Defy All Challenges

I am not necessarily the best creative guy or the best marketing guy.  But even I know that we could do more in terms of being creative in our marketing and advertising to better resonate with people. 


A little over a year ago, my team released a cool advertising campaign called Spot the Difference.  It was focused less on the traditional product advertising, and more on interaction.  We had a game where you could actually test yourself out and spot the differences between two pictures, all under the Visual Studio 2005 themes of helping you get your work done faster and with higher quality.  There were even a number of humorous videos showing some of the lighter side of our industry.


I thought that was a good start but we could do more.


Well, the team has done it again, with a new advertising campaign called Defy All Challenges.  Based on a highly interactive site you can learn more about the entire family of development tools (as used by some familiar gaming characters).  The site uses video games to dramatize the challenges that developers face every day, and how Visual Studio can help them break through these challenges. 


I am really impressed on the actual interactivity of this site, taking away the words on a screen and providing greater context to the issues we face every day. 


The interest thing about this is that you can make your own video and share it with others.




Comments (2)

  1. Naren says:

    Very Innovative and Interesting Site. I would have been more inspired if all this was done using WPF instead of Flash. Excellent Work!

  2. Andre says:

    Makes me confidence in Microsoft technologies that Difference #1 (.NET Remoting) is now already obsolete…

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