverse development tools and need to be able to store and access their artifacts no matter what tool they are using or what platform they are targeting.

The client side scenarios mostly involve integrating with an existing application development environment so that artifacts created in those environments can be managed in TFS.  A few examples of this type of integration are:

·         Teamprise - a partner-provided solution for working with TFS from non-Windows platforms and for working with TFS from Eclipse on Windows

·         MSSCCI client for TFS - an implementation of an IDE extensibility model that allows version control systems to plug into various IDEs enabling integration with tools such as VB6, VC6, VS2003, PowerBuilder, etc. 

The latest example of a client side integration scenario was released recently with Microsoft Dynamics.  This integration enables developers of Dynamics applications to use TFS to store their source code and have the experience integrated into their IDE.  They are looking at even deeper integration in their next version.  You can learn more about Dynamics AX 2009 here and read a whitepaper on how to set up TFS for Dynamics AX here

Here are a few screenshots to show some of the integration points:












Integrated Development Environment in Dynamics AX 2009:



The server-side scenarios are about integrating TFS with other ALM solutions.  Examples include:

·         TFS Migration & Synchronization toolkit - an open source library of functionality that allows customers and partners to build tools for synchronizing TFS with another system, or for migrating from that other system to TFS

·         ClearCase Synchronization tool - a tool that will synchronize a ClearCase repository with TFS Version Control allowing teams to work in either environment

·         HP Quality Center Synchronization - a tool that we’re currently investing in that will allow a team of testers working in QC to collaborate with a team of developers working in TFS by synchronizing bug records between the two systems.

Update (2/16/2011): HP has released tool to synchronize TFS with HP Quality Center and we’ve accordingly de-prioritized our own investments in this space.  If you’re looking for a solution for synchronizing between TFS and Quality Center, take a look at this.

All of these integrations get us closer to ensuring that everyone can participate in team development with Team Foundation Server regardless of their environment.



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  1. Robert says:

    It’s good to hear that continuing work is going into TFS.  I hope that v-Next will fix the following:

    1. "Get Latest Version" within VS 2008 is not reliable.  I have to use "Get Specific Version" and select "Overwirte" to get a full update.  Even still, the process might fail and I have to try again (no error… it just misses some of the files).

    2. The check-in dialog displays all files in a flat list.  A tree view of the files would be infinitely better.  (See: ANKH

    I’ll be happy to work with someone on the TFS team to track down the bug in #1.  It is easy to reproduce and demonstrate.

    robert.g.claypool *At* live *dot* com

  2. Tanveer Badar says:

    An observation. These pictures don’t have AERO enabled. it carries a negative impression, considering its coming from you.

    I doubt you personally took those screen shots, but whoever did isn’t advertising Windows Vista appropriately.

  3. Bruce says:

    What about Expression Studio support in VS Team System, or an Expression Studio Team System? Any plans along those lines? It feels like your plans don’t include designers… Where’s the love?

  4. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) offers source control, data collection, reporting, and project

  5. James L says:

    How many people are actually using TFS?

  6. Moinak Bhattacharya says:


    I am running IE ver 6.0.2900.2180 and I always get "Unable to load XML manifest" in the right hand side mashup section. The diagrams are also not loaded, any idea why??


  7. Publicación del inglés original : Viernes, 25 de julio de 2008 8:46 AM PST por Somasegar Team Foundation

  8. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Bruce,

    The expression team and the TFS team are talking about what it means to have TFS support in Expression.  As they work through their plans, the Expression will be able to talk about the how and the when.  Stay tuned for more here from the Expression team.


  9. Shade@nite says:

    i m new user of visual basic, i start to do it before few days.

    i got somany problem to make small aplication in VB 6.0.

    please clear me the problems.

    One; when i Click to save any project , it ll appear messege

    some kind of problem with MSDN, reinstall MSDN.

    i woul very happy if you clear me what is MSDN and, how to fix this problem.

  10. says:

    [Shade@nite] Why are u going to Ancient time if u are new.

    Start Playing With Visual Studio Latest IDE.

    i.e. VS2008

  11. Conrad says:

    Does anyone know of a way to generate a report of the files that are checked out without resorting to the command line? I used to use that feature in VSS all the time, and it seems like a trivial task that any reasonable source control provider should support. I’m surprised that this isn’t one of the canned reports that you get with the standard team project templates.


  12. Regarding your comments below….

    HP Quality Center Synchronization – a tool that we’re currently investing in that will allow a team of testers working in QC to collaborate with a team of developers working in TFS by synchronizing bug records between the two systems.

    I’d really like to try this tool out.  Do you have link to a download or more info on  how to acquire?



  13. MegP_MS says:

    Conrad –

    This feature is part of the Team Foundation Server Power Tools.  Download and install the latest release from , and you’ll get a “Find in Source Control” command on the context menu in the Source Control Explorer.  Search by “status” and that will give you the ability to find all checkouts.


  14. MegP_MS says:


    The HP Quality Center tool is currently in a closed beta program. Please contact your Microsoft sales representative to discuss the possibility of joining that program. We hope to have information soon on general availability and will post here once the tool is more broadly available.


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  17. SAthiya says:

    It looks like Clearcase link is not a valid link. I would like to get the detailed information on Clearcase and TFS.



  18. IMTIWAPANG says:

    Sir, i want to take software developing cource

    Please advice

    My email:

  19. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Sathiya,

    I fixed the ClearCase link (again) and hopefully this time it points to the right place.  Check it out and thanks for catching this.


  20. Selman says:

    I am very interested in this TFS , Quality Center Integration Tool. Can point us to any White paper or anything that gives us an idea about whats next to come.



  21. Sanju says:

    please let me know which tool is best TFS or QC for Testing,our applications are .net applications.

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