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Last week nearly 13,000 people gathered in Orlando for TechEd 2007.  We heard lots of excitement around Visual Studio 2008 (yes we announced the actual name for “Orcas”), the Visual Studio Shell (ideal for ISV partners and enterprise customers who want to leverage the power of Visual Studio as a platform to build their own applications), and that IIS will be part of the Windows Server Core edition for Windows Server 2008.  In one attendee’s own words “Even after 15 years of programming, I felt like butterfly trying to hang-on the hood of a Ferrari on the Autobahn”.


TechEd is a great opportunity for the product team and the community to get a chance to interact face-to-face.  My team always comes back with great new comments, ideas and passion to ensure we meet the needs of our developer and designer community. 


One great example of this is the TFS Project Server Connector which was released today.  Our internal VSTS gurus (dubbed the VSTS Rangers), worked hand in hand with community developers using Codeplex to plan and develop the integration between Team Foundation Server and Project Server. 


Although TFS already integrates into Project Standard and Professional, we received a lot of customer feedback that they would like the same integration seamlessly with Project Server.  This connector will provide more effective Enterprise Resource Management across development projects, better project management, improved status management and automated updates.  As of today, you can now download and use this product.  We have also posted the final version also back to Codeplex as shared source for developers to also extend this to their exact business requirements.



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  1. Integration between TFS and Project Server has long been a common request from many of our customers.

  2. Hi,

    Will Project Connector 2007 work on Windows Server 2008?

    If  so, please suggest me the order of installation or steps to be taken for installation. i,e the components to be installed before Project Connector installation.

    Awaiting your response.



  3. bharry says:


    Yes, the Project Server Connector can be installed on Windows Server 2008.  Just follow the instructions in the installation guide (  I believe you are working with Lenny Fenster in an email thread to work through your issues.  Please let me know if that is not fruitful.

    Brian Harry

  4. Phillip LeMaster says:

    I am installing VSTS 2007 connector on a windows 2008 32 bit server, but am not able to get the .msi to install, just says error 1603 in event log and it does not create the .log setup file it is supposed to.  I followed the directions for all pre-requisites, can anyone give me a hand?

  5. Lenn Fenster says:


    Which part of the Connector install is giving you the issue?  It is a three-part process – it the PS part, the TFS part, or the actual Connector part?  There is an FAQ that the VC redistribs need to exist on the machine for the install; have you seen that FAQ?  



  6. Satya Mantena says:

    Any help on this connector to work on Server 2008 R2. The installer fails to start. It throws an error in the event viewer and reaches the finish step.

    I have followed the instructions and installed all the components mentioned in the document. There are no windows 2008 specific instructions mentioned in the guide.

    Thanks for the reply.

  7. Brian Harry says:

    Satya, this Project Server connector is now pretty old.  It was an out of band, semi-supported Ranger project.  We have since been working on a newer, officially supported Project Server connector that will be part of the product.  If you contact me at bharry at microsoft dot com, I will be able to connect you with someone who can help you explore your options.


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