Helping you develop world-ready applications

More and more developers around the world want to create world-ready applications and this requires various types of support from the .NET Framework and Base Class Libraries such as the ability to support culture and language-specific conversions or interact with the Input Method Editor (IME). 


We often receive feedback from customers requesting additional globalization support in our products.  The Visual Studio International Pack 1.0 which released recently, is designed to fulfill some of these customer requests.  We hope that the features provided here will enable developers to more easily create international applications to meet the needs of their globally diverse customers.


The following seven features are provided in the 1.0 release of the International Pack.


·         East Asia Numeric Formatting Library – The EA Numeric Formatting Library formats numeric data into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean capital style numeric strings with support for four different formats.


·         Japanese Kana Conversion Library – This library helps to convert the Japanese Kana character set to Hiragana, Katakana, Half-width Katakana and Roma-Ji representations in Japanese.


·         Japanese Text Alignment Library – The Japanese Text Alignment library supports the “Justify Distributed” alignment to render the strings in the  Japanese-specific alignment style.


·         Japanese Yomi Auto Complete Library – To provide the AutoComplete feature in a text input field, an application must predict the word the user wants to enter based on those characters already typed.  Although this seems quite natural in English, it’s quite different in Japanese or other East Asia languages when using the Input Method Editor. The AutoComplete feature predicts the word based on the strokes the user enters in the IME. The Japanese Yomi Auto-Completion library provides the API and a Textbox that supports Japanese IME-aware auto-complete input.


·         Korean Auto Complete TextBox Control – The Korean Auto Complete Textbox Control supports IME-aware auto completion and IntelliSense features for Korean.


·         Simplified Chinese to Pin-Yin Conversion Library – This class library enables developers to retrieve the polyphone, homophone, Pinyin and stroke count properties of Simplified Chinese characters.


·         Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese Conversion Library and Add-In Tool – This conversion library converts text in Traditional Chinese characters into Simplified Chinese and vice versa.  Unlike the Char-To-Char conversion provided by the Win32 API, this library converts the Chinese text on a word-to-word basis.  In addition to class library support, this component also provides an add-in tool for Visual Studio that converts resource strings between Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


The Visual Studio International Pack is available in 5 languages (Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English).  It is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center.  We are currently planning version 2.0 of the International Pack.  We welcome your feedback on the International Pack 1.0 and suggestions for 2.0 at



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