Expression tools update to target Silverlight 1.0 RC

Our Expression Studio team released Expression Blend 2 August Preview and Media Encoder Preview update earlier today.  These updates do enable Expression Blend 2 and Expression Media Encoder to work with the latest Silverlight 1.0 RC bits.


You can get Blend 2 preview from either the Expression site or the Microsoft download center.


You can get the Media Encoder preview from here.


It is nice to see the Expression team deliver updates of their tools along with Silverlight 1.0 RC to enable good tooling support that enables you to build Silverlight based applications and experiences. 



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  1. Shafeeq says:

    Hi Mr. SomaSegar,

    Does silverlight targets most of the videostreaming part ?

    Or does it address the Rich content for the internet applications.

    Please advice



  2. Somasegar says:

    Hi Shafeeq,

    Silverlight 1.0 is primarily targeted at enabling at media and interactive content experiences.  

    You can go up to to get more information about Silverlight.


  3. Shafeeq says:


    thanks for your prompt advice.

    1. couple of days back, i was trying to install Silverlight component in windows 2000 Prof.  Is it having any restrictions towards Windows 2000 Pc’s. since most of our development machines are 2000. Is there any alternative to go along with windows 2000 for Silverlight.

    2. Could u pls tell me about Ruby under .NET framework.  how far it is interoperable with native .NET languages.  If you could put some light that will be better.



  4. Somasegar says:

    Silverlight currently supports Windows XP SP2 and above.  


  5. Sambhav says:

    Just came to know that there is another version of silverlight preview there to be downloaded. Apart from the fact that this is for silverlight RC1 , Can u highlight the major changes in this new release or atleast provide a link .

  6. John Noss says:

    I downloaded and installed Silverlight RC1 and Blend 2.  I ran into two issues:

    1) A web site I created with the Mix 07 beta of Silverlight no longer works with the RC1 runtime, so the site is no longer viewable.  Is there a policy for when Silverlight starts to support sites created with previous versions?

    2) It appears that the August CTP of Blend 2 requires the VS 2005 version of the .NET SDK be installed.  I had VS 2008 Beta2 installed and it refused to compile projects.  Will VS 2005 always be required, or will it change to VS 2008.

    Thanks for making these available – I really like Silverlight and the Silverlight integration in VS 2008.

  7. Somasegar says:

    Hi Sambhav,

    Check out this link –

    This will give you some information about what is new in Blend 2 apart from supporting Silverlight RC.


  8. Pete Blois says:

    For the Blend 2 on VS 2005 question- we are currently working on fully supporting VS 2008 and definitely will not require VS 2005 in the future. Sorry about the inconvenience!


  9. Somasegar says:

    Hi Shafeeq,

    As far as Ruby goes, we will support two-way interop w/.NET languages.

    IronRuby will let you create .NET types – you can invoke methods, access properties and fields, and bind Ruby blocks to events.

    IronRuby objects can be consumed by .NET languages as well.  Ruby objects can implement statically defined .NET interfaces, which can be consumed by languages that require a static interface definition.


  10. Kevin Gallo says:

    Our official support policy is that we will be backwards compatibility beginning with the final V1.0 release.

    However, we are not expecting many changes between the RC and RTM versions.


  11. Philip K says:

    Will silverlight support IEx64?  I know it currently does not; are there plans for 64-bit support before the final release?

  12. N.Tony says:

    Hi! I have some questions:

    1) Can you tell me please when a Silverlight player will fully support receiving of mms stream?

      The fact  is that a version Alfa 1.1 (no refresh) allows us to do this and we could broadcast video from web camera to the browser through Media Series 9.

      But after the last refresh the MediaElement stopped play the stream.

    2) Will the Expression Media Encoder ever broadcast the video streams to Windows Media Series?

    3) When will Encoder Expression SDK appear?

    4) Why do the objects in Silverlight take so much memory in the browser? (The 5 rotating cubes with the images on its sides takes about 150Mb)

    5) When will the bug with class System.Windows.Media.Matrix be fixed? Now we have to change the regional options to English

    6) Do you know when the release of Silvelight 1.1 will appear?

  13. Vladimir.Leshchinsky says:

    Hi Mr. SomaSegar!

    Why doesn’t Microsoft use its own format of streaming video MMS for broadcasting of media content and uses Adobe Flash( )?

    Isn’t Microsoft technologies able to compete?

    When will Microsoft release a worth competitor and begin to implement its projects using its technologies?

    An excellent Silverlight player appeared. What is wrong whit it?


    Vladimir Leshchinsky

  14. Kevin Gallo says:

    Silverlight 1.0 will not natively support 64 bit browsers.  We do run under the 32 bit version of IE.

    1) Silverlight does support MMS streams delivered via HTTP (the majority of MMS streams).  Silverlight does not currently support UDP based MMS streams but may add this in a future version.

    Can you give me a pointer to the stream as it should still work on the RC?

    2) Yes in 1.0 RTM we support pushing a live stream to WMS servers / infrastructure.

    3) We’ll be releasing some documentation around writing publishing plugins soon after RTM.  We also have some cmdline automation code samples although we will not have a formal API in v1

    4) We have been working hard on addressing memory consumption (leaks) and this should be much better on in latest version of Silverlight.

    5) Can you provide details on this issue?

    6) We have not made an official announcement on 1.1 availability yet.

  15. N.Tony says:

    Hi, Kevin! Thanks for reply.

    1) I already solved problem of live-streaming. Really, it was necessary to use "http://" instead of "mms://" in the Source of MediaElement.

    Now I broadcasting my WebCamera by following address: "http: // : 1120/Web.Camera’s_playlist".  (Without spaces!)

    You can try it.

    2) Can you provide me some samples of using Expression Encoder for streaming media data to WMS?

    I don’t want to loose time on investigating of Expression Encoder using Reflector 🙂

    3) I send you letter on e-mail with scenario about error with class "System.Windows.Media.Matrix".

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