Red vs. Blue

I have always had a fascination for films.  Sometimes, I wonder if my joining the software industry is the film industry’s loss…


Occasionally, I do dabble in a little bit of acting and recently I got a chance to do a Red vs. Blue episode that you can check out here.  


This was fun, because I got to spend a little time talking about why developers are so important to Microsoft, as a platform company, and the software industry in general.  Given the gaming theme, I wanted to call out a show that we have on Channel 9 called Code to Live.  The first series of episodes focus on XNA development and are an interesting and different way for people to get started with the XNA framework.



Comments (19)

  1. joshholmes says:

    Nice job on Red vs. Blue. And thank you for the shoutout to Code to Live…

  2. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Hi Somasegar,

    Any news on ParallelFX? Are we still going to get that first CTP in 2007?

    Kind regards — tom

  3. Somasegar says:

    Thanks Josh.  It was fun :).

  4. Somasegar says:

    Hi Tom,

    The Parallel Computing team is working on this as we speak.  The team is looking at delivering a CTP either end of this year or the very early part of next year.  


  5. aram says:


    Great to see your Keynote in person. Nicely done and thanks for talking about the MSDN Community and Translation wiki efforts. Cheers.


  6. Somasegar says:

    Thanks Anand.  It was fun talking about the great things that you guys are doing.


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