Beginner Developer Learning Center launched

Today, we launched the Beginner Developer Learning Center (BDLC) – a centralized learning environment specifically targeted at beginning programmers. 


Since we released the Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions, we have had over 10 million downloads of the same.  We have also grown one of the largest communities of recreational developers – our  Coding4Fun site has over 150,000 visitors per month.  This is a community that is near and dear to all of us – that first piece of code which actually compiled and ran (in  my case using Fortran and punch cards on an IBM 360), the first application or web site we customized and made our own – that first step we took down the software development path.


Even with the release of our Express products and community sites, we wanted to decrease the barriers of entry to software development even more, and we have taken another in that direction today.  This fun site provides a learning environment for anyone who is new to programming – the lessons start at a basic level with an introduction to general programming concepts, and gradually work their way up in difficulty to guide people through creation of complete Windows or Web solutions.  It is a great way to learn to program, and a great way to increase your passion for coding by sharing this knowledge with others.


I encourage you to walk through a couple of lessons with your children, friends or family – this could be a fun way for people to create and customize.  With this, we are getting closer to our vision of anyone and everyone to participate more in this online, digital age.



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  1. Mike Cattle says:

    This gets me to wondering…  I wonder how many people can say that they’ve written software for both the IBM 360 and the XBox 360?

  2. As Soma announced on his blog , we’ve now officially released the Beginner Developer Learning Center

  3. anjanesh says:

    How Come using VC++ Express for managed and Win32 was left out ?

  4. Antonio says:

    I thing a Java course should be very interesting. I know it’s THE stupid killer MS enemy language, but it’s a way to call people to the site. Marketing is all…

  5. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Anjanesh,

    Thanks for the feedback.  The team is working on adding native C++ content (VC++ Express Edition) to the site in the near future.


  6. Vijay says:

    This is certainly a great way to get more people into the fold. VB 4, 5 and then 6 took programming to the people and now we can justifiably say VS Express is doing the same!

  7. The Visual Studio Express people have just announced a new Beginner Developer Learning Center . The main

  8. Mike, You may be surprised at how many people have programmed for the IBM 360 and the Xboc 360. I never programmed for the IBM 360 myself though I was around at that time and programmed other IBM systems of the era that used the same Assembly language. I remember the IBM 360 being the big new thing but was more impressed with the new mini computers. The PDP-11s were better game systems. 🙂

  9. jawcivzo says:


    =)) Your site is really perfect… Great job!


  10. keipfymt says:


    Aloha,great page. Congratulations and keep on the work


  11. This Learning Center would mean a lot. Keep them coming!

  12. Aaron Kowall says:

    The link to the Learning Center is broken.

  13. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I tried the link now and it seemed to work.   In any case, here is another link that you can use to get to the same place:


  14. arif says:

    I want to learn coputer programing……………….  I   al doing coputer  Eng   from pakistan..

  15. arif says:

    I want to learn computer programing……………….  I   am doing computer  Eng   from pakistan..

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