June 27th, 2008

Today is an interesting day - at least for those of us at Microsoft.


As the world knows, today is the last day for Bill Gates as a full-time employee of Microsoft.


I wanted to share some of my thoughts and reflections as we go through today.


I have had a fantastic time being a part of Microsoft and being able to work on some great products and technologies that a lot of people around the world use.  Being able to do this in an environment with Bill Gates at the top of Microsoft has been very rewarding.  Over the years, I have had many opportunities to interact with Bill and learn from those interactions.  Bill is an individual that I deeply admire and respect.


Here are a couple of things that are top of mind in terms of what I have learned from Bill:


-          Think big and Dream big

-          Think and optimize for the long-term

-          The power of software is huge and as much progress as we have made, there is a lot more to do


Bill has had a phenomenal impact around the world through software, computing and Microsoft.  As he transitions to spend more of his time and energy with his foundation, I want to thank Bill for what he done and wish him all the very best. 


Here is a channel 9 video that shows a few of us at Microsoft sharing our experiences with Bill.



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  2. Mark Gordon says:

    It amazes me while reading an article about Microsoft and Gates departure it appears Microsoft is wondering why people don’t use their search engine.

    The answer is simple. Microsoft treats their customers like crap and kills products that work such as XP, VFP, VISUAL BASIC. While at the same time forcing users and developers into applications such as VISTA and Visual Studio that are pathetic excuses for software.

    Perhaps the mere 10% of internet surfers that use your search engines equates to the corporate accounts and the Microsoft Cheerleaders that sucks up to you or you actually listen too. The other 90% of internet uses that steadfastly rejects Microsoft Search are all the customers you trampled on while becoming a monoply.

    Even if Microsoft produced the best search engine in the world and it returned the best result set I WOULD NEVER use it. My thoughts on this are not alone. GOOGLE does one thing well searches and they stick to what works. Perhaps you should take a lesson from them and DONT try to fix what isnt broken. The problem with Microsoft Search is the arrogance of the company not the product.

    It is interesting during Bill’s tenure most of the best products Microsoft ever released, Microsoft didn’t develop the foundation of the software it was acquired.  Given products like BOB, Visual Studio, .BLOAT framework and Vista that probably was the best decision Bill has ever made.



  3. Publicación del inglés original : Viernes, 27 de junio de 2008 2: 25 PM PST por Somasegar Hoy es un día

  4. [原文地址]: June 27th, 2008 [原文发表时间]: Friday, June 27, 2008 2:25 PM 今天是很特别的一天——至少对我们这些在微软的人来说是这样

  5. Vikram G says:

    Hello sir,

                  Am really feeling proud to be an Indian by seeing you people working in such a big organizations. Really i hats off to you all.

  6. required says:

    to Vikram G:

    yes…Americans are like childern…..you are proud of someone who is good just because of his skin? should I be proud of successful blond people? :)) Should be an idiot proud of any genius with the same skin? Yes, if he is an idiot 🙂

    According to probability they must be there 😉

  7. Mr Anonymous,

    Come on..Don’t you feel proud or happy when American Team wins the soccer and its the same. Its not the matter of skin but the country where you hails from.  

    However I like the things that are learned from Gates, especially first one "Think big and Dream big". Abdul kalam came into my mind after the reading this, as he always chants the same(May be great ppl thinks alike). I also liked the thought, "respond before the crisis rather post disaster" from Gates.

    Thank you for sharing you memories sir.


  8. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Vikram,

    Thanks for the kind words.

  9. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Ashok,

    I had an opportunity to meet and interact with Dr. Abdul Kalam once when he was the President.  He is a very humble man for all his accomplishments and he was a great inspiration to a lot of people with his vision for what people and the country can accomplish.


  10. ashokmsis says:

    Wow! That sounds great. This has been dream for many to talk with former president and chief scientist of India. I guess its honor paid for you sir. However thanks a lot for sharing your fantastic moments.


  11. Sujay Ghosh says:

    One can find some articles on Bill Gates in this link ( http://bdotnet.in/blogs/sujayghosh/archive/2008/07/08/ot-some-stories-of-bill-gates-microsoft-on-the-lighter-side.aspx)

    Have never interacted with Bill Gates anyway, nor shall I make any comments , but one should admire the leader in Bill Gates …. he has shown the world , what software can do …. he has individually built Microsoft.. what it is today.

    P.S. Bill Gates was an outstanding programmer in his schooldays.

  12. steroids says:

    However I like the things that are learned from Gates, especially first one "Think big and Dream big".

  13. kamii47@hotmail.com says:

    It is stupid to discuss Race and Skin of the people.

    Bill is an Icon of the IT world

  14. Shakthi says:

    hi IT lovers,

                   it’s first time to read about an Indian who’s working for Microsoft. Every Microsoft fan has the dream to work for Microsoft. Of course, me too. Am a big fan of Microsoft.  It’s great to share a moment with You. Am always proud to be an Indian. And i thank to Mr. Somasegar and remaining techies who are working in Microsoft. And i always thankful to Billgates sir. Let’s cheersssssssssssssss…

  15. Srinivasan S Saripalli says:

    Where can I find a good and best book to learn F# Programming.

    Primarily I am a VC++ programmer and it is kind of tough for me to understand the syntax of F# BUT nevertheless want to learn F# and start writing programs such as WPF, WCF for F#

  16. Srinivasan –

    There are three great books available on F# currently and more on the way.  We have a list of the books on the F# Developer Center at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/fsharp/cc835246.aspx.


  17. Shanmugam says:


    We are proud of you soma..keep doing great job

    Tamil Valzha!

  18. S.Somasegar says:

    Thanks Shanmugham for the kind words.


  19. Pin-point Inspirational words.

    Thanks and Namaste!!!

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