The Ingenuity Point – ISV’s making a difference

I have blogged in the past about my involvement in the Imagine Cup where students around the world who are like-minded and passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems come together and show their best ideas. 


This year, a similar event was launched called The Ingenuity Point to recognize ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) that are using Microsoft platforms to make significant contributions in the fields of education, healthcare and the environment.  


The first round of this contest ended October 31st and three winners were chosen in each of the three categories.  One of these, Tobii Technology, built My Tobii, a device that allows quadriplegics or people with degenerative nerve diseases to operate a computer using only the movement of their eyes. The system has opened up a new world of independence for individuals suffering from afflictions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and ALS.  A second round was launched November 1st and will conclude February 28th. The winners of both rounds will compete for the grand prize, a free trip to Paris, France to serve as a guest judge at the Imagine Cup.


Ultimately Microsoft is a platform company.  We build the technology basis on which the largest ecosystem of partners in the world build solutions that provide value to customers.  Having this large base enables people to choose from a large variety of technology solutions that suit their business needs.  We recognize that we are dependent on our partners building on our platforms.  ISV’s have always been a key part of Microsoft's overall partner strategy.  The partners we work with span all business ecosystems, industry verticals, and locations around the globe.


In order to help the ISV community to be successful, we have developed a number of resources designed specifically for ISVs and have put them all in one location at you can find product related news and tools, information about partner programs, training and event resources, stories of successes and challenges from their peers, as well as information on events like the Ingenuity Point.  There are even regional versions of this site such as that directs our partners to events and resources that are relevant to a specific geography.



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  1. Mark Gordon says:

    "We build the technology basis on which the largest ecosystem of partners in the world build solutions that provide value to customers."

    I think it is better said, that partners shoehorn their solutions to fit into the Visual Studio Paradigm. In most cases developers end up eating some of the cost to develop a software solution to make up for the high cost of ownership associated in building VS databases application with NON-DATA centric development language. So there is a value to our customers.

    Even thou, especially for small and medium size companies (The market segment Microsoft appears to care less about)a VB or VFP solution is what our customers need. Microsoft unforunately is providing no other viable alternative to Visual Studio and SQL Server. The one size fits all thought pattern, in terms of developments tools, DOES NOT WORK!

    Have a great weekend,


  2. Mark Gordon says:

    Hi Soma,

    I hope you realize my comments are not personal as I dont know you, it is a general frustration with your company which you are VP. Having said that, I have a question that I would appreciate a response.

    How did Microsoft justify adding python and MVC to .NET in what appears to be an attempt to attractive non-microsoft developers while Microsoft refuses to include a true VB 6 and/or VFP 9 language to .NET? It would appear since you/MSFT have the source code to both vb and vfp these would be much simplier languages to implement into .NET….

    I would think your current developer communities would have a priority with regards to the toolset you provide.



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