Software Factory refresh for VS 2008

About a year ago I blogged about Software Factories and the great response from people who were using them. 


Software Factories have continued to be a useful resource for the community and we are invested on updating them based on your feedback.  A few weeks ago we released a refresh of one of these kits to target Visual Studio 2008. 


The Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition (also known as the Service Factory) is an integrated collection of resources designed to help you quickly and consistently build Web services that adhere to well-known architecture and design patterns. This collection of resources includes patterns and architecture topics in the form of written guidance and models with code generation in the form of tools integrated with Visual Studio 2008.


This update addresses specific feedback from the original release:


-      The tooling should remember the information provided so it does not have to be provided each time the source code is generated.

-      The next version should focus less on the data access and business logic tiers and more on the service interface.

-      Help those who want to modify the Service Factory source code; doing this is not a straightforward process.

-      Wizards are okay some of the time, but a visualization of the services is a better experience.

-      Services should be designed in a technology-independent manner.


To learn more about the Service Factory, please visit its official home on MSDN at  I encourage you to also visit the community site at  The community site contains hands-on labs for both using and extending the Service Factory, discussions with customers and field, known issues, and roadmap information.



Comments (4)

  1. MegP_MS says:

    I would like to add that in addition to the Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition, we have also released the Web Client Software Factory ( and the Guidance Automation Toolkit/Guidance Automation Extensions ( for VS 2008

  2. Mark Gordon says:

    Focus less on the data tier. I hope that was a typo.

    Microsoft is yet to start putting any resources into developing a solid data strategy. If one even exists.

    .Net is a mess to say the least and SQL Server doesn’t even have a debugger,  along with entire host of functions that we have to code by hand to perform basic string tasks and create some array support for example all of which are part of FoxPro by the way. The only package that even came close to providing the necessart data support was VFP and MSFT killed that off.

    Man this is frustrating that you actually believe what you are providing in terms of data is adequate.  Perhaps you need to spend some time in the field and see the challenges we face instead of talking to the inner circle that makes their living sucking up to Microsoft, and have a career making excuses for the development tools you are putting out their.

    on a closing note:

    Before you start concerning yourself with factories perhaps you should improve inheritance in .NET that last thing developers need is another half implemented technology that sorta kinda works.

  3. EricTN says:

    Jeez, Mark, you seem to be representing yourself to be a professional, so learn to communicate your concerns in a professional manner – rather than by spitting out angry bile.  No, I don’t work for Microsoft.

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