Designers and Developers working together

I have talked in the past about the opportunity and the importance of developers and designers needing to work together seamlessly to build and deliver the next generation user experiences.


Earlier this year, we released Expression Blend that is tailored to the designer community.  Last week, we released Visual Studio 2008 for the developer audience.  These are two products that together can help to build this seamless workflow and relationship between developers and designers.  Obviously, we all want the latest versions of these products to work together.


Yesterday we released Expression Blend SP1 which allows projects created in Blend to work in Visual Studio 2008.   You can download it here.



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  1. Jarle Nygård says:

    Expression still does not integrate with TFS, does it? then it’s virtually useless for a lot of us… 😉

  2. Joe says:

    I agree with Mr. Nygård, and I want to expand (rant, if you will)…I understand the point of view expressed by individuals like Don Burnett (see ) but I respectfully disagree.  We like to involve our designer in the workflow…he gets work items in TFS just as the developers do, and frankly the lack of source control support is just short-sighted and demonstrates an ignorance of reality.  Sure we all wish the designer could just "hand off" the design at the beginning and then just have minor revisions going forward…but don’t we all wish for the same thing with requirements, design documents, etc.?  What is wrong with wanting the designer to be a part of an agile process?  Time to take another look, guys; instead of telling us how we should fit our workflow to the tools, maybe the reverse is a better approach.

  3. That is a really great question… the integration with TFS, while there are not integration, the designer can’t be added to the "real" software life cycle.

    The same issue for the other programs of the Expression Suite

  4. Yesterday, we released the Expression Blend Service Pack 1, and you can download it from the following

  5. Nate says:

    yup. need TFS support. also, if you could make them put Expression Design up on MSDN Team Software Developer subscription that would be fantastic as some of us have to do everything…

  6. A bunch of unsubmitted stuff I've found in my travels: Akira Onishi has added page zoom to the page

  7. gedw99 says:

    i have a clean install of vs 2008 with the silverlight SDK on vista

    i just installed blend, rebooted and then tried to install sp1.

    It fails saying that blend is not there.

    Please clean up your dependencies sniffing  in the install program.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to install Blend SP1, and our apologies you are having issues here.

    What build of Blend did you try to install before trying to install Expression Blend SP1? My feeling is that you were trying a build in the Expression Blend 2 train (for example, Expression Blend 2 September Preview) since you seem to be interested in Silverlight. The Service Pack we released targets the first version of Expression Blend, which is a WPF design only tool.

    Please feel free to get in touch with me at unnir at microsoft dot com directly and we will help you resolve thi issue.




    Unni Ravindranathan

    Program Manager, Microsoft Expression

  9. Craig says:

    I aswell tried to have a play with blend sp1 but no luck.

  10. Please get in touch with me at unnir at microsoft dot com if you are having issues with Expression Blend SP1 and we will work you thru them.



    Program Manager, Expression Blend

  11. Tim says:

    Designers and Developers working together….can you tell this to the IE Team?  They’ve finally dropped the name of the next IE (IE8, go figure), but everything else is in a vacuum.  What is going on with them?

  12. Time for another weekly round-up of developer news that focuses on .NET, agile and general development

  13. Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have identified the cause of the issue that is causing installation failures of the Service Pack for some users. The problem only exists for certain users – you can find all the information here:

    We have a new version of the Service Pack that has a fix for the issue and will have it shortly available for you (you will only need to apply it if you could not previously install the Service Pack).



    Program Mananger

    Expression Blend

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