Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack shipped

In early January, we delivered a Beta of the Visual C++ 2008 Feature pack.  I am pleased to announce that the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack has shipped!


The Feature Pack provides several exciting features for C++ developers, such as a major update to MFC and an implementation of TR1.  Using the included MFC components, developers can create applications with the “look & feel” of Microsoft’s most popular products – Microsoft Office, Visual Studio and Internet Explorer.  New components include the Office 2007 Ribbon Bar, Visual Studio docking and auto hide windows, Vista theme support, “on the fly” menu and toolbar customization, Shell management classes and much more.  Our implementation of TR1 contains a number of important features such as smart pointers, regular expression parsing, containers (tuple, array, unordered set, etc) and sophisticated random number generators.


This product is a freely available download to any Visual Studio 2008 Standard or above customer and is fully covered under Microsoft’s standard support policies.  


You may also want to take a look at the online documentation and walkthroughs for both MFC and TR1.  The MFC documentation provides some great content to get you up and running quickly with the new components. 



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  1. Kris says:

    Thanks for this. Good to see C++ getting its fair share of support from MS. Will be nice if MS could release nice rich wrapper libs (hiding some COM specifics) to make development easier and more productive on C++ on Windows platforms. COM is what makes developers wary of jumping from Unix world onto the Windows native development bandwagon.  Just my 1c…

  2. thank you for great news, C++ is longly used for many custmors around my job.

    Anyway, hyperlinks on MFC and TR1 are broken,

    I guess some server error happend on their site.

  3. T says:

    Great, all I need now is for them to update XNA so it works with 2008 and I’ll be laughing 🙂

  4. Somasegar says:


    I am not sure which hyperlinks you are referring to.  I just tried again the MFC and TR1 links from the post and it seemed to work well.


  5. says:

    By doing this you’ve chosen one third-party MFC control vendor who will survive, and put the rest out of business. I hope you’re happy.

  6. SharpFanBoy says:

    Has anyone else noticed that these are mostly features that have been available in the .NET framework for a while now?  It seems to me that Micro$oft is making the transitional push away from unmanaged code by making it second fiddle to managed code.  I’m not trying to bash C++, I’m just saying that this will be a reality far sooner than alot of people want to admit.

  7. Kevin Kerr says:

    Fantastic work with the unmanaged Office 2007 ribbon component. I’m looking forward to the .NET version.

  8. Mesan says:

    Now that there’s an unmanaged 2007 ribbon component, how long until someone wraps that for .Net and we’ll have a native .net ribbon instead of all these 3rd party look alikes?  

  9. Somasegar says:

    Hi Mesan,

    The team is working on a .NET ribbon control and we hope to have something around the end of this calendar year.


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  11. Greg says:

    Hi I wanted to report a bug: the regex class does not work with WCHAR and ECMA/icase (ECMA with for case insensitive).

    std::tr1::wregex rx(L"^([a-z0-9!#$%&’*+\-/=?^_`{|}~]|(?!^)\.(?!\.|$)){1,64}$|^"([\x01-\x08\x0b\x0c\x0e-\x1f\x20\x21\x23-\x5b\x5d-\x7f]|\\\\[\x01-\x09\x0b\x0c\x0e-\x7f]){1,64}"$", (std::tr1::regex::flag_type)(std::tr1::regex_constants::ECMAScript | std::tr1::regex_constants::icase));

    if (!std::tr1::regex_match((LPCWSTR)EMailAddressStringW.Left(iPos), rx)) return eInvalidChars;

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  13. Hi,

    Does Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack  includes Unit Testing plugin for VC++ projects as well? How to create a Automated Unit Test Cases for VC++ methods?

    Awaiting your response at the earliest.

    Thanks and Regards


  14. Ayman Shoukry says:

    Hello Krishnamurthy,

    The Feature Pack does not include any updates to unit testing. I would recommend taking a look at & for VC++ unit testing. Also, you might find useful.


    Ayman Shoukry

    Visual C++ Team

  15. Dear Ayman,

    Thanks a lot for the links.

    How do I create Unit Tests for Unmanaged Code?

    How do I create a Unit Test case for MFC and Static Library Code?

    I have created a Unit Test case for Class Library code by changing the /clr to /clr:safe.

    Kindly let me know the best practice to create a Unit Test case for MFC and Static Library Projects.

    Awaiting your response at the earliest.


    Krishnamurthy Dixit

  16. Ayman Shoukry says:

    We do not have a pure native unit testing solution, the only way to test native code is from Managed C++ via P/Invoke.


    Ayman Shoukry

  17. Pat Thomson says:

    Are there any issues installing this on VS2008 Pro running on a Vista box? When I run the installer, it cannot find my installation of C++



  18. Ayman Shoukry says:

    Hello Thomson,

    There should be no problems there. I believe the feature pack won’t install if you already have VC2008 SP1 installed on your machine. The features introduced by the feature pack are already rolled into the service pack.

    If the feature pack is failling and you don’t have the SP installed, then try installing the SP to get the features. If that is not a prefered choice, please feel free to contact me directly at aymans at microsoft dot com and we can try diagnosing the problem.


    Ayman Shoukry

    Visual C++ Team

  19. Pat Thomson says:

    Thank you for your response Ayman, I did have SP1 installed. I have two installations (one worked, and one didn’t) and I thought each had SP1. Turns out one of the systems was running XP did not have SP1, so I incorrectly concluded that it might be a vista thing.

  20. Laerdris says:


    i cannot find a download link or a hint how to get & install the MSDN documentation for the new MFC classes, e.g. CMFCRibbon…

    I have installed:

    – Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition – ENU

    – Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 – ENU

    – MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008 – ENU

    I CANNOT install:

    – VS 2008 Feature Pack (it says ‘no component installed’)

    The question now is: where&how do i get the new MFC MSDN documentation?



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