IIS and Apache

I blogged recently about a go-live for IIS7 as part of Longhorn Server Beta 3.  One of the core value propositions that we are delivering with Longhorn Server is the next big step on web server capabilities with IIS7.  Sometimes, people do ask me about IIS7 and how it stacks up against Apache.


Bill Staples, who runs the server products within the Developer Division – Web Server, Media Server and Commerce Server recently wrote a great blog that talks about IIS versus Apache.  It is a very well written piece and for those of you interested in understanding what we are doing in the web server space and how we compare against other offerings, this is a good read.



Comments (2)

  1. wonder_angkor@yahoo.com says:

    i want to recieve the code programming that use to search the extention MP3, avi, 3gp and another….

    i hope you can help me…

  2. Somasegar says:


    You may want to post your query in the IIS forums (http://forums.iis.net) and hopefully someone from there can help you.


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