25 web sites to watch

In an article that came out today, PCWorld lists Microsoft Popfly as one of the 25 Websites to Watch – their way of picking out cool services and sites that could potentially be the next big Web hits. 


It is great to see the tremendous enthusiasm from the community in Popfly.  We already have several thousand pieces of user created content that we are hosting.  I love the creativity that we are seeing here with a number of fun projects. 


For example, there is a block called “ScribbleCanvas” where you can take an existing picture and use your creativity by adding hats, funny glasses, and other accessories.  My team has already tried this out on a picture of me, which I conveniently decided not to post here.



Comments (3)

  1. SomaTron reports that PCWorld has listed Microsoft Popfly as one of the twenty-five websites to watch

  2. Hi,

        I had registered for popfly ver y early, but was not able to use it to much maybe the firewall at work.


  3. Paramesh says:

    Vijay, what is the problem you are seeing?  Please reply to puff@microsoft.com.

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