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About a year ago we decided to host selected popularly requested Hotfixes on the Connect site.  The feedback on this has been positive, however as with any new program, there were some things we discovered we could do better. 


We are making updates to this service by providing customers more discoverable, easier to use, self-serve Hotfix access through the recently introduced MSDN Code Gallery.


Discoverability of the availability of these Hotfixes has been one of the problems we want to solve.  On Code Gallery, all VS and .NET product updates are available in a single location.  The access restrictions that were in place in the past are now gone.  There is no log-in required to access and download the Hotfixes.  Another useful feature that is a part of this upgrade is the ability to search.  All downloads are multi-taggable and tags are searchable to help you locate relevant Hotfixes.  And most importantly, you can provide feedback on the Hotfixes directly via the Code Gallery forums.




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  1. Why are the tags case sensitive at msdn code gallery?

    There is already an rss and RSS tag.. confusing..

    Becaue a lot of product and technology names are abbreviations ( like TFS ) there is a great chance for duplicated tags and that makes no sense, right?


    Chris Richner

  2. jamesnewkirk says:

    Hello Chris,

    Thanks for pointing this out. There are actually two tags “rss” and “RSS Feed Server” but perhaps if we were to underline each tag name it would make it clearer. I have added this as an issue to the Code Gallery Issue Tracker ( to make sure we remove this confusion.

    Jim Newkirk, CodePlex/Code Gallery

  3. [原文发表地址]: Hotfix access on Code Gallery [原文发表时间]:Wednesday, April 23 大概一年前,我们决定挑选一些需求量较大的热修复程序,把它们放在

  4. Mark Gordon says:

    You wrote "Hotfixes has been one of the problems we want to solve" …. It is frustrating data access in .NET isn’t a problem you need to solve.

    Giving each attempt you make to introduce data in .NET sucks worse then the previous attempt, which is why we NEED 50 ways of accessing data, maybe it is best if you just left it alone.

    Afterall it makes no sense to look at a product which contains the best data implementation to date Visual FoxPro and implement it’s functionality into .NET.  I suppose since Microsoft didn’t build the core engine of FoxPro there is an arrogance factor involved at MSFT that you can do it better…. Well guess what you haven’t even came close !


  5. Mike says:

    Oh… my… god. Microsoft is making the source code to all their hotfixes available? This is huuuge. Thanks so much!. Good to see you finally embracing the open source movement. Under what license will the code be released?

    Seriously, it’s called CODE gallery, not hotfix gallery. Releasing .exe files on a site that was built to share CODE is… illogical?

    I looked at a hotfix, and it was released under the MS-PL. So I guess I’ll go distribute it on my site then. Also, thanks for granting me the right to the patents that apply to the hotfix.

    Here’s a tip:

  6. John Molloy says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on the Hotfixes.  Yes this is a question we get occasionally.  The Developer Division has made the vast majority of its Hotfixes available publicly.  As we continue to grow this new approach for Microsoft, we are wanting to ensure they are hosted in a location that allows the community to share with other customers any issues they find with one, or especially several at the same time.  As we build community feedback  and comment capabilities into the download centers and throughout MSDN we will be moving these as you have suggested.  Meanwhile, these are temporarily hosted here to be discoverable throughout MSDN.  Binaries are allowed to be shared on Code Gallery as long as they assist Developers in their coding efforts (Power Toys, Tools, etc.).  As appropriate, they will not be governed by the MS-PL just as the Hotfixes are not (the hotfixes are governed by the EULA that comes within the package).

    I hope this helps.

  7. Mike says:

    Well, I just clicked ONE hotfix, and it was licensed under the MS-PL (it was under the license tab). So you really should check that, temporary or not. MS is usually really paranoid about stuff like that…

  8. Sometimes you run into a bug in DataSet, or some other product. At this point, you have a couple of choices.

  9. acangialosi says:

    I just wanted to give you a heads up of some updates we’ve made to the Visual Studio Gallery ( to support RSS feeds, tagging, HTML editor for details pages and other new features.

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