Imagine Cup 2007 – Who’s the winner?

As I am sitting in my hotel room in Seoul, Korea - this is the question on my mind as well as the minds of the students who are here from around the world for the Imagine Cup 2007 finals.  The good news is we will know the answer within the next 24 hours.

Winning is exciting - but is not all.  The fact that 344 students from 59 different countries have come this far is just awesome.  Remember, we started with over 100,000 students from over 100 countries at the beginning of this year's competition.

The theme for this year's Imagine Cup contest is "Imagine a world where technology enables a better education for all".

One of my personal favorite categories in the competition is the Software Design category.  This year, the 6 final teams in this category are from Austria, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, Serbia and Thailand.  With applications ranging from a vritual environment to teach strudents how to drive cars with more proficiency to providing a learning solution for the deaf and the blind people to providing a graphical way for kindergarten children to learn the basics of reading and writing to educating people in the sign language - the creativity and the passion that these students have demonstrated is just awesome.

One of these teams will win tomorrow and so I wish all the very best to these teams. 

I do want to take this opportunity and congratulate all the students from around the world who participated in this year's Imagine Cup tournament. 


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