ASP.NET Futures May 2007

We recently put out the Microsoft ASP.NET Futures May 2007 release.  This release includes an early developer preview of features currently being considered for future versions of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework.  This showcases a number of innovative solutions that further drive up developer productivity and help create better user experiences.  Features include:


ASP.NET AJAX - New functionality includes CSS selector APIs, navigation history support (Back button support), and more.


Silverlight Controls for ASP.NET - Enables the ability to integrate rich interactive application scenarios and add media (video, audio), vector graphics, and animations with new, powerful ASP.NET server controls – XAML and Media sever control.


Dynamic Data Controls for ASP.NET - Introduces a set of data controls that provide a simple, intuitive user interface for data-driven Web pages.


ASP.NET Application Services - Offers new application services to make AJAX and Silverlight Web applications more discoverable from search engines and easily searchable from within the site. Additional services help you gather and analyze data about client errors.


Dynamic Languages support in ASP.NET - Provides support for both IronPython and Managed Jscript, as well as the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime)  - extending the  language choice for developers and brings the benefits of dynamic languages to the entire .NET platform from client to server.  With the DLR you can use those same languages on the Server for ASP.NET Web applications, Web Services, and more. 


The product teams truly value the feedback they receive from the developer community as it influences decisions for subsequent releases, so I encourage you check out the ASP.NET Futures May 2007 release.




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  1. v-anilkm says:


    Can you please give any site/blog which talks about DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) in detail? What all are languages will be supported here? When is this going to be shipped to end-user?



  2. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Anil,

    Jim Hugunin, who works in the DLR team, has written a blog with some details on DLR –


  3. Is there an API for integrating third party plugins to Expression web?

  4. S.Somasegar says:

    There sure is; Expression Web shares the same extensibility model as Frontpage. More info is available on


  5. EastLu says:

    作者JonathanAllen译者JasonLai发布于2007年5月24日上午3时0分 微软的ASP.NET网站发布了ASP.NET未来之路(ASP.NETFutures)的…

  6. Though I managed to sneak away for some vacation time this week, it’s clearly been a busy time for the

  7. Though I managed to sneak away for some vacation time this week, it's clearly been a busy time for

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