Playing around w/PopFly and Facebook

This past weekend, I got a chance to find out first-hand the joys of social networking.  I did finally take the plunge and signed myself up for a Facebook account.  If not for anything else other than to understand how my daughter could spend so much time on Facebook.

It was fun and I didn't realize I had so many friends on Facebook already that my wife had to remind me gently to spend time away from the computer.

I also used this opportunity to see my daughter use PopFly to build some mash-ups quickly and embed them in her Facebook page.  It is always fun to see people use our products and technologies and see somebody close to me use PopFly to express their creativity made it all the more exciting.

Here is a quick video capture of the kinds of things that she was able to do.


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  1. Gøran says:

    Very cool!

    I’m heading for Greece next week with my girlfriend. I’ve equipped myself with a Windows Mobile 6 enabled phone and a GPS Bluetooth receiver. And I’ve written a nice little .NET CF 2.0 application that uploads my photos from the phone to my Flickr account and geotag the photos with latitude and longitude position.

    With Popfly I could probably mash up my photos and put them on a Virtual earth map based on lat and long? It would be awesome for the people back home to see the pictures we have taken on a Virtual Earth map mashed up with my Flickr photos.

  2. Somasegar says:

    Hi Goran,

    Have fun in Greece and safe travels.  Yes it is interesting to see how technology helps us share with our friends and family almost real-time.


  3. Adam says:

    After I click on the "Get Silverlight" icon, it tells me it installed successfully. However, all I see when I refresh this page is the "Get Silverlight" icon again. I closed and reopened the browser and still same problem.


  4. Jason says:

    Got the same problem as Adam. Could it be the video’s been made against the Beta version of 1.0 and its not seeing the RC version correctly?

  5. Johan says:

    Uh, I installed silverlight RC 1 like Adam and Jason I still see the "Get Microsoft Silverlight" beta.  I also restarted, so is silverlight technology not backward compatible with previous versions as Jason suggests?  Incidentally, the same thing happens on the popfly website too.

  6. Somasegar says:

    Thanks for the catch and pointing out the issue, folks.  There was an issue where the player was using the Beta version of Silverlight.  We have since fixed the player so that you should be able to view the video with the RC version of Silverlight.  


  7. Adam Cogan says:


    Nice demo but you cannot see the screen.

    Can I suggest that you use some software on the PC (like Camtasia) rather than a camera


  8. Somasegar says:

    Adam – Yes, the screen is not as clearly viewable as I would like.  I will have to do something different the next time.


  9. The Facebook is a "Walled Garden" meme continues today with a post from pal Robert Scoble that continues

  10. The Facebook is a "Walled Garden" meme continues today with a post from pal Robert Scoble that

  11. name(required) says:

    You really should try something more universal & stable like flash if your going to show something basic like a video.  Otherwise your going to get people getting problems viewing silver-light videos which are running on a shakey beta codebase.

  12. I have previously blogged about Popfly and even showed a video on how my daughter Sahana, an avid Facebook

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