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Recently the MSDN and TechNet teams released a social bookmarking preview where members of the technical community can bookmark and tag online resources for their own use and for the benefit of others.   You can visit any of the following sites to get started. 

MSDN for Developers 

TechNet for IT Professionals 

Expression for Designers

Along with the launch of the bookmarking service, we have also created a Silverlight app that we call “Ticker”, built using Silverlight 2 beta to consume the feeds of social bookmarks created by the community.  The ticker runs through recently added bookmarks and as you hover over a bookmark, the ticker will momentarily pause.  This is just one of a family of cool new “community visualizer” applications found at



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  1. El fantástico Soma anunció en su presentación en el Tech-ED y en su blog la disponibilidad

  2. Vijay says:

    Namaste Soma,

    The URL: was giving error for the past 24 hours.

    "Sorry, we were unable to service your request. Please try again later."

    Wondering if this is the correct URL.

  3. dantr says:

    Hi Vijay.  For a brief time yesterday we had difficulties with one of the servers running our Social Bookmarking preview application.  It was fixed a short time later and all should be fine now.  If you have further problems please feel free to email me.


    Dan Truax

    General Manager – MSDN, TechNet, and Expression online

  4. Jim Ivers says:

    Recently I purchased a supposedly valid, commercial licensed VS 2008 from an ebay seller. When it arrived, I became suspicious because it was just a burned CD with a photocopied license key. I called microsoft, and they finally connected me to someone who confirmed it was academic and not standard.

    Thus I am suing the seller.

    For the last two days I have been calling a half dozen microsoft numbers, piracy, license, cust. support, etc. and wasted several hundred dollars of my time trying to get someone to send me an email or other information to the effect that it is an academic key, as several of them verified. They refused to send me an email confirmation, it was always another number they wanted to connect to.

    None of my emails to piracy or whatever was answered.

    Apparently I will need to subpoena Microsoft to get the information.

    There should be a link somewhere to check on your licensed product to see of it is legit.

    I don’t see how Microsoft can compete when it takes hours and hours to get a simple answer.

  5. Somasegar says:

    Hi Jim,

    Sorry to hear about your experience.  Can you please touch base with Dave Mendlen ( and he can help you.


  6. GajaK says:

    It would be great if the or ticker would allow me to migrate my bookmarks…  I have been using for long time and have accumulated quite a lot to manually add them to 🙁

  7. [原文发表地址]: Social Bookmarking Ticker [原文发表时间]:Tuesday, June 03, 2008 12:33 PM 最近 MSDN 和 TechNet 小组发布了一个社交书签功能的预览版

  8. MSDN bookmarks is very interesting…Thanx for sharing !!!

  9. mysitevote says:

    Yah… this msdn bookmarks is something that interest me too, how I wish I can import my bookmarks

  10. Publicación del inglés original : Jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2008 10:33 AM PST por Somasegar En junio

  11. Earlier this year, I pointed you to a preview of a social bookmarking application . This week we released

  12. Green says:

    That guy that bought the VS 2008 off ebay; do not blame Microsoft for your ignorance/incompetence. You got a fake product off ebay- talk to ebay about it and they will give you a refund and reprimend the seller (assuming you are within the timeframe). Microsoft has 70,000 employees and probably a billion customers and that does not suit well to handling some guy buying a fake product. Even Microsoft counterfeit-department mainly handle large cases- something as big as Napster; not one dude buying software off ebay (and word- the last place to buy software if you are interested in "genuine"). Common sense would of has told you these. If it didn’t, but the VS 2008 down and walk away slowly… that stuff is way too powerful for you.

  13. Microsoft acaba de liberar la versión 1.0 de su aplicación de social bookmarkin g destinada a que los

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